A/N I have been somewhat remiss in not declaring that I do not have anything to do with Castle apart from owning and watching the DVD's . I would like to thank all the creators of the series and all production staff and Actors for their hard work over the years on producing such a watchable show.

Thursday November 17 2039

Kate Castle had awakened at 6.0clock that morning it was the day of her 60th birthday. As she got up and went into the bathroom she looked into the full length mirror, she had to admit to herself that she was wearing very well for a woman of her age, She knew that when asked many people estimated that she was about 45. Granted she had over the years put on around three quarters of a stone which thankfully had been evenly distributed over her body. She had always been very health conscious apart from her love of burgers and milkshakes from Remy's. She loved to exercise and had been able to control the extra calories taken in with exercise such a running, workouts at the gym and Yoga.

The Castles had moved out of the loft in Soho about twenty years ago as the children had started to grow and had wanted their own rooms. They had spent a good few months looking around for a property to buy and had eventually found one in Scarsdale that was somewhat in need of restoration and was on the market for $4,750,000, after negotiating for a month the vendors had agreed to accept $4.250.000, as it had been on the market for sometime and they were anxious to move to the West Coast to be near their son and daughter and their grandchildren. The house had seven bedrooms, each with an en suite bathroom. There was a large Dining Room, two Sitting rooms, a library and large office and a massive kitchen. They had had renovations done which included having a large East facing Conservatory built. The final cost of the renovation was eventually approximately $2.000.000, but the end result was well worth the cost and the time it took to be completed.

When she had finished her morning routine in the bathroom, she dressed in jogging pants and a loose sweater and went down to the kitchen and made the first of that day's intake of coffee. When it was ready she went out to the conservatory to watch the sunrise which was due at about 6.45am.

As she sat watching, her mind wandered back over her life. She remembered the happy childhood she had experience with her mother and father at home and their cabin in upper New York state.. She cringed to herself when she thought of her wild child years in her teens when she had caused her parents quite a bit of worry and a few grey hairs, this was when she had got her tattoo and had her belly button pierced. The one thing she had no regrets about however was buying her beloved Harley Davidson Softail, which she still owned to this day, she still loved taking it out for a ride occasionally.

She then thought of her mother's murder on January 9 1999 and her obsession to solve it, and the problems that this had caused in her life for a number of years, it was her good friend Roy Montgomery who had eventually persuaded her to try and give up it up and she had, after therapy, been able to do so She had managed to keep away from it until HE had started shadowing her for research for a new series of novels, that he had planning to based on a female Detective. Despite her warning him not touch her mothers case HE nevertheless started to dig into the things he wasn't supposed to. She had been so mad at him for doing so that she had ended their association and kicked him out of the precinct. He had come back a few hours later and given her the most sincere apology that she had ever received and she had relented and let him back as her shadow. HE of course was Richard Castle the man who was to become the most important person in her life, her Best Friend, her Partner, her Solid Ground, her North Star, her husband, her One and Done . (Though this was something of a misnomer as they had found out, just before they were due to get married, that she had mistakenly been married for 15 years to Rogan O'Leary, a low life she had met at Stanford, and according to him she had been in a coma for all of the time,) that mistake had soon been sorted out. In her eyes Rick was her only One and Done and always would be.

Not long before their Wedding date she had been able to solve her mother case and had arrested Senator William Bracken in front of national television cameras, which had given her the closure she had been seeking' after 14 years.

The worst thing then was that Rick had disappeared, for eight weeks, on their Wedding Day and she had once again become obsessive trying to find him, when he eventually was found it had taken them some time to fully get back to where they had been in their relationship before his disappearance, but they worked at it and did manage to and their love for one another was stronger than ever. They had eventually married in a very simple ceremony at the Hamptons

She had continued her career with the NYPD, with Rick acting as consultant, one of the cases that they were able to settle was the 3XK and Kelly Nieman cases when Tyson had been killed by Rick, and she had killed Nieman,

At the end of 2015 she became pregnant with their daughter Rebecca, this made her realise that she was not comfortable with the title of Step Mother to Alexis and she had proposed that she and Rick, even though Alexis was his daughter, should have joint custody and become her proper Mom and Dad and they had therefore agreed to both adopt her and this went through in the following April.

Rebecca, who was to be her only natural daughter and who she loved and adored, was born in August, the birth had eventually led her to resign from the NYPD to become a full time Mom, a job she had taken to like a duck to water, she remembered how quickly the first year had seemed to go. and remembered telling Rick on the evening of Rebecca's 1st birthday that she wanted another baby, unfortunately she had been told that becoming pregnant again could be risky for her heart. She hadn't known at that time how their lives were to continue to change over the next twelve months when her cousin Sarah and her husband Aaron were murdered in a street robbery. Sarah had been pregnant with twins at the time. The Doctors had been able to save the babies. Eventually she and Rick had adopted them and had named them Francine Sarah and Daniel Aaron.

As the three children grew all three were enrolled in the private school that Alexis had attended, and all three of them over the years developed a strong learning and work ethic just as Alexis had, thankfully none of them developed a wild child streak in their teens, as she had

As she grew Rebecca decided that she wanted to become a Lawyer as her Maternal Grandparents had been, By the time she was nearing graduation from school her marks were in the top five of her classes, she had applied for a number of universities and had been offered places at Stanford, Oxford and Harvard amongst many more. After a lot of thought and time weighing her options, she decided on Harvard as it had best Law Degree courses in the country and many said in the world.

When she had graduated with a first class honours law degree she had applied to a number of prestigious law firms in New York and had been taken on as a first year associate at Pearson Spector Litt and Ross (The partner was Rachel Ross, who had become a named partner in 2030). She had recently been told that the firm were opening an office in Los Angeles within the next twelve months to eighteen months, to specialise in the Entertainment Industry and Rebecca had expressed an interest in transferring when the offices opened. Kate was half hoping that she didn't succeed as she wouldn't be able to see her 'baby' girl as often as she did now, but she would never tell her that or stand in her way. Anyway air travel between the two sides of the country, was no longer as gruelling as it had been when she had been travelling there to Stanford or when she had gone to Los Angelis with Rick to solve Mike Royce's murder.

Rebecca had managed to get the day off work to attend her mothers birthday celebrations and was still upstairs asleep, Kate couldn't wait for her to come down as she loved every minute of her company.

Her thoughts turned to Francine who was a budding actress, this had started to show when she was very young, only about three or four, she had been a precocious reader and as she finished reading a book she was quick to act out the story for Kate and Rick and often cajoled her siblings to take part. When people asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up she had said from the age of four "I want to be an actress."

Throughout her time at school she had always been in the Drama Club and appeared in most productions that were staged. When she turned seventeen she told Rick and Kate that she had seen an advertisement in Variety asking for applications to enrol in RADA in London, she said she had sent in an application form and had been invited to attend an interview at the Ramada Hotel the following day, She asked them "Would you guys be OK with this?" Kate said that they would both go with her to the interview, as they would want to know more if she was accepted and had to move to London, Although Francine had not exactly been thrilled with idea she agreed they could go with her. The interview had gone well and she was offered a place at the Academy. After a long family discussion that evening Rick and Kate agreed to let her go.

She had graduated in 2037 and had stayed on in London where she had had a number of walk on parts in television productions in the UK and a very small role in a West End play, which unfortunately only lasted for 10 nights.

Francine had flown home the previous day for her mother's birthday, after which she had decided to go and test her luck in Hollywood. It was her intention to drive to California, rather than fly, as that way she would at least get to see some parts of her own country that she had never seen before.

Kate didn't expect to see much of her before 11.0clock as she was still getting over the effects of Jet Lag.

Daniel, who Rick liked to think as his ally, when it came to all the females in the family ganging up on him. Was in his last year at Stanford University where he was doing a Civil Engineering Degree course. It was his intention when he graduated to try and get a job with a company specialising in Civil Engineering projects in Third World countries.. Before starting at Stanford he had taken a Gap year and volunteered to work with Water Aid in Africa, this had also given him a chance to indulge his passion for Wildlife Photography. Rick and Kate had bought him top of the range Nikon photographic equipment for his eighteenth birthday, which he had put to very good use in his spare time in Africa, he had, by way of thanks, managed to capture a photograph of a herd of elephants that he had had blown up for Kate, to a five foot by three foot picture, this now occupied pride of place in the couples bedroom. He had also entered the photograph in a magazine competition and it had won first place. His prize was $2.500 worth of photographic equipment of his choice. Not wanting his dad to feel left out he had photographed a Pride of Lions and again had this enlarged, it was hanging in Ricks office, as Kate still refused to have pictures of lions in their bedroom.

Daniel was also upstairs fast asleep he had come home at the beginning of the week, and intended staying through Thanksgiving. Kate knew that his motives were not just to see them but also to see his fiancé Jasmine Morgan, Jo and Henry's youngest daughter. Daniel was always the first person Jasmine would rush to whenever the families got together, Daniel had always paid special attention to her on those occasions, she was three years younger than him, everyone had expected that they would start to pull apart as they got into their teens, but this had not happened, eventually they had both realised that they were falling in love, even Daniels gap year had not affected their love for one another. They had got engaged on the evening Daniel went off to California to start his Degree course, and kept in touch most nights by Skype and during the day by text messages. Jasmine was training to be a teacher, with the intention of getting teaching jobs in the countries where Daniel would be working.

The last of their children, although she was now 39, was Alexis she wasn't staying at the house as she was married with two children, with one more on the way, this one was apparently an accident, but once Alexis had got used to the idea of another baby she was looking forward to the birth which was due in three months time. Alexis now lived in San Francisco, with her family, where she was an M.E. her husband Tim was one of the top Brain Surgeons in the State of California and was often called upon to consult in other cities in the state. Alexis was due to come to the house at about 11.0clock for the special family lunch they were holding for Kate. This was to be a purely immediate family get together. There was to be a party tonight when spouses, fiancés, grandchildren, and friends were also invited.

Rick who had started his writing career as a mystery writer, and had been very successful, having had a number of his Books in the Top Ten Bestsellers Lists in the New York Times and also in lists around the world including The Times Literary Supplement in the UK. He had however killed off one of his book heroes Derrick Storm in 2009, much to the dismay of many of his fans, and had been starting to worry himself after about six months as he had been unable to find a new character to feature in his novels. Luckily fate stepped in when Kate had called him in for questioning about two murders that had taken place and were copies cats of ones portrayed in two of his books. Meeting her was to give him inspiration for his next and most successful series of mystery novels as he had created the characters of Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook based on Kate and himself, this had led him to start shadowing her for 'Research' she had been violently and volubly against this at first, but after only a matter of weeks she found herself beginning to warm to him. Indeed when one of her ex-boyfriends, Will Sorenson, who was an FBI agent, had about the same time asked her about Castle she had replied she found him interesting. Over the next four years their friendship had developed into a deep love for one another. When Kate had taken a position with the Attorney Generals Special Task Force in Washington DC this could have broken them instead it led to them becoming engaged when Rick had proposed and told her that he couldn't imagine his life without her. Only a few months later she was fired by the Attorney Generals Office for insubordination when she tipped the press off about an operation by the CIA. that could have put a young actress in danger of being killed.

When Kate quit the NYPD in 2016 this had led Rick to finish writing the Nikki Heat series of books, though he did not kill her off, instead he had Heat and Rook get married.

After that he turned to writing serious literature, and became if anything even more successful than he had been as a mystery writer. In 2034 he had won the Pulitzer prize for Literature, a number of his books had been turned into major films. The films had been directed by some of the top Directors in Hollywood at the time, such as Josh Weldon, Alex Hawley, Jonathon Frakes and Stana Katic. (Many people had remarked over the years, how much Kate resembled her.)

In the next couple of weeks Rick was due to go into hospital for a knee replacement on the knee that had been broken in the skiing accident back in 2013

Kate mind then turned to Martha, who had died in 2025 from a stroke. Upto that point she had still been very active with the Martha Rodgers School of Acting, after her death they had set up a charitable trust to run the school and it continued to flourish. She had missed her for a long time as Martha had been more like a second mother to her than a Mother in Law

Jim her father had died ten years ago, from Liver failure which was to an extent attributed to his drinking after her mothers stabbing.

In 2027 Kate had been approached by the Democratic Party to put her name forward for the 2028 State Senate elections, after talking it over with Rick and a number of their friends she agree to let her name go forward for nomination. When the election took place she won with a 5% lead. She was now on her sixth term and she had decided that she didn't want to stand in next years elections. She intended that today would be as good a day as any to notify the Leader of the State Committee of her decision and she would telephone him later in the day.

She was Chairperson of the Trustees of the Joanna Beckett Memorial Fund as well as serving as one of the Trustees of the Martha Rodgers School of Acting Trust, along with being on the board of three Children's Hospitals in the city she was going to continue with all of these for the foreseeable future.

At this point she was joined by the love of her life Rick who said "A very happy birthday darling." As he swept her up in his arms, and gave her one of his passionate kisses, they then headed towards to kitchen to start making breakfast on this special day, on the way she told him of her decision to stand down from the State Senate.


As you can see I decided to have a little fun by including a quote from Stana Katic, when she was only about four, about wanting to becoming an actress, She also has been quoted as saying that she would like to do some directing, when she has some more experience under her belt. I assumed that by the 2030's she would have got that experience and would have started to do some directing

I have received one comment about Henry losing his immortality, the reason I did that was because I didn't want Jo to have the same problem that Abigail had of growing old whilst Henry stayed at 35, I like Jo too much for that to happen.

Sorry this is the end of this story which has finished up much longer than I thought it would be when I first started it.

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