A/N: Here are some facts before you read the story.

1. The Force has 3 types like Haki, I collaborated on the idea of having Observation Force, Armament Force, and Conquers' force. If you're a Star Wars fan and you don't know what Haki is or anything about One Piece, don't worry, the story shall explain.

2. No, Star Wars character will appear in this. This is rather One Pece characters in the Star Wars universe, with MINOR differences.

3. The Empire and the World Government are known as the Imperial Government, in this story.

4. I suggest listening to both One Piece and Star Wars music together for interesting sounds.

5. Planets will based off some arc, and the others from Star Wars exist.

6. Luffy is somewhat like Luke and Anakin kind of character, is the main character (DUH!).

7. Zoro and Brook are Jedi.

8. Sanji, Chopper, Franky, and Usopp are smugglers

9. Nami and Robin are thiefs and bounty hunters.

With that being said, enjoy.

Chapter 1: Awakened

You see in the galaxy, there is no such thing, as normal, well not at least to these guys.

A man with a large afro, carrying a purple lightsaber cane-like hilt, and a strange robe around his skeleton body. Another man with green hair, carrying three lightsaber hilts was walking with the man in the strange afro in the town of Shells Town of the planet Morgan. The planet is being under controlled by Governor Spandam.

The planet Morgan exists in the East Rim of the Galaxy (A/N East blue is called East rim in this universe)

Governor Spandam is the rulre of the station of the Government's most powerful Sith assassin organization, CP9, and controls the space imperial station known, as Enies Lobby.

The man with the large afro, known as, Brook asked his companion "Yohohoho! Master Zoro, you sense that?"

The companion known as Zoro replied "I do. The Force is strong with this being. Someone is following."

Both whip out their lightsabers, Zoro only takes out one, due to the 2, trying to complete the mission, as Brook clashes with the enemy attacking, the enemy has a strange appearance, a long nose that is square, almost like their friend, Usopp, and carries a red lightsabers. The three clash, making sounds, attracting the Marine Stormtroopers, and attracting the attention of another group.

"Damn it! Those two are messing up our mission." A girl wearing a mandalorian armor, colored orange, and has orange hair.

"Nami, it might be because they're fighting one of CP9 assassins, Darth Kaku," said the woman with tan skin, wearing a similar armor to Nami, except her colored armor is purple.

"I know Robin, but do they have to attract the attention of the troops." Nami stated.

Robin smirked and replied "They're Jedi. What did you expect?"

Nami sighed "What did I do to deserve this?"

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