Apocalyptic; disclosure of something hidden

He had only seen her once before, through the lens of the Destroyer, but he would remember her. He would remember her when he swore to his bro-to the Crown Prince-that he would visit her on Midgard. He would remember her when he spiraled down into the grasp of The Other and his liege. He would remember her when he took control over Selvig and the others-he had hoped she would be there, oh the look on Thor's face would've been worth it all…

He would remember her when that green monstrosity finally released him, mocking him in the crater it left him in. Unable to move, but his mind ran about.

He would remember her when he got out of his broth-Thor's hold mid-Bifrost.

Oh, how he remembered her.

But as he walked from the balcony into her meager living space, he could not recall her being so breathtaking. He didn't remember how her eyes were so bright, too bright for her to be just another mortal. He didn't remember how small she was, so slight and yet she seemed to be the only thing he could focus on. He didn't remember how lovely she looked with the low lighting of her bedroom.

He didn't remember her being able to knock someone-a god-unconscious with just a bat and good timing.

It seemed like he was forgetting many a thing, but he remembered something else, perhaps from a time that wasn't but still was…?

"I like her…"

My first time writing Lokane! Yay! Hope you liked it!