Doctor; a qualified practitioner of medicine; a learned person; to falsify

Lying never came easy to her, not before. She would try to sneak in extra treats after dinner but something about her face, her voice, her posture, it would give her away. Her parents found it both heartwarming and hilarious.

When they were still alive.

Her ability to lie got better when SHIELD gave her back her work with conditions, back before New York, before the world flipped its collective lid about aliens and all that, before she could proudly display her findings and not be laughed at…

Before her colleagues took her work seriously.

Many took New York as a personal attack; groups formed together and ranted about alien menace, others wanted to find peace with those out there that weren't like the ones from New York-the so called "Crazies"-and fringe scientists-finally got their time to be listened to and not just passed along like they didn't know what they were talking about.

She lied and said that her work would help mankind be better off-that it was for them to finally join the big boys out there that had already perfected it.

She just wanted to get off this rock and make sure everyone knew that it was her work that did. Jane Foster, liar extraordinaire, the most brilliant out of them all-damn those naysayers.

In Oslo she finally got to tell a version of the truth, the Einstein-Rosen Bridge theory was hers for now, they called it the Foster Theory and who was she to correct them? She was being hounded after by many prestigious Universities, some others from a more private vector, and the money! When she got everything perfect-everything ready so she could finally step through her own wormhole, then, she'd tell the truth.

After she dealt with the alien in her bedroom. The one currently nursing a busted nose and glaring at her. She'd be a liar if she didn't respond with glare of her own-since when was it polite for beings from another planet/dimension/space/plane to just waltz into someone's bedroom? He hadn't said anything after she hit him, though he did shatter her bat in response…She really wasn't listening after she saw how beat up he was and got him a cold pack for his face.

He smirked when she handed to him-was there something funny that he wasn't going to share? If so, fine, not like she cared.