All credit is given to the creators of Mad Max: Fury Road.

"Where is he going?"

"Why is he leaving us?"

"Will Max come back?"


She does not recall him telling them his name. She will have to ask them about it later.


It suits him.

Furiosa hears the confusion in their voices as she watches Max drive away, not very surprised to find that she is calm.

"Don't worry…he will come back some day."

He drifts easily throughout the wasteland. People come and go. He outruns those who threaten him and aids those who need him.

At first, he accepts it. The simplicity of this life again. It is how he has survived for years. Just him and his engines. And the ghosts.

But soon new ghosts appear, yet they are new type of ghost. These ghosts call out to him, not in anger and accusation, but in yearning and intrigue.

At night, he hears the silent murmurs and giggle of the Wives. Then he sees them. After a few moments, they speak.

"We miss you!" Dag tilts her head, hugging Cheedo close as they rest near him.

Toast curls herself next to Capable. "She misses you the most, you know."

Sometimes, he even sees Angharad. His heart twists in misery when he sees her, even though she looks at him without a trace of censure. She never talks, but she always smiles at him and points in the direction of the Citadel.

Furiosa, however, never appears to him.

Perhaps it is because he dreams of her every night.

The Wives, now called the Sisters by the people, ask Furiosa to spend the first night back with them. She accepts.

They give her the softest blankets and pillows, although she protests.

"You almost died and left us forever," Cheedo says quietly. Furiosa stops to look at her and the others, at the undeniable sadness and love in their eyes. She's shocked to understand the depth of their affection for her, so shocked that she stops protesting and allows them to coddle her.

It is huddled with them where they tell her how Max saved her. How he desperately held her, gave her his blood, and spoke his name to her as if it would be the word to save her.

They suspiciously stare at her as they tell the story, gauging her reaction. She remembers Max's words.

Hope is a mistake.

It is then easier not to soften in front of them.

She lies there as they fall asleep, kept awake by the thought of Max's blood running through her veins.

He tells himself that he is returning only to see her well. He wants to see her healthy once again and see her as the fearless leader he came to respect and admire.

54 days have passed when he drives over a dune and sees the Citadel from the south side. He gives himself a spare moment to argue with himself on whether he should turn back or not, but it is very hopeless. He is already speeding up.

He's a couple miles away when he notices a truck is approaching him. He slows down upon noticing its slower speed and he comes to a full brake when it stops in front of him.

Toast and Capable come scrambling down from their seats, eyes wide.

"I told you! I told you she was right!" Capable laughs as she lightly shoves Toast.

He fights to hide the smile.


This is how she greets him and she sees the knowing look in his eyes. She imagines that there is a similar look in her eyes as well. A look that told him she already knew much of what he had been doing these past days.

"Furiosa," he replies, his voice rough and deep. She ignores the sudden lightness in her chest.

She especially ignores the grins of Toast and Capable behind Max.

"What have you brought?" She questions him as he moves up next to her.

"Seeds and bullets," he replies. "Took some time to find them."

Both of them know it's not the real reason why he's been away.

She wants to show him the new Citadel and so he follows her. He notices the look of awe and admiration in the people as they pass by. They look healthier and purer now.

She shows him the irrigation system she set up with Dag and some of the other former War Boys. There is joy in their work now, as they greet Furiosa before working again. When Dag sees them at the edge of the field, she grins and comes running around the crops, straight into Max.

"Furiosa said you'd be back!" She explains, her voice muffled in his coat. "I'm sorry I didn't believe her."

Furiosa does not miss the way Max's eyes flicker to her before turning back to Dag. He looks overwhelmed and confused by the affection, so she gently pulls Dag away.

"We will make something special for you tonight. Are you happy with what we have done here?"

He nods once, looking out over the Citadel. "It is good."

She is slightly jealous of how easily Dag converses with him. Even if he only offers grunts and short answers. Dag takes them around the gardens, telling Max every plant she is growing. He offers her the names of the seeds he has brought back.

Eventually, she notes how the sun has begun to sink, and she offers to show Max the rooms.

He follows her without question.

She takes him to a large room connected to six other adjoining rooms. It is quite obvious from the view it has of the Citadel that this was Immortan Joe's chamber, the smaller rooms being the Wives'.

He notes the freshness. The new paint and plants that give a fresh beauty to the room.

He raises a brow at the blankets spread out all over the floor and Furiosa is quick to explain.

"The Sisters can only sleep when they are together. The sleep out here and I sleep in the room closest to the entrance. I tried sleeping with them, but I feel safer alone."

He understands the feeling.

She gazes at him, perhaps expecting him to say something. When he doesn't, she tilts her head and studies him.

"Will you be staying the night?"

Will he? He had only come to see if Furiosa was well and recovered. There should be no other reason why he should remain here.


He tries to ignore the spark of happiness he sees in her eyes and then her quick attempt to mask it.

"You can have this room," she points to the room next to hers. "The Sisters will meet us for food soon. It would probably be a good idea if you wash up first."

She looks at the trail of dirt he took into the room, smirking. His fingers coat through his growing beard, feeling the dust rub onto him. A wash would do him some good.

"I will take some of your supplies up as you clean," she briskly says and begins to walk out.


She turns and he finds himself mute. The question is there, but a strange fear has taken hold of his tongue.

"Well?" She asks.

"Did you truly think I would return?"

It is her turn to become mute and he studies her conflicting eyes.

"Yes….I did not know when, but I knew you would," she answers in a quieter manner.

When she leaves, he releases a breath he had no clue he held.