(Disclaimer I don't own SVTFOE)(I only own two characters... Mr. Pepperson and a little girl with no name) Enjoy!

It was a sunny day at Echo Creek and Marco and Star were walking.

All of a sudden a marshmallow falls on top of Star and freaks out. Until she realizes that it was a simple marshmallow. She started smiling then laughing. Marco just stood there and just wondered how a marshmallow fell out of nowhere.


(Meanwhile in another dimension)

"What happened to my marshmallow Mr. Pepperson? Asked a little girl from Marshmallow Town. "I suppose I accidentally dropped it down a dimension portal. Well sorry." Mr. Pepperson said. As both man and girl look down at the mysterious portal and they just laughed and hoped it didn't hit someone.


(Back on Earth)

"I just don't understand how a marshmallow would fall out of nowhere." Marco stated. Star was just standing there listening to Marco's brief statement about the marshmallow accident and...smiled. She quickly grabbed the marshmallow and... ate it! All of it.

After Star ate the marshmallow Marco was shocked at what she did and almost fainted. "Star! Why would you do such a thing by eating a marshmallow." Star just stood there and said it didn't hurt her and that it was just a marshmallow. Marco just later realized that it was a marshmallow and was embarrassed by what he said at her.

Both decided to forget about it and went home. The End.

Hope you guys enjoyed it. If you want me to write more please send me more ideas. It takes a lot of work for me to do. Anyway thanks for reading. Hoped you liked it. And if you didn't... you just didn' cares.