Hello, Earthrealmers! What I have here today is something I got the inspiration of doing thanks to the awesome Mortal Kombat X game, and reading a parody of Star Wars Episode III, in which I highly recommend reading it if you're a fan of the franchise! It's called "Revenge of the Spoof". So of course, it will have all that is in the story mode of MKX, but with some changes to it! If you know parodies, then there you go!

Warnings: I don't own Mortal Kombat. All rights belong to Ed Boon and Netherrealm Studios for making a wonderful franchise! I also need to clarify that there will be some OOC-ness in most of the characters. And of course, spoilers for those who hasn't seen story mode (in which you should of if you have the game). The rating might go up to M later for language and violence, but for now it's T!

Now with that out of the way, I hope you all enjoy this!


Johnny Cage: Actor and Green Lantern?


As the cameras move in every place they can imagine, it shows every character that is playable in the game, and for some reason, Johnny Cage of all people is narrating. That's probably why he's the first chapter in the fast selling game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4...

"Millions of years ago, Shinnok, one of the Elder Gods, was pissed off because the other gods forgot his birthday. Because of this, he turned against them and invaded Earthrealm. To please him, Raiden and the Elder Gods threw a party for Shinnok. Unfortunately, Shinnok was a spoiled Elder God, because he wanted a Harry Potter themed party, and not a Twilight one, so he destroyed the decorations and the cake that they worked on so seriously, which resulted in Shinnok being locked up in the Netherrealm."

The cameras zoomed in on Shinnok abolishing the Team Edward and Team Jacob plates, cups, and balloons, and then moved on to him being chained in Netherrealm. Johnny's voice out of nowhere continued,

"Others followed Shinnok's path, like Shao Kahn, that douchebag who tried to take over Earthrealm with his annoying hammer and arrow attacks. Thanks to Raiden, he persuaded the Elder Gods to form up a Mortal Kombat Tournament, so that Earthrealm can have a chance. But seriously, most of Earthrealm are humans with no powers… unlike me. I was one of the lucky ones."

Statues of everyone that appeared in Mortal Kombat 9 were shown fighting against each other, and one of them includes Shang Tsung eating popcorn, watching Scorpion fighting Nightwolf.

"For years and years… blah blah blah… Shao Kahn followed the Elder Gods' rules, and used his actually badass fighters to battle against Raiden's so-so defenders of Earthrealm in Mortal Kombat. Two years ago, we kicked his cheap ass. But Shao Kahn was greedy just like Shinnok, and violated the rules of Mortal Kombat and tried to take over Earthrealm."

The statues of the fallen characters that died in Mortal Kombat 9 were shown, and for some reason it looks like an orgy, but they do have their clothes on.

"Most of Earthrealm's defenders, like Bruce Lee right there, and our friends, died protecting it. But they're sort of alive. I mean, they're undead like zombies, and they can move, attack, all that jazz. Regardless, we still beat Shao Kahn and stopped his invasion."

Shao Kahn's statue crumbled, and Raiden's statue shows him doing a cheesy eighties montage where the main character jumps in the air and freezes.

"So, as punishment, the Elder Gods destroyed him, in which they should have done like five games ago! Hashtag seriously? We thought it was over, but Shinnok was pulling the strings. So… he's like the equivalent to 'Master of Puppets' by Metallica? If that's the case, then that sounds pretty cool!"

The final statue, Shinnok, shows him holding his amulet and glaring. Another item in his hand is a ripped napkin of Team Jacob.

"So basically, Shinnok wants to get revenge against the Elder Gods and escape the Netherrealm, and there you go!" Johnny said annoyed by having to narrate what happened throughout the beginning of the Mortal Kombat franchise.


It is a beautiful evening in Earthrealm, until a soldier just got killed by a demonic, dragon thing, while other soldiers were running to wherever they need to go. Regrettably, their weapons were useless against whatever they were trying to shoot, and they were killed in the process. A helicopter amazingly shot one down and its wings were broken, falling down in the process. In the helicopter, a pilot and Johnny looked straight through the view.

"Destination is dead ahead sir," the pilot said. Johnny leaned in and smiled.

"When you land, please don't do it so aggressively like earlier. I paid for this you know," Johnny scolded, glaring at the pilot. The latter sighed, but nodded.

"Yes, sir, sorry." Johnny looked at the pretty blonde sitting beside the pilot, winking at her.

"Hey, Sonya, baby. So after this crap is over, how about I take you to see that new horror movie I star in that just released in theaters?" Sonya looked displeased from what he asked, and she got up, heading to the others that are on board. She looked at the actor again, motioning him to head over to where she is, and he did so.

"All right, so the coordinates are at the forest, and then we access to Raiden's Sky Temple. And no, it is not in the sky!" The soldiers groaned in disappointment.

"So it's not like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword?" one of the soldiers asked. Sonya raised an eyebrow at them, and shook her head. Johnny added,

"The fallen Elder God is still probably pissed off from that party, so be on your guard." When he was done speaking, he bumped into Kenshi, who was beside him all this time, but didn't notice, "Sorry, Kenshi. Didn't see you there," Johnny said to the blind swordsman. Kenshi sighed, looking at him through his blindfold.

"Very funny, Johnny." The swordsman looked at the soldiers, adding, "Anyway, if we don't expel Shinnok from Raiden's temple, he will poison the life stream of Earthrealm: the Jinsei."

"Don't you mean life force? This isn't Final Fantasy, Kenshi!" Johnny replied, irritated that his friend got it wrong. Kenshi sighed again, deciding not to reply.

"But we're not going to let that happen!" Sonya stated, regardless of the mistake Kenshi made.

"Kenshi and I—Well, I am thankful that the Major let us help you. We are going to kick Shinnok's bony, but firm ass out of here!" An emergency alarm went off, and the three went up to the pilot. An explosion occurred in one of the helicopters, and it landed on the ground, creating a bigger explosion. Then out of nowhere, a spear killed the pilot instantly, and threw him out of the helicopter. Sonya went back to her seat to pilot the helicopter immediately. Johnny looked at the others with eyes wide, and he said to them,

"Okay, who else saw this coming? Show of hands, please!" Everyone's hands raised, and when Johnny saw Kenshi's hand up, he said to him, "Kenshi, you can't see worth shit! Put your hand down this instant!"

"I maybe blind, Johnny, but with my telepathy, I can see in a different way," Kenshi replied, irritated.

"You make no sense, Ken—" A yelp came out from one of the soldiers, and when the two turned around, Scorpion was there, kicking and killing some of the soldiers with his swords. He summoned a fire blast and it hit Kenshi, surprisingly not burning the blind swordsman, and the revenant used his spear, yelling out his signature catchphrase that's voice by a different guy, and not his speaking voice.

Time slowed down for Johnny, and he thought he was Father Time, so he stretched to get ready, but unfortunately for the actor, he was getting his ass kicked. But then he got himself together and stopped Scorpion from using a spear to stab him, and kicked him. Kenshi got hold of the fallen ninja and they were outside the helicopter, while Johnny had another opponent: Sub-Zero and he does not have a mask on!

It was rare for the Lin Kuei clan member to not wear one, and when Johnny got up, he asked the revenant,

"Dude, where's your mask? It makes you look naked!" The Lin Kuei man looked at him in confusion, and felt his jaw.

"Crap, hang on one minute," he replied, finding his mask from his front pocket. He put it on, and then grabbed onto two soldiers' heads, froze them, and clashed their heads together, leaving them headless and dead. He used one of their dead bodies to throw at towards Johnny, but he dodged it with a split.

"I should have been a cheerleader in high school!" he said to himself, getting up before a head rolled towards him. He chickened and tossed it outside. While they continued their fight, Kenshi and Scorpion were still hanging onto the flying vehicle, and they look like they are having fun.

"This is awesome!" Kenshi yelled at the revenant ninja.

"I know right?!" Scorpion replied in his normal voice. His foot accidentally kicked Kenshi, and he yelled when gravity was pulling him back, but he used his sword to endure. "Sorry, Kenshi!" Scorpion shouted.

Back to Johnny and Sub-Zero's fight, it was still going on, and then out of nowhere, Scorpion was there, so he elbowed him in the face and kicked Sub-Zero in the balls. The actor used this time to place their heads close together.

"Now come on, give the fan girls what they want and kiss each other!" Before anything could happen, the Lin Kuei was being pulled away thanks to Kenshi's telekinetic push. Johnny sighed, and punched Scorpion in the face and forced him out of the helicopter, but he was unlucky and fell along with him. The helicopter crash-landed immediately, and Sonya got knocked out. Johnny ran to the helicopter to check on the Major, but was stopped by Scorpion.

"To make this quick, we should do paper-rock-scissors. Does that sound good to you?" Johnny asked. Scorpion shrugged, and he placed his fist out, so Johnny did the same. "Two out of three, ready?" Scorpion just waited until Johnny gave the cue to start the game, and they started, Johnny winning with paper, then Scorpion with rock, and then Johnny winning with paper again. He cheered, and said, impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Time to get to the chopper!"

Doing so, he ran, and despite his effort to make it, he was frozen by Sub-Zero. Struggling to get away, he used his strength to free himself, and found a crowbar that just happens to be lying on the ground for convenience sake, and did the same thing with Scorpion, doing paper-rock-scissors. Johnny won two times in a row, so he got lucky. He ran to Sonya, who, with the help of Kenshi, got her out of the chopper.

"Are you okay?" he asked Sonya. She nodded, and Kenshi said to Johnny,

"We fared better than the men."

"I didn't ask for your statement, Kenshi," Johnny fired back at him. The three ran away from the destroyed helicopter, getting ready to head to the Jinsei.


On the other side of the world, monks and the demon things fought in the rain, and in an epic camera zoom, the Earthrealm Gods, Raiden and Fujin, posed in time for them to show off their powers. Since they are gods, they took them down no problem, but then flying demons landed on the ground and almost stabbed Fujin, but Raiden, as badass as usual, stopped the demon with his staff and continued fighting with the Wind God. It lasted for a bit until a green skull appeared out of one of the demon's chest, and the two gods dodged them in an awesome way.

There stood Quan Chi, the sorcerer of Outworld, and has his nipples shown from his outfit, which is a distraction for the flying demons and the gods.

"The mighty gods of Earthrealm," he stated, his arms motioning for effect and placing them on his hips.

"You befouled these hollowed grounds, Quan Chi! Be gone! And have you no shame in what you are wearing?" Raiden spoke up. The sorcerer's nose wrinkled.

"My choice of clothing has nothing to do with what I'm about to say. Surely you are pleased to see your friends," he replied, showing them the revenants of the unplayable characters: Kurtis Stryker, Sindel, and Kabal. "You abandon them to their deaths, and other than Sindel, they didn't even get laid! You're the one who should be ashamed, Raiden! Regardless, I've brought them back from the dead, and gave them a new life."

"A life worse than death!" Raiden fired back. "They have glowing cracks on their skins for crying out loud! It makes them looked like plants!"

"You'll have these beautiful cracks when you will become one of them," Quan Chi replied. "And you'll witness your fall." The demon creatures and the three revenants ran to Raiden and Fujin, while the dark sorcerer, placed his hands on his hips like a model.


At the Dead Woods Forest, Johnny, Kenshi, and Sonya got their positions ready. From afar, Johnny noticed the revenants of Jax, Sonya's best friend, and Smoke, who is one of the poor victims who are unplayable, but makes a cool appearance in the Lin Kuei faction kill.

"Jax…" Johnny said sympathetically, looking at Sonya afterwards. She looked over to Kenshi, and he nodded, getting ready to move, but not until a portal appeared, revealing Nightwolf and more demons.

"Nightwolf!" Kenshi said, surprised to see him.

"Damn it, Kenshi, be quiet!" Johnny said to the blind swordsman. Despite that, he was already fighting against him, making Johnny exasperated. He used his machine gun to shoot at the demons. Jax and Smoke heard this and ran to where they are, fighting against the soldiers. Johnny fought against Smoke, using his flexible kicks, but Smoke stopped him and plunged him to the ground. "Smoke," Johnny said with a glare.

"Smoke is dead. I am a—"

"No, I'm serious, there's smoke coming from that tree!" Johnny pointed, and when Smoke noticed, he and Johnny ran away from the burning tree. Then they continued their fight until Smoke was defeated.

Sonya fought against her revenant best friend, which pains her. But then it literately hit her when she got kicked at the side and then Jax punched her face. He looked at her and said before hitting her again,

"Time to whoop your ass." Before he could do anything, Johnny got on him and rolled him away from Sonya.

"The real Jax wouldn't whip his best friend's ass!"

"Johnny Cage. Kicking yours will be a pleasure!" After about like three minutes, Johnny defeated Jax, and said to him,

"We're going to fix you up, man." Immediately, Johnny ran and picked up a gun, heading to the cave where they would teleport to Raiden's temple. Up ahead, Kenshi was there, his sword glowing blue.

"Dude, your sword's a light saber. That's so cool! Anyway, is that the elevator?" Johnny said to the swordsman. Kenshi looked at the actor in annoyance, but replied nonetheless.

"Yes… the elevator. Sento contains the souls of my ancestors; to guide me."

"Man, Kenshi, I shouldn't have treated you like crap when your light saber can talk to you. Can you forgive me?"

"Sento is not a—" Kenshi sighed, but continued. "Yes, I forgive you, Johnny." Johnny smiled, but it disappeared when the cave began to crumble, the demons coming close.

"Well, could they hurry the hell up?" Johnny complained, heading to meet up with Sonya. Kenshi continued to use his glowing sword to find the portal, and murmured something in Japanese. The portal appeared and he went in it. Johnny smiled and said, "Going up!" He directed Sonya and three soldiers to head to the portal, and then went to the two he ran to, telling them to "close the door." They nodded, and Johnny caught up to the portal before it closed.


Raiden and Fujin blasted their elemental beams at the three revenants, while Quan Chi walks leisurely and laughs. After the revenants collapsed, they were greeted with giant skull hands clasped together that appeared out of thin air and implanted on the ground. As they unclasped, Shinnok appeared.

"You see it now, Raiden: your legacy. You poison their hearts with hope."

"And what do you offer?" Raiden asked in determination, defending the Jinsei Chamber doors with Fujin. "The same you did a millennia ago! When you ruined your chance to have a great birthday party we graciously threw out for you! And to protect Earthrealm! We punished your avarice and imprisoned you in the Netherrealm! And we'll do so again!"

"Twilight is an abomination and Harry Potter was my favorite! The legacy of life is death, Raiden, and when I beat you, you will have a Fifty Shades of Grey party with my followers!" The three revenants and Quan Chi started to attack the Earthrealm Gods, and when Quan Chi's skull attack landed on Raiden, it started to make out with the Thunder God and suffocated him. It stopped when Fujin kicked Quan Chi in the face, later fighting against Stryker. He stopped him, and then Sindel used her screaming attack, and when Fujin was at his limits, Raiden electrocuted her head, and it was slightly burnt.

"I don't know how we can survive hits like this, Raiden," Fujin stated.

"We're the Earthrealm Gods, are we not?" Raiden answered. The Wind God nodded, and as they were distracted, Shinnok's amulet hit the two gods and landed them in the Jinsei Chamber. The two gods looked up at Shinnok's who was walking painfully slow.

"You will not touch the Jinsei, and what's taking you so long to walk up to us?" Fujin asked with a glare.

"Dramatic effect, duh!" Shinnok sassed him. "Earthrealm will know the truth of death." Using his amulet, it pulled the two gods near like magnets, and the song "Sandstorm" by Darude was playing, earning a laugh from the fallen Elder God. As the Gods of Earthrealm yell from the intense strength of the amulet, Johnny's Shadow Kick came into play and hit Shinnok, knocking him to the ground. The amulet rolled to the ground, away from Shinnok. Johnny, Kenshi, and Sonya went into the chamber, prepared for a fight.

"Oh sorry, ma'am. Didn't see you there, and what was that song? It sounded great!" Shinnok had a temper tantrum and got up, looking pissed as hell.

"That damn meme is so annoying! How dare you?!" With his hand, he released red energy and aimed it at the actor.

"Damn, I'm good!" Johnny said, dodging Shinnok's attack. Unfortunately, Kenshi got hit by Shinnok's blast, and got hit in the back of the head to the stone wall, knocking him out.

"Mmm, what you say? Mm, that you only meant well—?"

"What is that noise?" Shinnok said, stopping his attack. Everyone, including Raiden and Fujin, who were getting up from the amulet's force, was silent, and when the ringtone continued on, Sonya put down her weapon and got her phone out.

"Now's not a good time," she said to her phone. "Mom, I—Yes, ma'am, we're saving the world. Yes—Yes, ma'am. No that's your underwear in the laundry, Mom! I got to go!" Sonya hangs up her phone and picked up her weapon, shooting at the fallen Elder God, but since it is Mortal Kombat, it's pretty much useless. She threw her weapon away and said to Johnny, "Ready?"

"To do laundry?"

"No! To beat the hell out of Shinnok!"

"Oh. As always," Johnny replied. The two ran to him, and with their skills in kombat, they fell to the ground thanks to Shinnok's jump kick with his legs spread in the air. It nearly knocked out Sonya, so Johnny got back up and tried again, but Shinnok's power lifted him up and threw him feet away from him. Sonya and Raiden ran to get the amulet, but Shinnok stopped them with a force push and they flew back. The former Elder God looked at Sonya and she became highlighted in red, being hurt by Shinnok's power.

"She will be the first to join my party," Shinnok said.

"No!" Johnny yelled, running up to Shinnok, glowing green and stopping his attack from killing Sonya. The actor looked at himself, still glowing green, and was surprised and excited, like a kid getting ice cream. "Holy crap, I'm Green Lantern!" Johnny cleared his throat, and said, "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape—"

"Are you serious?!" Shinnok asked Johnny.

"What? I'm reciting my oath!"

"No, not that ridiculous crap! How come you did not noticed you've had that power?! You fought like, I don't know, four of my revenants! And you kicked me with your powers, too!"

"For the record, we did paper-rock-scissors! Well, half of them I did it with!" The Thunder God stared at Johnny's power, and when he noticed the amulet near him, he got his attention.

"Johnny Cage, the amulet!" Raiden said, pointing to the object near Johnny's foot. Johnny looked at Raiden, and he gave him a quizzical expression.

"No way, Gramps! We could sell it and make millions! I maybe a movie star and just found out I'm a Green Lantern, but think about all the houses and yachts I could buy!" Raiden was at the point where he was about to use his lightning attack on Johnny, and the latter got nervous and kicked it back to Raiden. He caught it and used the power on Shinnok, making him bound and pulled towards the magical object. "Sandstorm" was playing again and Johnny started to dance to it, and when Shinnok was transported to the amulet, the music stopped, and Johnny frowned, "Come on Gramps! That was my jam!"

The actor found Sonya, injured on the floor, and he ran to her, placing her in his arms.

"Johnny... did we...?" she moaned out.

"Yeah, we got him, but I won't remember how that song goes now that he's imprisoned." The Thunder God walked towards the two, holding the amulet carefully.

"Wait here. The chamber's properties will heal Sonya—" He accidentally dropped the amulet, and he hurriedly picked it up before it broke. "Sorry, my hand's slippery." After that awkwardness ended, Kenshi and Fujin ran to the three.

"Quan Chi and the others, they are gone. A surge of power in the chamber overwhelmed my senses—"

"How do you see with that blindfold?" Fujin asked Kenshi, using his hand to touch his blindfold. Not trying to be rude, Kenshi slapped his hand and backed away, making the Wind God frown, but his mood quickly went away when he looked at Raiden. "We can deal with Quan Chi, later."

"We've netted a bigger price today," Raiden added.

"Shinnok's amulet... and within it—" Kenshi said, his hand trying to reach towards it as if he wanted it badly.

"Twilight lover himself," Johnny finished with a smirk.

"We must take it to the Elder Gods," Fujin stated to Raiden.

"They cannot destroy it. No one can... except when I almost accidentally did." And with that, the two gods walked away from the three. Kenshi bent down to get on Johnny's level, since he's still hanging onto Sonya from the fight.

"The war is not over; Quan Chi has escaped. Why are you smiling like the Joker?" Johnny looked at the blind swordsman with his grin, and he said to him,

"I think I'm about to get laid." Kenshi face palmed his own face, and Johnny still smiled from what he said.


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