I'm proud of you.

Eren POV at the end of the titans, with Levi after the final battle. Not a romance but almost as a father figure relationship. I got the idea from somewhere and I'm sure some of you will know where. This was created in a short space of time, and it has been a long time since I did this. So pointing out where I screwed up is fine!

As I finally get to rest my eyes on the ocean as a free man, only a few words come to me

"We did it"

Captain Levi is injured, pretty severely. But he manages to respond softly.

"Yes, we did. Its, quite a view." he smiles faintly as he lets his eyes take in the beauty of the free world, the world we were born into.

"Yeah, best seats in the house" I quip back as I see two birds flying low across the crashing waves.

"Do you ever wonder? How things would have been different? How our lives would have been different, if this" he gestures to the scarred landscape behind us where the final battle had taken place "hadn't happened?" his eyes acquire a distant look as he ponders.

The question shocks me, Captain Levi would often talk, but this was different.

"Sure" I answer, still a little shocked by the question.

"I... never had a family Eren, never had children" he stares straight ahead, his gaze now steady and strong like it always is.

"There will be time for that now" There will be time for everything I think, we're finally free.

He chuckles "I think that ship has sailed. But what about you? Ever think about settling down?" he turns to face me once more.

I already know the answer, I do want to travel, but I have thought about settling down. A image I kept hidden away comes forth, one I dared not to dream about through the dark times of the past. Mikasa is happy, I'm happy, we have a home again, and children free to live without fear.

"Yeah, I like the sound of that, not sure I'd be much good at it though." After such a tormented and stressful life, would I even make a good father?

"Sure you would, I think you'd make a great dad" I see now the extent of Levi's injuries, a pool of blood is forming where he is sitting.

I chuckle "uh huh" not sure what to do as the captain bleeds out, I already know he will refuse my help again"

"Think how proud your kids will be, telling everyone that their dad is the great Eren Jaeger, hero in humanities fight for freedom" he coughs and wheezes as he shifts against the tree we're sitting at.

"I don't know about that, not everything what I've done is something to be proud of" I openly admit, thinking to all those we lost, those I could've have saved

"God, feels like years since I just... sat down" Levi's voice is a little fainter now.

"I think you earned a rest" I state, remembering that this has been Levi's fight longer than my own, and he has lost just as much as I.

"You did good son, you did good" he looks at me now, resting his bloodied hand on my shoulder, I'm shocked by how cold it feels. His blue eyes stare at me, still as intense as they were the first time I met him.

"I'm proud of you" his voice is weak, but incredibly strong at the same time.

"Thank you sir" his gaze dips to the ground. "Levi?"

And just like that, humanities strongest soldier has passed, quietly. The others are regrouping now, and I can hear them in the distance, they'll find us. My wounds have healed, but I will forever carry the scars of this struggle for freedom. Thank you captain, you were the best of us.