So finally i'm back and updating this story, i will be reposting chapters in the next few months to address plot holes that have been pointed out and areas that i could have developed better, plus my writing has improved and changed since i began this story so the first chapters need a bit of adjustment as the plot thickens. As usual i own nothing except my OC characters so please enjoy :)

Chapter 25

Baclovitch was left standing by the window, cigar in hand, watching as Konya made his way out of the estate. The issue surrounding the unknown fiancé was still on his mind, the information on this Ms Amelia Norton should have come to light when he instructed Konya to run a back ground check on Conway. However, there was no indication that he wasn't who he said he was and the merchandise he was able to resource was invaluable, he would be keeping a close eye on the woman though.

As he turned away from the window, he resumed his seat by the fire place as he gazed thoughtfully into the flickering flames. A thought suddenly occurred to him, the birthday ball for an associate of his was tomorrow and Conway would most definitely be welcome, it would also be a good opportunity to be introduced to this fiancé of his. He could also broach the subject of the next purchase with the young man. Yes, he could manipulate his way through this quite easily and Conway had just given him a weakness, this fiancé was turning out to be a very useful tool indeed.

Jumeirah Pera Palace Hotel, Presidential Suite

Meanwhile Harry and Sophia were far to relaxed to be concerned about the plotting a scheming of their arms dealer. As Harry had promised, as soon as they had concluded their conversation in the car, Harry had called ahead to request a double booking for the both of them. Luckily for him, one of the resident VIP's had been forced to check out earlier due to personal issues and so had to cancel their slot at the spa, leaving space for both Harry and Sophia. Having already finished their Indian Head Massages – and god Harry was going to have to make this a regular thing, he'd never felt so relaxed in his life – they had quickly moved on the Hot Stone Massage that was working miracles on his poor back.

A quiet moan from Sophia as the masseur worked on a particular muscle in her back, broke Harry from his have of relaxation. His mind suddenly full of realisations of the day. He had kissed her again, god it felt so good to finally be able to kiss her, his mind was unsure though. Was she just playing the part, they had kissed before he left and they had confessed to feelings of attraction? Was he reading to much into it, or was she as pleased with the turn of events as he was?

Another noise, a huff this time broke Harry from his spiral of panic, "I can hear you thinking from here Darling." She sighed; it was uncanny her ability to know – even with her eyes closed – what he was doing.

"Sorry sweetheart, my mind ran a way with me." Harry took a deep meditative breath and closed his eyes once more.

"Care to share?" Knowing this was not a conversation he wanted to have anywhere near possibly prying eyes Harry quietly deflected with a sleepy 'maybe later' as they both descended into quiet once more.

20 minuets later they emerged from the room and headed toward the shower area, evidently head massages made your hair greasy and Harry knew Sophia hated her hair not looking nice. Not in a way that made her spend hours in the morning perfecting her hair, she was an agent after all and didn't really have the time nor energy for that. More in a 'always having to have it clean' and 'hating whenever it was even slightly dirty' kind of way.

After they had dressed Sophia emerged from the Spa to see Harry quietly waiting outside, sat on one of the arm chairs, scrolling through his phone. As if he could sense her presence, he glanced up. He smiled immediately and stood to greet her, taking her hand and kissing her gently he looked at her, "Are we feeling slightly better now?" A playful grin stretching across his handsome face.

She smiled in return before nodding "Much better thank you, I'm a lucky girl."

Harry smiles, "I'm just glad I could help," the sincerity in his voice makes her smile before once again hi gaze turned playful, "and your about to get luckier because your handsome fiancé has a booking for the restaurant downstairs so he may feed the lady."

He could definitely read her mind. Taking her hand, they slowly made their way to the restaurant and were quickly seated at a quiet corner near a large fire place that crackled quietly in the background.

It was only midway through the meal that a waiter, quietly appeared at Harry's shoulder, "Apologies for the intrusion into your meal Sir, but a message has come through for you."

Harry glanced curiously at the man before holding out his had and thanking the waiter, as soon as the waiter left Harry opened the envelope, quickly reading the note that came attached Harry wordlessly handed over the main contents to Sophia, glancing over them she couldn't quite hide all her surprise. "Well, once again Baclovitch is very well informed. Not only does he know who I am and that I have indeed arrived but he's managed to get my name as well for the invite."

Harry could only nod, knowing that this information was not hidden but they hadn't advertised it and the speed he had gotten the information unnerved him but there was little he could do now. Besides, he already knew there was a mole, this only confirmed his suspicions.

Harry looked back up at Sophia, "Looks like were going to have to go dress shopping my darling." If there was one thing Harry knew with absolute certainty – despite having brought a suit – she would ensure he had his own by the end of the night 'to match' she would say.

No sooner had the thought crossed his mind, she smiled, returned the invitations and looked at his knowingly, "And we shall have to get you a new suit as well, no doubt you only packed one and you simply must have a tux to match." They both quickly finished their meals and retreated to their room and changed clothes before heading out in hunt of outfits for the following day.

Quickly finding a suitable shop they began the search; Sophia was in her eliminant as she quickly discussed with the assistant what both she and Harry were in need of and already had several options for them. Harry's outfit – while simpler – was saved till last so as better to match to Sophia's outfit which suited Harry quite happily.

Sophia quickly made her way to the changing area and began trying dresses, occasionally coming out to get his thoughts or to see his reaction. It was the fifth dress that had him speechless however. She was waring a deep purple dress, with a mesmerising metallic sheen. It was v-necked showing off her long neck and slim shoulders, it was off the shoulder but covered the tops of her arms – which he knew she preferred as it hid a scare she got as a girl – and the fabric crossed over her chest and banded around her waist before flowing to the tops of her feet. The dress was beautiful but she was stunning. After a few moments of silence, she turned to the assistant, both of them smiling slightly as they let out small laughs, "I think this is the one, thank you."

Nodding her head, the assistant called for the seamstress to come and make a few alterations before Sophia changed and walked back over to Harry, "Jamie," Harry snapped to look at her, a small blush creeping its way up his neck, "It's your turn darling."

"Right yeah, I'm guessing you have a few options ready for me to try?" Harry said standing and allowing her to take his place in the chair. She nodded and he made his way over to the changing room to find it all ready for him, he noted four suits hanging up. Undressing he quickly put the first one on and it was quickly vetoed, he absolutely did not like suede jackets on him, Rowan could pull of a suede jacket but him? Absolutely not, so without even exiting he got undressed and made his way to the second which Soph said she didn't really like which was good for him because he wasn't to keen either.

Putting of the third however he had to say was his favourite so far. It was black with a purple collar that matched Sophia's dress and it also came with a bowtie that Harry was grateful for, he preferred them to ties, far less likely to be chocked by a bow than a full tie – not impossible but certainly harder. Pulling on the jacket and straightening his bow tie Harry exited the changing rooms.

Sophia immediately smiled, "Goodness look handsome, how does it feel?"

Harry nodded moving around slightly, getting a feel for the fabric and the stretch of the suit. Looking in the mirror Harry tilted his head to the side in consideration before saying, "Do you have any waistcoats that would match?" The assistant nodded before coming back a minute later with three option, plain black, plain purple and then another purple that at first looked the same but looking closer there was a very slight black embroidery on the vest that gave it depth. Quickly picking up the second purple vest Harry put it on before replacing his jacket, smiling and nodding to himself before turning to Soph to get her opinion.

"What do you think?" He said before she smiled.

Coming over to him, she gave him a very light kiss on the cheek "I think you look incredibly handsome, darling." He smiled and looked over to the assistant how had already beckoned for the tailor to adjust his suit.

When they were all finished and Harry had paid for the outfits, including shoes and the necessary accompaniments required, the assistant smiled at him, "All purchases will be sent to your room by 3pm tomorrow in time for your event that night, your tuxedo will have been dry cleaned and pressed as well sir."

The both nodded and thanked them profusely for all the hard work they would be putting in that night to ensure their outfits were ready before exiting the shop and hand in hand began walking down the busy street.

Suddenly Sophia gasped and stopped walking. Following her gaze though it was not difficult to see why and he gently pulled her in the direction of said place until not 20 minutes later they stood in front of the building. Pulling her inside Harry had to say, the place was awe inspiring, the gold and stone made the already regal and impressive form of the Hagia Sophia even more awe inspiring then he could have ever imagined. The high cavernous ceilings created a buzz that hummed though your very soul as you walked across worn stone of the hundreds of millions of people who had walked before you humbled you to the core. The sunlight, now dwindling on the horizon, shone through the glass and warmed the very skin that had been cooled by the buildings stone. The colours shining across ever inch of the stone work, bouncing off the gold inlay. The darkened pillars against the pale stone only made the effect of the light stronger as the contrast fed of the gold and the light, creating an atmosphere that astounded him.

Looking at Sophia had him realising that it wasn't just him that saw shook by the beauty of this place, taking her hand in his once more they simply stood hand in hand as they let this took in every inch of this amazing building.