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Cassie Cage: It's Going Down For Real


Finally at the Sky Temple after a pointless argument discussing whether the temple should be named Terrestrial Tower, or keep the name, the squad sneakily crouched forward behind the stone wall.

"Lord Shinnok is almost done decorating the temple for his party," D'Vorah said to the revenants. "As soon as the birthday party ends, the Jinsei's corruption will be irreversible."

"The invasion can then proceed," Kitana added. Behind the stone wall, Jin almost tripped, but Cassie helped stay quiet and still, then the four continued onward. "Raiden and his allies will be unable to offer resistance and will realize the cracks on our skins are awesome."

"Once the realm falls, our path to victory will clear," Liu responded. "Advise Lord Shinnok that the Oni and Orochi are attending the party. At his command, we'll unleash them on Earthrealm after our lord's event." Fulfilling his order, D'Vorah went inside the temple, while Lao and Smoke walked towards them. "Have you found Raiden's portal to the Heavens?" he asked the two revenants.

"Yes," Lao replied. "But his wards protect it. We can't break through even though we know the password." From afar, the S-F group looked observantly at the revenants as they continue their conversation, while hoping to not fall.

"That is unacceptable," the former Edenian princess said. "After Earthrealm is destroyed, we must complete Lord Shinnok's vengeance: invade the Heavens and destroy the Elder Gods for giving him a terrible birthday party."

"Come," Liu said to Smoke and Lao. They followed him, leaving the mother and daughter to stand guard.

"So my darling," Sindel said. "When are you and Liu getting married?"

"We don't know, but hopefully soon," her daughter replied. The four hid their heads, discussing what they said about invading the Heavens.

"Make war on the Heavens?!" Takeda questioned in shock. "If Shinnok can take down the Elder Gods..."

"End of the universe and a terrible party," Jacqui answered.

"Kung Lao..." Jin said in mournful tone. "To see him like this... Why the heck is he bald? You don't just die and then get a haircut!"

"We'll all be hangin' 'round the Netherrealm water cooler if we don't pull this off," Cassie stated, checking the view to see if it's clear. "C'mon." As the four carefully sneaked behind the stone wall, Takeda asked the leader,

"Technically, wouldn't that just be hot wat—?" After stepping on a rock, it crumbled down and Takeda fell down. Jacqui held out her hand for him, but unfortunately, Kitana and Sindel heard Takeda's yell. Cassie and Jin got out of hiding to hold them off.

Same old, same old, they start fighting, but the revenant ladies had the upper hand. Sindel managed to punch Cassie in the face, inconveniently not giving her a bruise. Sindel walked to Cassie so fabulously, asking the blonde,

"Has your mother ever told what I've done to her friends? Killed them all in the blink of an eye!"

"Lady, you killed your daughter too and look where you've ended up," Cassie replied in snarky tone.

"Exactly," the former Queen of Edenia said. "We are bonded in death, and you will join us in Lord Shinnok's birthday party. I will give you a proper upbringing!" Just like usual, the ladies began their fight. Cassie used her pistol and a non-lethal bullet hit the revenant. Later, she started to scream and land projectiles from her mouth, which immobilized Cassie from doing anything, and she got hit with the purple projectile. Sindel got carried away afterwards and started to scream nonstop, making Cassie irritated and unable to move.

"Stop... Screaming!" the squad leader yelled. Fortunately for Cassie, Sindel's voice turned hoarse, so she kicked the revenant in the jaw, and she couldn't take it anymore, making Cassie win the match. Despite winning, her ears are still ringing. "Nice offer, Mommy Dearest... but I'll be crashing the party."

A few feet away, Jacqui still hadn't gotten Takeda! Surely, he would have fallen by now, but since he's an awesome character, he's too cool to die. With grunts escaping their lips, trying to reach for each other's hand, Takeda lost his grip once again, but Jacqui finally grabbed his hand and helped him up. Together, they stand beside each other, looking down at that nasty fall. At least there weren't any spikes like in Outworld; otherwise Takeda would be dead and gone.

"I owe you one," Takeda thanked the specialist.

"I'll remember that," Jacqui said to the Shirai-Ryu warrior, smiling affectionately at him. As they jumped over the small wall, Jin's back collided with the gong thanks to Kitana. He passed out, and the former Edenian tried to finish him, but Cassie walked up to her and yelled,

"Back off, princess!"

"You think mere words can stop me?" Kitana asked. "Coming from his girlfriend?" Cassie raised an eyebrow and looked at the revenant with a quizzical expression.

"We aren't even dating!" Cassie backfired. Before they were about to engage in a fight, Jacqui and Takeda made it to the rescue. "Thanks for the assist," she said to the two.

"Any time..." Jacqui replied.

"Tick tock, ladies..." Takeda mentioned, getting ready to gang up on Kitana. They fought against her together, but Kitana's dodges and counters were so slick she hit the ladies, but Takeda managed to get through. However, Kitana pushed him back and used her fans to create a tornado to make them fly off. Then, she used her fan turned knives to stab Takeda and Jacqui, but luckily, it wasn't too deep, and they flew back to Kitana, turning into fans again.

Cassie suddenly just walked towards her, seeing her friends bleeding and on the ground.

"No!" she exclaimed.

"You wish to die first?" Kitana questioned the squad leader. "So be it." The former Outworld assassin got the first hit with an impaling attack, surprisingly not killing Cassie, but the blonde got her back with an uppercut from her nightstick.

Kitana parried by doing a stance with her fans, but Cassie shot at the princess and it stopped the parry, hitting the revenant in the process. Seeing that she didn't bait her, Kitana sharpened the blades on her fans and threw her weapons at Cassie, who landed on her, and then she did a throat slash attack, which cut Cassie, but not enough to bleed out too much.

Cassie had enough and used her pistols as much as she can, and then coming towards the fallen princess, doing her X-ray attack, but left out the pistols firing since Kitana didn't get back up. The S-F squad leader sighed in relief, since Kitana was a tough opponent.

"You're not killing anyone," Cassie said to the exhausted princess. She ran to Takeda, and before she got to him, she noticed Jin slowly getting up. "Help Jacqui!" Doing so, he ran to Jacqui, while Cassie helped Takeda up. "Messed you up pretty badly," she said to the Shirai-Ryu warrior.

"Great bedside manner," Takeda replied while the blonde placed his arm around her for support. "I can still fight." He groaned afterwards, placing his hand where his wound is.

"Jacqui?" Jin said worriedly, seeing the Specialist wince from the pain.

"It's just like Kurdistan, no worries." From afar, Liu, Lao, and Smoke caught the four in plain sight. They ran towards them.

"You two go," Takeda commanded. "Jacqui and I'll handle them."

"What?" Cassie replied. "I'm the leader and I make the decisions here!"

"We'll just slow you down," Jacqui elaborated, clutching onto her shoulder.

"Forget it!" Jin argued.

"Dammit..." Cassie said, looking at the revenants running towards them. She prepared her pistols and said to Jacqui and Takeda. "Keep your heads down. I'll see you on the other side and probably steal some cake from Shinnok." She motioned Jin with a nod and they ran into the temple, while Takeda and Jacqui fend off against the three revenants.


In the corrupted Jinsei Chamber, Shinnok stands proudly inside the center, while admiring the decorations, presents, and cake that sit on the giant table. Poor Raiden struggles from the deep injuries thanks to the stone implanted hand thanks to Shinnok, while Johnny is still trapped in the sticky substance that came from D'Vorah's mouth. The Kytinn watches as her bugs started to feed off of Johnny's face, which is sad since he kind of needs that for a movie he's about to shoot.

"They taste your flesh," D'Vorah explained to the actor. "Burrow deep until they meet the skull. Inside you they will grow. Gnaw your innards."

"That's... what she said..." Johnny rasped, groaning from the pain. Cassie and Jin finally made it to the chamber, and the first thing they noticed was the decorations, which was contrast to the devastating disaster the place is, while the decorations and cake were pink and baby blue, Shinnok's favorite colors.

"By the gods..." Jin said in awe. "I know we have to be serious, but the least they could do is decorating it by following the theme correctly!" Cassie didn't say anything, but she noticed her father.

"Dad!" she yelled, getting D'Vorah's attention with a glare. She ran to the two and injected Jin with her stinger. It wasn't too serious, but it hurt real badly. Cassie grabbed her stinger, but the Kytinn moved it back. She landed a punch on Cassie and she walked backwards a bit, shaking the feeling off immediately.

"First father, then daughter... Will they taste the same?" she said to the actor's daughter. Cassie gave her a disgusted look, and fought her. She did a beat down, and D'Vorah got caught in it, but then she implanted bug traps near her, and Cassie flew from that, falling to the ground a few seconds later.

The blonde did her fancy footwork attack, and afterwards she used her nightstick while jumping, and then finished off D'Vorah with an uppercut with her weapon.

"You're the bug? I'm the windshield," Cassie dissed the Kytinn, making to Outworlders come in and gang up on the defeated Kytinn. Some were eating the cake for Shinnok's birthday party, while others gave Cassie fist bumps and high fives. After that ended, Cassie immediately ran to her father, swiping the bugs off of his face.

"Hey... Punkin..." Johnny said weakly.

"Dad, how many times are you going to call me that? This is the epic moment and you're ruining it!" Cassie replied, trying to break off her father's trap.

"No... Get... Shinnok."


"I love you..." Johnny said, closing his eyes and not moving.

"Dad?!" Cassie voice broke. She was about to be on the verge of tears, but she later said, "You better not pull off a Lion King move on me!"

"So you are the issue of Johnny Cage," Corrupted Shinnok said to Cassie. Her attention turned on him immediately. "Fitting that I exterminate his entire line, a perfect birthday present for me!"

"You want him, you're gonna have to go through me," Cassie said carefully. She ran to the corrupted Elder God and landed a barrage of punches, getting him on the face as the closing, but he was barely affected. She jumped and did another one, but she hurt her hand in the process. Shinnok cupped her neck and strike her face, sending her to the ground with three rolls.

"Yes, that's better. Watch Ms. Cage, as I do a scene from Star Wars where Darth Sidious electrocutes Luke Skywalker to death." With a continuous blast in play, Johnny yelled in pain, and Cassie watched in horror as she sees her father near in death. Shinnok stopped to talk, which is really stupid in which he could finish the job. "This is what awaits those who defy me: excruciating, exquisite death."

With another attack nearly killing her father, Cassie slowly got up, green energy surround her as she screams,

"You son of a bitch!" She ran to him like there's no tomorrow, and he aimed his attack to her, but she protected herself with her arms thanks to her new found power. The attack stopped, while Cassie still glows. "Holy shit, I'm a Green Lantern!" She breathed silently. "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's—"

"Not again!" Shinnok complained, smacking his face with his palm.

"What's wrong? Can't I do my oath like a good Green Lantern?"

"No! You did the same damn thing like your father twenty years ago! You just discovered your power when you basically used it in kombat, and pretend you never use it! What's next, you want to know the song that plays in my amulet?!"

"Tch, I already know it!" Cassie said confidently. "It's 'Sandstorm' by Durade!"

"About... time..." Johnny said from afar, smiling from finally knowing the song title for so long.

"You cannot hope to survive!" Shinnok said to the blonde. This is it: the final battle, the one where Shinnok will spam the same attack over and over again, becoming a second Shinnok, but worse. Cassie took her powers too seriously and depended on it by using her brutal kicks, making him skyrocket up to the ceiling.

It almost finished him off, but with her inherited power from her father, she did a move that would result in a brutality, but then she finished it off with an X-Ray, showing him his place by punching him in the balls, cracking his skull with the handles of her pistols, and shooting him in the eyes.

"Happy birthday, motherfucker!" Cassie said to the defeated former Elder God. Since a cut scene is convenient to show off how badass Cassie is, she started to beat the crap out of Shinnok and ended it all with a flip kick. Knowing that he is not getting back up, she reverted back to normal.

Jin got up and went to the squad leader, looking at the defeated enemy on the floor.

"That you? Nice," Jin complimented Cassie. As a way to say her thanks, she nodded and smiled at the Shaolin warrior.

"Cassandra Cage..." Raiden croaked. The two young adults looked around to see who that was, and their attention was on Raiden, who was still in that snare. They ran to him, and the injured Thunder God said, "Put me... in the Jinsei."

"What?" Cassie replied in bewilderment.

"But you're... It'll kill you!" Jin blurted out.

"I'm a god... It won't kill me... Must be cleansed. Hurry." Helping him out of the stone hand, Jin and Cassie carried Raiden to the Jinsei, and like a magnet, he flew away until he was inside the core. He started to glow, absorbing the impurity of the chamber. "Eruni no... kami wa, watashi wa chi... something, something Japanese... wa joka shimasu..." With his powers, Raiden's lightning went towards Shinnok's center near the amulet. The fallen Elder God rose up from the ground, yelling from the pain. Raiden did his best to endure, and he pushed through, putting more power into reverting Shinnok back to his normal self. Finally in his original form, Raiden stopped his spell and continued to purify the Jinsei.

From outside the temple, the revenants watch as they sky turned back to normal, while Takeda and Jacqui stood there, and then noticed the revenants disappeared. Getting the fact that they were victorious, the two lovebirds found a bench to sit on.

"That moonlight walk... Can it wait?" Takeda asked Jacqui.

"No walks. Poolside with bathing suits. Umbrella drinks," Jacqui responded.

"Deal," Takeda said, placing a hand on Jacqui's. She looked at him and happily placed her head on his shoulder, while he reciprocated, smiling at ease.

Back inside the Jinsei, Cassie and Jin helped Raiden to a spot where he can rest. The two looked at each other worriedly.

"Is he alive?" the blonde asked the Asian. Jin decided to test it and poked Raiden's face. He groaned, so that answered her question.

"Barely," he replied. "I'll help him. Help your father." Cassie stood up and ran to her father immediately. Before she could help him, Johnny said to her,

"And to think... I was worried when you started dating..." Cassie gave him an unbelievable smile, laughing in the process.

"Afraid I'd come home with someone like you?" she asked. Johnny laughed softly.

"Funny... Beautiful... Saves the world and says the song title I've been trying to find out for years... My work here is done." Cassie grinned at him. Multiple footsteps were heard, and Sonya barged in with soldiers.

"In here!" she ordered. "Isolate Shinnok and D'Vorah. Get the medic and make sure Kenshi wasn't left behind again!" With a lot of yes's, they did as they were told as Sonya ran to her daughter and ex-husband. From behind, some of the soldiers went to snag some cake and steal the presents. She looked at his trap, or was she looking at something else too? "We'll fix you up," she said softly to Johnny. "Help is on the way."

"You shoulda seen Cass," Johnny said. "Wiped the floor with Shinnok, and now she's a Green Lantern like me."

"I believe it," Sonya said simply, but with a smile at her daughter. "And you," she said towards Johnny. "You did a great job with your team, Johnny." The actor grinned at the older blonde.

"You hear that, Cass? I'm about to get laid."

"Not what I want to here, but okay," Cassie replied. As soon as the camera panned away from the Cage family, Kenshi finally made it before the screen faded to black.

"Thank goodness I made it," he said panting. "Now, where's my chapter?" Unfortunately for the telepath, he didn't get a response.


Instead of giving Kenshi a much deserved chapter, the camera reverts to Raiden, with a much grimmer appearance at an unknown location. His eyes, which were originally an electrifying blue, were now as red as blood. His skin looked much paler, and his nails were long like a woman's. Out of all times, "The Final Countdown" started playing. Raiden was about to speak, but that song was bothering him and was ruining the dramatic moment and his breakout performance.

"Turn that off!" he barked. An unknown person followed his command, and Raiden began to speak to whoever's in front of him. He crossed his arms and said, "Too long have I allowed Earthrealm to endure the horrors of war. Time and time again we defeated our enemies. But we've exacted no retribution. Demanded no—"

"Raiden, we're right here," a familiar voice said to the Thunder God. Due to being slightly corrupted, Raiden has been a little dyslexic. He sighed, and turned to the two he was addressing.

"As I was saying, demanded no remuneration." He uncrossed his arms, walking two steps forward. "What have we gained for our mercy? More intrigue. More senseless violence. As the new rulers of the Netherrealm, heed me. No longer will I simply defend Earthrealm. I will seek out and destroy all who threaten it. No mercy will be shown. No quarter given." From his messenger bag, he showed his listeners a gift, letting it roll on the floor, and it was Shinnok's head. "Shinnok was an Elder God. Impossible to kill." With a deathly glare, he said to the two, "There are fates worse than death."

The listeners were no other than Kitana and Liu Kang. They were shocked to see him in that appearance. Before Raiden could do anything, Kitana whispered to Liu.

"I think he's serious this time, Liu." The Thunder God cleared his throat.

"Now that I've gotten that threat out of the way. Do you, Liu Kang, take Kitana to be your empress?"

"I do," Liu replied. Raiden looked at Kitana.

"And do you, Kitana, take Liu Kang to be your emperor?" Kitana looked at Liu lovingly.

"I do."

"By the power invested in me, I pronounce you emperor and empress. Now, I must go trim these nails. They won't stop growing!"

Raiden teleported, leaving a small fire on the carpet, and Shinnok's head on the floor for the two rulers to look at. All the former Elder God could do was gargle and look high like a person on acid. The new rulers looked at each other.

"Mortal Kombat XI confirmed?" Kitana asked her devoted emperor. Liu said to his empress in response,

"Probably. Or maybe a story pack."


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