Chapter 3: Travel

Several days later, a week before school came. Georg decided to visit Maria in the Abbey, since the children were busy in the town square looking for school supplies such as bags, notebooks, pens and pencils and erasers and pencil cases, etcetera.

He whistled while walking to the Abbey. What would the other nuns think? Will it be scandalous? Whatever it was, Georg just walked nonchalantly, thinking everything will be fine.

Calm down, you'll just see her, and the nuns won't think anything bad. You and Maria will just have a...a friendly chat! Like the old times. Yeah. A friendly chat, Georg thought. But he knew he was lying to himself. He knew he wanted to be with her. See her smile, hear her laugh, admire her angelic beauty, this was all for just being with her. He loved her. He wanted her. But he knew very well that he couldn't, though there is a chance that they may court, but he was still risking the rejection.

He hesitantly pulled the rope to ring the bell. A few moments later, a elderly nun arrived. She had a friendly glow, and the warm smile she gave felt welcoming, somehow easing the nervousness.

"Hello, good sir. How may I help you?" the nun said.

"Um...I...well..." he stammered, scratching the back of his neck.

"Yes?" the nun said.

"I...came here to...uh...visit Maria Rainer," he finally said, letting out the breath he was holding.

"Maria?" the nun said, her smile fading and her face turning into a look of shock.

Georg nodded, pressing his lips together.

The nun stared at him for a long moment.

"I'm sorry Sir, but you couldn't," the nun said. Georg resisted the urge to show his shock.

"Eh? Uhrm...uh...but- but why?" he stammered.

The Sister looked back and gestured him to come closer.

"I'm not supposed to say this to anyone, but Maria, along with the other postulants, was sent by the Reverend Mother to flee the country in hopes of finding a safe haven before the Anschluss," the nun said.

Georg was stunned. Anschluss?

"W-Why so?" he asked.

"Because we know the Anschluss will eventually just lead into war. The Reverend Mother is slowly helping postulants to leave Austria bit by bit. Maria is with a small group of postulants and a priest. They are heading for Switzerland, I guess," the nun informed.

Georg just looked at her.

"Th-Thank you for the information. May I know your name?" he asked.

"Margaretta. Sister Margaretta," she said with a smile.

"Well, Sister Margaretta, thank you. Although it is a pity I couldn't see her," he said.

"I'm sorry for that. But please remember, the information I gave you is highly confidential, please keep it a secret," Sister Margaretta said. Georg nodded with a smile. "I will, Sister," he replied.

"Well, goodbye, Herr...?" Sister Margaretta asked.

"von Trapp. Georg von Trapp. No need for any formalities," he finished with a smile.

"Oh! Captain von Trapp! That's why you look vaguely familiar. I see yo came for Maria because of your children?" Sister Margaretta said.

Georg nearly flinched. He let out a fake cough. "Yes, because of the children. Well, I guess I'll have to go now. It was nice meeting you, Sister," he said, shaking the nun's hand.

"It was a pleasure, Captain," Sister Margaretta replied. She gave a warm smile before turning around to leave.

Georg stood there for a moment. The information he just gathered- it alerted him. His thoughts was so lost in Maria he nearly forgotten. He has been fixing sending money to different banks in case, he even sent some to America.

He needed now to get the children ready. It was settled; they were leaving Austria tomorrow. He had to alert the older ones and explain to the young ones.

He knew it was for the best. And, if Maria were here, he knew she'll do the same.

"What took you long, Sister Margaretta?" the Reverend Mother asked.

"Oh, well, Captain von Trapp was at the gate requesting for Maria," Sister Margaretta said.

"Captain von Trapp?" the Reverend Mother said.

"Yes. And I do am terribly sorry, I told him some information about the postulants' flee from Austria," Sister Margaretta said.

The Reverend Mother looked at her with a smile.

"It's alright. Maybe it was okay that he learned about it," the Reverend Mother said, peeking at the gate and saw the Captain standing there, deep in thought.

The older nun finally knew what God's will was for her.

It was to be with the Captain. And she hoped it will happen.

She smiled and turned around with Sister Margaretta and made their way for afternoon prayers.

Maria and the other postulants were on a long ride to a safe-house at Innsbruck. They'll stay there overnight later before continuing on their journey.

Maria was with a small group, there were only four postulants, that includes her, and a priest to guide them. The postulants were Adelheid, Klara, and Maxine. Well, they were her roommates. The priest was Father Gregor Dreschler, and that reminded Maria of Georg, since "Gregor" looks and sounds a bit near to "Georg".

She missed him. She missed his hugs, his kisses, his smiles, his caresses- everything. She admits to herself: she is in love with Georg. Until now. The heartbreak of leaving the children and him gave her pain. She missed the von Trapps. Gretl and Marta's sweet affectionate actions, Brigitta's reading, Kurt's stomach growl, Louisa's exploring of creatures, Friedrich's jokes, Liesl's company, and lastly, Georg's intoxicating smell, loving hugs, kisses, and comforting caresses, and words of wisdom and happiness.

"Earth to Maria."

Maria jumped at Adelheid's voice. She was waving her hand by her eyes. Klara and Maxine giggled.

"You seem deep in thought," Klara said.

"Whatever's bothering you?" Maxine added.

Maria just looked at them. She knew they were expecting an answer.

"W-Well, I was thinking about...the von Trapp children and how much I miss them," Maria said. She knew that was only the half-truth.

"How about 'Georg'?" Adelheid said. Maria's eyes widened.

"Wha- Where did you learn that?!" Maria exclaimed.

"While we were waiting for Father Gregor to arrive, you took a nap. You were daydreaming, and you said the name 'Georg'," Maxine explained.

Maria blushed in embarrassment. She did dream of him.


"Was this a man you met?" Klara said.

"Y-Yes." Maria said. Then she was bombarded with questions.

"What was he like? Tall? Dark? Handsome?"

"Did you two have a mutual understanding?"

"Was he one of the staff?"

"Okay, shut it," Maria said, rather harshly. The three stood silent.

"He's the father of the seven children. Yes, I like him. Yes, we 'somehow' had that mutual understanding. And yes, he is handsome. For a retired naval captain, he is really dashing," Maria explained. She saw the mischievous look of the three.

"I see you won't continue being a nun anymore," Klara said. Maria nodded.

"What'll happen when you arrive in America?" Maxine asked.

"I might work in an orphanage. You know how much I like children. Maybe I could also be a teacher, after all, I studied Education in college," Maria said.

"You?" she added.

"We...really don't know. But we will still pursue being a nun," Adelheid said. The others nodded.

"Oh," Maria said.

"But it's alright. It's not bad to love-"

"I didn't say love-"

"You look like it."

Maria stared at Adelheid.

"Pursue your dreams. Follow God's will. Maybe he sent you there for that 'Georg'. Who knows? What if you two are really destined to be?" Adelheid said. Maria blushed.

"Alright you lovestruck girl. Well, maybe we should get some sleep. The ride could still be long," Maxine said. The others nodded and decided to take a nap. Soon enough, they were asleep.

Maria was still awake, reflecting on what they said.

It's not bad to love.

Pursue your dreams.

Follow God's will.

What if you two are really destined to be?

Maria blushed.

Could it really be?

She decided to stop thinking about him first. Her stomach's been doing somersaults for minutes now and her heart feels like it's going to get out of her body. Though thinking of it literally, it's not pleasant.

He mind then drifted off to what the Reverend Mother and her discussed a while ago.

"America?!" Maria exclaimed, clearly shocked.

"Yes. You know we aren't usually talking about politics, but this, this I'm worried about," Mother Abess started. Maria sat on the chair in full attention.

"I've discussed this plan with the officials of this Abbey. Slowly, we let small groups of postulants with either a priest or a nun to stay with them in journey and find a safe place from the Nazis. The Anschluss is coming, Maria. I know Captain von Trapp is worried about that. But right now, I'm worried about you're safety," the older nun said. Maria nodded. Her heart thumped at the mention of the Captain, but managed to stay calm.

"So, we will transport you to find a safe haven. After the postulants, the nuns," she finished.

"But- how about you?" Maria asked.

The Reverend Mother looked at her.

"I will find a way, my child. God is always with us and I believe God will guide me and you lot through this journey," she said.

Maria just nodded.

Mother Abbess smiled.

"Come here," she said, outstretching her arms. Maria sat up and hugged the older woman- the woman she treated like her mother.

"Thank you for everything," Maria said.

"No need to thank me, child. Now go. I've contacted Father Gregor to be with you and your roommates. You'll be the first batch. Go!" the Reverend Mother said.

Maria broke away from the hug, and made her way to the door. She looked back at the older woman.

"Will I still see you again?"

Mother Abbess just smiled.

"God will find ways to make us cross paths, my child. Now go!"

Maria smiled and nodded, a tear threatening to fall.

"Oh, and one more thing."

Maria turned.

"Follow God's will."

Follow God's will. She needed to trust Him in this. That they'll be safe. Arrive in the safest land. Even though how far.

A tear fell. She said goodbye to three important people.

The children. Georg. And the Reverend Mother.

"I will follow His will, Mother."

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