Harry was talking a stroll down to The Black Lake, with his two best friends, Percy Jackson, and Gandalf the Grey. Then,Tessie, the purple sea monster, came from the lake, and gave a mighty RAWR! Harry said, "Stupefy, Monster!" and Tessie was knocked out ( Cuz Stupefy is best spell and makes you unconscious) on top of Gandalf. Percy said, "NOO, WHY HIM?" And then he ran into the woods, where a griffin carried him away to its nest. Then, a TARDIS came out of nowhere and landed on top Tessie, and Professor E Gadd stumbled out, and handed Harry a flask of Boron, Hydrogen, and some pixie dust. Snape ran out of the castle and said, "Son, where is your project?" He looked around and saw an unconscious sea creature, a strange mix of stuff in Harry's hands, and E Gadd and TARDIS. "150 POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR, AND HARRY, MY SON, EAT YOUR SQUASH" and then Snape handed Harry a bowl of squash, and then BOOM, the stuff in Harry's hand turned to a blue goop, and they all fell asleep.

"AH! I got to stop sleeping after drinking a quart of Firewhiskey!" Harry said as he rose out of bed.

"The end" Said Tris and Gus' Ghosts.