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Apparently, white hair isn't all that uncommon here in Namimori, since nobody gives his hair odd looks. Red eyes apparently are, since people take a look at his eye and immediately turn away.

Fucking prejudiced assholes. But Xerxes keeps a perfect poker face and continues on his merry way.

"Oi. Herbivore."

Xerxes notices that all of the people in the vicinity turn immediately at the term "herbivore", looking fearful. Turning himself, he spots a teenager, wielding a pair of tonfa.

As the teenager stalks towards him in particular, he catches a couple whispers along the lines of "he's so dead" and "he's so unlucky…"

"May I help you?" Xerxes asks cheerily. "And my name's Xerxes Break, not 'Herbivore'."

One of the tonfa lashes out at his face, and with practiced ease, he sidesteps it. "Do you normally attack people without warning?" As an afterthought, he adds mockingly, "Carnivore-kun."

"I don't like you," the now dubbed Carnivore states bluntly. "I will bite you to death."

Xerxes peers at him, raising an eyebrow. "I don't think your teeth are sharp enough for that, Carnivore-kun."

Huffing, Carnivore lashes out again, Xerxes merely dodging again.

"What did I even do that makes you hate me, anyway?"

"Your gait," Carnivore answers flatly. "It's clear you've been in battle before. And you remind me of pineapples."

Xerxes blinks. "Pineapples?" He raises an eyebrow. "But then again, apart from that, you've clearly been in battle yourself before, hypocrite. I'm not trying to harm you."

Carnivore studies him for a moment. "I suppose not," he decides. "But I still want to bite you to death."

"Ah, what a violent child." Xerxes considers for a moment. "Why not? But somewhere a little less populated. And I also need a name to match your face. Your name is clearly not 'Carnivore'."

"…Kyouya Hibari. And the rooftop of the school is good."


Upon stepping onto the rooftop, he spots a purple-haired young man, and he raises an eyebrow. "Is he your boyfriend?"

Immediately both Hibari and the purple-haired man choke.

"Hell no," Hibari spits. "And for such an accusation I will bite you to death."

"I wouldn't date a violent little bastard like him," the purple-haired one hisses at the same time.

Xerxes dodges another blow. "It seems like you know each other," he observes. "And you two clearly don't exactly hate each other enough to actually kill each other." Suddenly it dawns on him. "Could this be the pineapple you were mentioning earlier?"

The purple-haired one twitches visibly.

"Can I kill you?" Hibari asks, to both Xerxes and the pineapple.

"No, of course not," the purple-haired man says cheerfully, masking the dark anger beneath from being referred to as a "pineapple". "But you're welcome to try."

"Dammit herbivore!" Hibari lunges and a three pronged trident appears in the man's hands and blocks the blow.

"Well, Hibari-kun, pineapple-kun, I'll be taking my leave now!" Xerxes heads down the stairs, his leaving words most likely pissing them off—"I'll leave you two to your lover's spat!"


After a while of exploring Namimori and avoiding Hibari and the pineapple by reading in the library, Xerxes runs into an energetic and white-haired youth.

"Ah, my apologies," Xerxes murmurs.

"It's okay to the extreme!" the youth shouts enthusiastically. "I'm Ryohei Sasagawa and I love boxing to the extreme!"

Xerxes blinks. "Don't you mean you love the word 'extreme' to the extreme?"

Ryohei's eyes widen. "That is true to the extreme!"

"I'm Xerxes Break, by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you, Sasagawa-san."

"There is no need to call me that to the extreme, Break-san!" Ryohei practically roars. "'Ryohei' is fine to the extreme!"

Xerxes laughs. "Alright then. Ryohei-kun."

"That's better to the extreme!"

"Ryohei-kun, shouting like that constantly isn't all that good for your vocal cords."

"I'm used to it to the extreme! I'm also a doctor, so I'll be fine to the extreme!" Ryohei boasts proudly.

A doctor…? This energetic guy?

"Ah, Onii-san!" Tsunayoshi cries, clearly referring to Ryohei. His friends, Gokudera and Yamamoto, are right behind him.

"Ah! Tsuna!"

"Eh? Break-san?" Tsunayoshi asks, spotting him. "What're you doing here?"

"Ah! Tsuna! You know Break-san to the extreme?"

"We met briefly," Xerxes says to Ryohei. "And I'm just exploring. I also somehow incurred the wrath of Hibari-kun and a man who looks suspiciously like a pineapple."

At this Ryohei and Tsunayoshi look terrified, Gokudera looks annoyed, and Yamamoto is unaffected.

"Y-you incurred the wrath of Hibari-san and Mukuro?"

Xerxes shrugs carelessly. "Hibari-kun tried to kill me after he saw me earlier. I made peace with him (kind of) and he practically forced me into fighting him on the rooftop of your school. I saw the man who looks suspiciously like a pineapple—I'll assume he's Mukuro—there before us, I asked whether they were dating, and they got into a fight, and I left."

"Actually, Break-san, after about two minutes of fighting, we decided to come to a truce to kill you," the pineapple man's voice hisses from behind them.

Xerxes, not at all startled, simply smirks. "Wow. You two do make a perfect pair, you know." He turns to Tsunayoshi and laughs. "Well, I'd better get going now!"

Then he proceeds to skip (yes, skip) away at an alarmingly fast pace that looks completely natural.


"He's suicidal to the extreme," Ryohei decides almost immediately as soon as Mukuro and Hibari take off after Break.

Tsuna nods in agreement. "Hibari-san and Mukuro are going to murder him."

Gokudera cackles. "I want to be there to see it."

Tsuna frowns slightly. "I think we should be there to stop it. Come on." With that, he chases after the prefect, the illusionist, and the insane albino.

After a few minutes of chasing, they find Break sitting on the top of a fence, smirking down at Hibari and Mukuro.

"Hibari-san, Mukuro, stop it," Tsuna calls, sounding stern.

"Ah, Tsunayoshi-san!" Break chirps cheerily. "Just let them have their fun. It's not like they'd be willing to kill an old man like me."

"Old?" Hibari huffs. "Herbivore, you barely look twenty-five."

"You'd be surprised, Hibari-kun," Break singsongs, standing and balancing perfectly on the thin edge of the fence. "And like I said, my name isn't Herbivore, unless you have short term memory and can't remember an exotic name like 'Xerxes Break'."

Hibari growls.

"Break-san, you could fall to the extreme, and it would hurt to the extreme!" Ryohei shouts.

"Eh, nothing I haven't had before," Break replies, hopping along the fence and seriously that isn't good for Tsuna's heart.

Tsuna realizes how much sense Gokudera's UMA theory makes right now.

Hibari looks reluctant to break the fence down and of course—this is Namimori, and Hibari would never hurt his precious Namimori.

Mukuro, of course, doesn't have that problem, so he proceeds to blow up the fence, much to Hibari's clear annoyance with the way he shoots Mukuro a glare.

A faint look of surprise flickers across Break's face but if Tsuna hadn't been looking, he would have missed it.

"Ah, fine," Break sighs. "I'll actually fight you." Soundlessly, he draws a sword with no guard, which Tsuna finds a little odd.

A feral grin spreads across Hibari's face, and Mukuro breaks out into a smirk, which really isn't less scary than Hibari's grin.

"H-hey, wait!" Tsuna protests weakly, but internally, he really wants to see this.


While he was reading in the library, Xerxes had come across some interesting tidbits of information from a book of classic fairy tales.

They are tales of the Abyss, albeit mutated through the generations. Which leads Xerxes to think that he's in an alternate universe, which really isn't so farfetched, especially considering what the Juries had said.

As Xerxes blocks Mukuro's trident and dodges Hibari's tonfa, he asks in a cheerful tone, "Say, what do you think of the tale 'Ghostly Red Eyes'?"

Immediately he spots Tsunayoshi, Gokudera, and Yamamoto look a little startled, and the same presence that had been so quietly hidden away flares a small bit and only briefly.

"Why would you care about a children's tale?" Mukuro retorts, attacking once more, and Xerxes notices his red eye changing shape.

"Oh, nothing," Xerxes replies breezily. "Just that 'Kevin Regnard' is my given name, a name that I trashed over a century ago. Well, I suppose that really isn't the most accurate description, isn't it, Alice?"

Mukuro and Hibari falter, the intended effect that Xerxes had wanted, allowing him to lash out and throw them back.

A black cat with one red eye hisses protectively, glaring at Xerxes, as his owner rounds the corner. In all her pure and innocent glory, the Will of the Abyss smiles childishly, lacing her fingers together. "I suppose not, Kevin-kun—or rather, Xerxes-kun."


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