The Transfer

This idea came to me when it was beginning to look as though Stana may not sign up for Season 8, although Nathan had already signed. I then wondered which of the choices Beckett would take from those she had been considering at the end of season 7. As Forever had been cancelled and I didn't want to see Detective Jo Martinez just disappear so I thought what if she was transferred to the 12th precinct.

With Stana Having re-signed and it being announced that Penny Johnson Jerald (Captain Gates) will not be in Season 8 it seems most likely that Beckett will get promotion and take over as Captain of the 12th, this of course also leaves room for her to decide to start a family. The story is AU from the start.

Friday 18 September 2015

It was mid Friday afternoon at the 11th Precinct and Detective Jo Martinez was working at her desk on her report of a murder investigation that she and her team had closed earlier that day, when she heard the ping of the elevator and out stepped Lieutenant Joanna Reese who had been at a meeting at 1PP for most of the day, as she passed her desk she said "Jo, can you come into my office please?"

Jo rose to her feet and followed her into the office. As she entered Joanna said "Close the door and take a seat." She went on to say "You know that I have been at !PP for most of the day, and one of the main things under discussion has been staff movements in the city force, One name that has been discussed was yours, you may not have heard yet but Kate Beckett at the 12th has just received promotion to Captain and will be taking over at the 12th as Victoria Gates has put in for and has been accepted for early retirement, this of course means that Kate's homicide team will be one short.

Your name was extensively discussed and it was felt that you had lost your way, somewhat, due to Sean's death a couple of years ago. It was noticed by the powers that be, that you had started drinking more than was good for you whilst the cause of this was fully understood it did cause a lot of concern as you and Kate were considered to be two of the best detectives in the city. It has also been noticed that since your unofficial partnership with Henry Morgan started that you have now got things under control and your career is just about back on track. What 1PP want to do though is test you out in a another location outside your comfort zone with a view to seeing how you perform and they are therefore transferring you to the 12th to take over from Kate, who I believe is one of your friends. 1PP would like you to also start studying to take the Captain's Exam with a view to getting promoted by this time next year.

To say that Jo was surprised by what the Lieutenant had just told her was something of an understatement. She quickly recovered and said that she would be prepared to take the post and asked whether Henry would be moving at the same time.

Reese said "No as the 12th have their own ME's, Lanie Parish and Sidney Perlmutter"

Jo thought to herself that although she was disappointed that Henry would no longer be working with her at least she would still get to see him every evening when she got home.

Meanwhile at the 12th Captain Gates had arrived back at the Precinct at more or less the same time, as she passed Kate Beckett's desk she said "Detective where is Mr Castle?"

Beckett said "He went home at lunch time to do some writing, as Gina his publishing Editor was pressing for the last two chapters of his next book."

Gates said "Can you contact him and get him to come back now? When he arrives both of you please come into my office.""

Kate phoned Castle and he said that he would set off straight away and arrived at the precinct within 20 minutes.

Castle asked Beckett "What's this all about?"

She replied "I don't know." as they made their way the Captains office.

Both Ryan and Espisito looked up as they passed their desks and said in unison "OK what have you two been upto now?"

Beckett shook her head and said "Nothing that I can think of." as they went into Gate's office.

As they entered the Captain said "Close the door and take a seat." She continued "As you know I have been at 1PP for most of the day where one of the major discussions taking place was staff changes throughout the City force. One of the major discussions was about you and your team. First of all Kate I have to give you this" handing her an envelope. "and to ask you to read the contents."

Kate opened the envelope and her face lit up as she read the letter, which informed her that she had passed the Captains exam with flying colours and as from a week on the following Monday she was being promoted to Captain and would be taking over as Captain at the 12th.

Captain Gates said "Congratulations Kate I knew that you would pass the exam and you fully deserve the promotion." She went on to tell them that the reason for the vacancy was that she had applied for early retirement and this had been granted

She then turned to Castle and said "You may be wondering Rick why I asked you to come back to the station this afternoon, it was mainly because I thought that you would want to be here when Kate found out about her promotion. Also although I know that we haven't always seen 'eye to eye' I want you to know that for some considerable time I have seen how good you are helping Kate and the team solve cases and I personally wanted to thank you for your good work."

Castle said "Thank you sir for your kind words, they are very much appreciated"

Kate then remembered she had not yet asked who would be taking over her team.

Gates said "It's your friend Jo Martinez from the 11th. 1PP thinks that a move will be good for her they are hoping that she will sit the Captains examination next year with a view to her being promoted."

Kate said that she was thrilled that the two of them would at last be working together, as they had been friends since being at the Police Academy and had a very friendly rivalry they had topped their year as Numbers 1 and 2, Kate having just beating Jo by 3 marks.

Monday 28 September 2015

Jo Martinez awoke on the Monday morning at 6.15am to the sound of the alarm on her phone going off which she hastily silenced, She turned over to look at her fiancé, Henry Morgan, with a happy smile on her lips, she thought to herself how every did I manage to capture this wonderful man as she leaned over to him and captured his lips in a long slow kiss, this brought him awake and he said "Hello Beautiful, I love you with all of my heart, especially when I get your lips as my early morning alarm call."

Jo replied "I love you too more than I ever thought would be possible after I lost Sean."

As they continued to kiss one another things started to quickly heat up and it was nearly 7.00am before they went for a shower and started to get dressed for work.

Today was the day Jo started at the 12th Precinct so they called to get Coffee and bearclaws from their local Starbucks on their way to work, they gave each other a quick kiss before parting ways to go to their respective precincts. As they parted Henry said "Good luck for today my love, give Rick and Kate my best wishes."

As she exited the elevator that had taken her to the Homicide floor, Jo paused to look around her, she saw that Ryan and Espisito were at their desks having a friendly argument about the previous evenings Basketball match that had been on TV, she also noted that the rest of the Bullpen appeared to be pretty busy. She walked over to the two boys and let here presence be known. She said "Hi Kevin, Hi Espo how are things with you two reprobates?"

As neither of them had heard her approach they both jumped and looked towards her,

Espo said "Hey Jo, how are you? I don't think I have seen you since Kate and Ricks Wedding party at the end of last year."

Ryan concurred with him. He went on to say "I guess today is the day when we gain another sister, welcome to the family."

Jo gave one of her beaming smiles at the welcome she had received saying "Thank you for the warm welcome," she asked where she could find Kate and was pointed in the right direction

She went to Kate's office and knocked on the door saying "Captain Castle, Detective Jo Martinez reporting for duty. First of all can I add my congratulations to the numerous ones you have no doubt received already on your promotion."

Kate Beckett looked up at her with a big grin on her face saying "Good morning Detective Martinez welcome to the 12th precinct, and thank you" She went on to say that for work purposes she was going under the name of Beckett still as it caused less confusion. She also said "As we are both old friends when we are in the office please call me Kate as usual."

She invited the Detective to take a seat, just as she did so Castle walked into the office and took Jo into his arms for a big hug and a kiss on the cheek saying "Hi Jo, how are you and Henry doing?"

Jo replied "We are both very well, I don't know if you have heard yet but we are now engaged, we will be having a party in a couple of weeks and hope that you both will be able to join us. Henry sends both of you his best wishes."

Kate said "Jo we are friends and while this situation could be awkward I don't want it to be, as I don't want to lose you as a friend so if you see any problems arising between us please, please come to me for us to sort things out , don't let them fester between us, and I will try to do the same " She went on to say "I have this morning been informed by1PP that both Espisito and Ryan were likely to be included on the next promotion list to Lieutenant, which is due to be issued by the end of this week and therefore you will be in charge of the new team, as yet I'm not sure as to who they will be but it is likely that they will be new Detectives, and will be in need of full training which will give you an opportunity to show off your leadership skills. In this respect I also want you to act as my deputy when I an not here because of meetings or leave."

She said "Castle will still be coming into the precinct as a consultant, but if he continues to work solely with me he is not going to have much to do probably, as I won't be working cases as often. Therefore I propose that he works with you if you think you can put up with him." The latter part of that was said with her usual teasing smirk on her face for Castles benefit.

Jo chuckled and said "I think I can manage him, after all I have had Henry follow me around for the best part of the last year and he can be equally annoying after a while sometimes. Anyway If he gets too annoying I have gun and I can always shoot him, with your permission of course."

Castle interrupted the proceedings at this point and said "Coffee, ladies?"

Both Kate and Jo answered in the affirmative, and Castle hurried off to the Break room returning soon after with one Grande Skimmed Latte with two pumps of sugar free Vanilla for Kate. A Skimmed Latte with two pumps of Caramel for Jo .Along with his own Espresso. Jo took a sip of her coffee and found to her surprise that it had been made to her exact taste.

She said "Thanks Castle but how did you know that a Latte with Caramel was my favourite?"

Castle replied "I'm a writer, I am paid to notice such things" as Kate smiled to herself thinking "I am so lucky to have found and fallen in love with this man, before anyone else snatched him up."

After their break for coffee, discussions continued for another hour about what Kate was hoping for in the precinct and the changes she would like to see, she finished off by telling Jo that she would be holding a staff meeting for all team leaders towards the end of the following week and she would like to hear any suggestions that Jo and the rest of the team leaders had, saying "If they had merit I will press them forward."

The rest of the day past quickly as Jo settled herself in and found her way round the Precinct, she had to have her photograph taken for her identity pass, go to the shooting range and re-qualify as her last qualification had been for the 11th precinct about 12 months previously.

During the afternoon she decided to make a call at the morgue to catch up with Lanie and to meet Perlmutter. As she walked in she was greeted with a big hug from Lanie who said "Hey Jo it's great to see you .How is Henry these days?"

Jo said "He is great." and asked "Have you heard that we recently got engaged, We will be having an engagement party in a couple of weeks and I will make sure you get an invite."

Lanie said "I expect that we shall be seeing you down here rather than Kate from now on. Here let me introduce you to Perlmutter"

She took her over to the other M.E. and said "Perlmutter this is Detective Jo Martineze who is taking over Kate Beckett's team. Jo this is Sidney Perlmutter our other ME."

At 5.00pm Kate came up to her and said that she could finish for the day. Jo thanked her and left for home.

When she arrived Henry had beaten her by about 5 minutes and had poured her a glass of her favourite red wine. He asked how her day had gone and whilst they were both preparing dinner she gave him a full accounting.

If you have managed to work your way through this to this point, thank you for sticking with it, whilst it is just more or less a A/U speculation as to what might happen after S7E23 and before S8E1. If you don't like it I am sorry to have wasted your time. If you do a short pithy comment would be very much appreciated.