"Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones, in the right order, you can nudge the world a little." Tom Stoppard

LESSON 27/30

Due to the term slowly drawing to a close, Kah had been far too busy to have any time for Jedediah. Now, this might sound like a bad thing, but on the contrary nothing could be better.

Kah wasn't around to stop Octavius and Jed from seeing each other when it wasn't lesson time. This in turn caused for Jedediah feeling the most happy and relaxed he'd ever been.

Jedediah and Octavius were basically inseparable now. They would spend every break time and lunch together, they even walked home together. Jed had practically forgotten Kah even existed until he received a text or two just to check on what he was doing (Jed did lie a lot in those texts, he'd never tell Kah he was hanging out with Octavius).

The lessons weren't even lessons anymore really. Jedediah had gotten the hang of Classical theatre completely and he also had to admit to loving it quite a bit. The lessons were now more times where he and Octavius would hang out and recite a few scenes together.

Recently though, they'd been focusing on more romantic pieces.

They seemed to have a good chemistry for it.

12:15PM Friday July 3rd at the Merenkahre College: The filed

The weather was ridiculously perfect, shining sun coupled beautifully with a light breeze. Octavius had suggested that he and Jedediah eat their lunches outside, like a picnic. Of course Jed jumped at the offer.

"It truly is a glorious day!" Octavius observed as we took in his surroundings. The field was full of different friend groups all enjoying their lunches or playing small games together; the atmosphere was really something special.

"It sure is partner!" Jed took a swig from his water bottle "I'm glad to be sharin' this with you, partner." He smiled absentmindedly.

The last comment made Octavius want desperately to kiss the other man. But Jedediah was still technically a taken man. He hoped Jed would buck up the courage to break off his relationship with Kah sooner rather than later, he couldn't take much more of this longing in his heart. "Ahem, yes I'm glad to be sharing this with you too. It's so wonderful right now; it's almost as if the gods have blessed us."

"Well maybe they have." Jed rolled his eyes playfully with a grin plastered across his face. He sat up though as he noticed a figure running towards them. He squinted his eyes and leant forward, unable to make out who it was just yet. "Who d'ya reckon that is, buddy? I think they're running at us…"

There were only three things he could think of that could ruin Jed's mood right now:

- Octavius having to leave for some reason

- The sun going away and it suddenly starting to rain

- Kahmunrah catching them together and getting mad

Sadly, one of those things has happened, and it doesn't take much to guess which one.

"Perhaps it's Mr. Daley? I haven't handed in the last draft of one of my portfolios yet." Octavius suggested, he was almost certain it wasn't Mr. Daley though. In fact Octavius had a feeling he knew exactly who was on their way and he began mentally preparing himself for the storm that was upon the horizon.

"Oh shit." Jedediah jumped when he noticed it was a very angry Kahmunrah approaching them. "Octy you better go, I uh- I haven't been that honest with Kah, uh, Shit. I told him I'd only see you in lessons. Jedediah said sporadically, both his breathing and heart rate were picking up at a more alarming rate than he would have liked.

"I shall stand by your side Jedediah. Nothing will happen. We will discuss the situation like civil people." Octavius stood up and fixed his eyes coldly on to Kahmunrah.

Jedediah got up nervously and stood just in front of Octavius "Kah ain't exactly civil…" he managed to mumble to Octavius before all that could be heard was Kah violent yells.

Quite the crowd had been attracted by the ruckus that Kahmunrah was causing, and the next thing the pair knew they were practically surrounded by the whole school awaiting a fight to break out.

"If only our school shows could attract this much attention." Octavius said dryly to Jedediah, which caused Jed to smile lightly before fear based nerves overtook him once more.

"Jedediah!" Kah began furiously as he harshly grabbed the blonde's wrist and yanked him over to his side "What have I told you about handing out with this low life!"

"I am no low life and-" Octavius began, strongly taking a step forward.

"Shut up no one cares what you have to say." Kah shoved him back though, making Octavius stumble slightly. Jed motioned to go to Octavius' side but Kah pulled him back again. "Jedediah you will not see him again. You're mine. No one else's and you have no right to talk to other people unless I say so." He said venomously, his eyes staring so sharply in to Jedediah's that the other man was certain he could see in to his soul.

"B-But" Jed began shakily "What if I fail my Smithsonian entrance exam, you know that's my dream. I can't-"

"Will you stop chasing that stupid dream?" Kah yelled in exasperation as he let Jed go to run his hands though his hear in frustration. "I thought I'd humour you a while by letting to do all of that useless drama stuff but now I've let it go on too long clearly. Tomorrow we'll see McPhee about getting to a change of lessons. To something that's actually useful."

The crowd all began to mumble as Jedediah said nothing. The noise of that alone was defining to Jed as his thoughts raced and tears pricked to the corners of his eyes.

What was happening?

Jed was lost for words. It was then that he suddenly realised how unhappy he was with Kah, and that he didn't deserve any of this. There was so much he wanted to say, so much he wanted to yell and defend himself with, but he kept choking on his words.

Why was he so scared?

He was so lost in his own thoughts of his collapsing world that he didn't realise the events playing out in front of him until he heard the crowd cheer. Jed blinked and looked around, he couldn't believe the scene.

Octavius stood in front of him in a protective stance, his right fist splattered with blood. Kah lying on his back on the floor, dazed.

"What-?" Jed began in shock

"Don't you dare talk to Jedediah like that." Octavius had never sounded so serious and scary in his whole life "He is the most talented and wonderful man I know. But most of all he is my best friend and he doesn't deserve a piece of shit like you!" he cried triumphantly to Kah who was just starting to wake up.

Unfortunately Octavius' moment of glory was broken when he was tackled by Al. Napoleon and Ivan soon pushed their way through the crowd after. Al had pulled Octavius off the floor and held his arms behind his back as the other two men closed in and began delivering punches to Octavius.

"Stop that! Don't you manhandle him like that-!" Jedediah tried to stop them as best he could but they kept pushing him away. Jed went to try and stop them again but Kahmunrah grabbed his shoulders and dragged him back "let me go Kah, you no good-"

"Jedediah you and your teacher are going to regret this-" Kah whispered venomously at Jedediah as blood dripped down from his most likely broken nose.

It was then the cavalry arrived.

Lancelot, Abraham, Amelia, Custer and Dexter and shoved their way through the crowed

"I knew it was gunna be you boys." Amelia smiled and cracked her knuckles "I've been waiting to punch you in the face for a long time." He looked at Kah excitedly.

"We are not going to attack… Right… NOW!" Custer yelled as they all charged ahead ready do defend their friends and finally teach Kahmunrah and his band of evil.

Dexter, lance and Abe were soon by Octavius' side, they made light work of Kah's groupies and were soon checking on the other man's condition. He seemed to be okay, just a little bruised, but overall Octavius was more concerned about Jedediah.

Custer managed to separate Kah from Jedediah, and before Kahmunrah could even think out protesting Amelia socked him the face the proceeded to deliver a solid kick to his groin. The crowd cheered in delight. Every single person who had ever had the displeasure of meeting Kah had wanted to do that for the longest time now.

Kah fell to his knees whining in pain as Al, Napoleon and Ivan all limped over to his side.

"Let's scram!" Al said hastily as he tried to hoist Kah up.

"Not so fast" They heard a voice call from in the crowd followed by a series of agreeing grunts. Soon from the ocean of people (who were now dispersing because they didn't want to get in to trouble) emerged the public services teacher, Tilly and the history teacher Laaa.

"I'm shutting all of this down!" she cried strongly in her Australian accent.

"Shit." Kah said before he passed out.

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