"You're the dick head asking for a robot sidekick when you've already got a million dollars!"- Zach Braff, All New People

9:22AM Tuesday May 13th at the Merenkahre College: Break Room

"He, what!" Amelia questioned furiously "He's done some low stuff before but this is so far over the line! Let me go and find him I'll-"

"Amelia calm down! It's nothing." Jedediah waved his hands about in an attempt to get her to stop or at least talk at a lower volume.

"Nothing?" she hushed her voice noticing the crowd they were attracting "Phones aren't cheap Jed."

"He gave me his spare, and Ahk's gunna buy me a new one, their family is rich remember?" Jedediah tried to reply nonchalantly, but it was clear the subject was making him uncomfortable.

Last night had been quite the stressful situation. When Kahmunrah had arrived back at the Rah household after playing an away tournament of football, he wasn't in the best mood because his team lost every single match they played. His mood was only made worse when his boyfriend of two years, Jedediah, wasn't there to greet his as soon as he stepped in the door. Things only seemed to go from bad to worse when Kah came in to Jedediah's room, only to find his Jed texting another man, about Macbeth or whatever. Kahmunrah wasn't really a reasonable man, so he didn't take time to listen to Jed; instead he snatched the phone away and proceeded to smash it on the ground.

Of course he apologised in his usual way "Oh Jed, I'm sorry. I just got frustrated, you're just so cute! I don't want to share you!" Jedediah accepted the apology (like he always does) and was only a little bit shaken for the rest of the evening. Jed was getting used to these violent outbursts, which unnerved Ahk quite a lot.

"Ahks family is the best… but Kah is such an-" Amelia wanted so desperately to finish that sentence, but she knew Jedediah would just protest and get all defensive. She really didn't want that right now.

"He can be kinda shitty, but you don't know him like I do."

"Well after two years of picking you back up when he's pissed you off, I think I can imagine." She retorted.

"Look, whatever I don't want to talk about it. We're going out tonight for dinner and it'll all be fine." He reassured her. But Amelia wasn't truly convinced; she'd seen this sort of thing happen all too many times.

3:20PM Tuesday May 14th at the Merenkahre College: Drama Room 1


Jedediah was late, again, and he hadn't texted. Octavius was really on his last nerve with Jed, and yet he still waited. In fact he was feeling quite worried. The way the other man had just stopped texting yesterday was rather concerning.

"Hey Octy, sorry I'm late. Mr. Daley wanted to talk to me and I had to arrange some stuff." Jedediah sounded extremely tired. The taller man felt bad for him, even though he should be annoyed instead.

"One day we'll both get here at the same time. Do you have my copy of Macbeth to return?"

"Yeah!" Jedediah dug around in his disorganised bag for the book, which was now a little more tattered than before. "I actually read most of it. I was pretty stressed last night, it was surprisingly relaxing. It almost made sense too." he laughed.

"That's good; not that you were stressed, but that you enjoyed the play." Octavius was quite dissatisfied with the fact that his playbook was now in a less and pristine condition. But, at the end of the day he was converting Jedediah in to an avid lover of classic theatre, so he supposed he didn't really mind. "Do you wish to borrow Titus Andronicus?"

"Sure thing Octy, that'd be great." Jed smiled warmly at the other man.

Octavius felt his heart flutter for a moment when Jed looked at him, but he quickly brushed it off as nothing. This rehearsal was probably their best yet, Octavius hoped that everything else they did across their time together was this good.

"I hardly tripped up on that monologue this time" Jed cheered "I guess Shakespeare isn't that bad."

"He's one of the best, but anyway well done today Jed, we are making a steady amount of progress." Octavius patted the other man's shoulder. It occurred to him later that evening that the shoulder pat was probably the first time he ever touched Jed, and it made his stomach feel a little funny.

"Yep! Hey can I get your number again? My old phone broke last night."

"Of course." They quickly exchanged numbers; Octavius hesitated, he wanted to ask how the old one broke. But would it be rude to ask?

"I dropped it in the bath tub." Jedediah somehow knew exactly what Octavius was thinking, and he thought it was for the best that Octy didn't know the real story.

Octavius laughed, that's the sort of thing he could imagine Jed doing "Be more careful next time."

"Oh I will." Jedediah laughed back, happy that his story had been believed.

2:59PM Wednesday May 15th at the Merenkahre College: The Stage

"-The inquiry ruled it an accident. They suspended me for a hundred days. A hundred days! It works out to 16.6 days per life. I Just don't think that's enough…"

The schools bell went off, interrupting the scene. Mr. Daley stood up from the front row clapping his hands "That's enough for now guys. Well done!" He turned from the four actors on stage to the audience of year 13's sat behind him "What did you guys think?"


"Needs some better lighting."

"Some lines are a little rusty but it's still pretty early days."

"The comedic timing was excellent at the start."

"That blond ones got some serious talent. Heck, they all have!"

The Year 13's all applauded then took their stuff and left for home, but one hung back. Octavius wanted congratulate Jedediah on his performance in person. He'd wait until after Mr. Daley had finished going over some things with them of course.

Turns out Mr. Daley can talk for a lot longer than Octavius remembers. But when the teacher had finally finished rambling on Jed grabbed his stuff and did a little jog over to Octy. "Hey man, thanks for stickin' around! What'd ya think?"

"I was most impressed Jedediah. I have not seen you truly act till now, and you have exceeded any expectations I had prior to that performance."

Jed chuckled, satisfied with Octavius' reaction "Thanks Octy! Wana start our lesson? I think Room 2 is free."

"I think you've done enough today Jed, how about we take the day off?"

"That'd be great! I've gotta do a huge portfolio on this play and, oh man, is it gunna take a long time, I need a head start."

"Then say no more Jed, todays lesson is cancelled." Octavius bit his lip nervously for a second "Do you mind if we walk out of College together or shall I make my own way…?"

"Not at all Octy, let's go." He smiled and nudged the other man playfully with his elbow.

Octavius laughed along. His stomach felt funny again, like it did last night when he thought about touching Jed's shoulder.

3:05PM Friday May 17th at the Merenkahre College: Drama Room 1


"By Jupiter! Jedediah we are both here on time!" Octavius said in an overly dramatic tone.

"I know, partner! It's a real first." Jed joked sarcastically.

Today they went over a number of breathing exercises and pacing techniques. At first Jedediah found them really embarrassing and refused to do them. Soon enough he agreed and they really did help him out. The thing with Classical theatre is once you have the rhythm of it, reciting can be as easy as reciting anything.

"4:00 already?" Jed tapped the clock on the wall "I was just getting in to it too."

"We'll get right back on it Monday, Jedediah. But If I don't leave now my mother will start to worry."

"No need to defend yourself Octy, I'm meeting someone too." Jed glanced back to the clock "C'mon let's get going. I'll look forward to Monday." He winked.

As Octavius locked the door to the practice room he complemented the shorter man again on yesterday's performance "You really were excellent yesterday. I wish I could portray such subtle emotion, it's very effective, I was quite moved."

"I want to act on TV y'see, and to do that you gotta keep your performance small otherwise you look like a total ass." Jedediah was thoughtful for a moment "Maybe I could teach ya? Not being theatrical is pretty difficult sometimes but it can work really well in contemporary stuff!"

"Yes, thank you Jedediah. I would like that very much!" Octavius' eyes lit up at the idea of learning more. Although Classic was his thing, he did have to do more modern stuff to pass his course.

"Well that's settled then! Next week we can-" Jed was stopped mid-sentence when he felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder. He turned around ready to fire a snarky "can I help you?" at whomever it was. He bit his tongue when he noticed it was his boyfriend, Kahmunrah. "Kah! What are you doing here? I said I'd meet you at the gate."

"You took too long. How could I stay away from someone as cute as you?" He wrapped his arms around Jed's shoulders, perhaps a little too tightly. "Who's this?" the mood seemed to drop when Kah laid eyes on Octavius, who just gave a small wave to say hello, he couldn't find his words right now.

"That's Octy, the guy who's teaching me? I told you about this on Monday." Jed frowned

"Oh yes, you didn't mention he was a student though." There was something very scary about Kahmunrah's smile while he spoke. "And shouldn't you two be acting like professionals? Nicknames won't get you anywhere Jed."

Jed nodded "You're right, uh…" he could feel Kah trying to pull him away "Well I'll see you Monday Octavius!"

"Yes, see you." Octavius watched them walk away. He didn't have a good feeling about that Kahmunrah. He was way too close to Jed and he seemed extremely rude and patronising. In fact Octavius was almost certain that Jedediah's smile was fake. "Just who does that Kah guy think he is?" Octavius asked himself through gritted teeth as he left in a different direction to Kah and Jed.

Octavius certainly was not jealous.