Chapter 7: Final Intro Part 7

(With Luffy, Coby, and Alvida)

"Of course I do and I'm gonna do what I want and no one's gonna stop me! When I join the Marines, first I'll catch your lousy ass first!" Coby shouted firmly to Alvida.

Alvida finally snapping out of pure anger, held her mace high, and screaming "Little brat!"

Coby froze out of fear, thinking about how he has regrets of what he said to Alvida.

Luffy stopped laughing, and stood in front of Coby. "Well said!" He said to Coby, while taking the full blunt of the iron mace.

Coby gasped out awe and shock.

Luffy grinned and stated "That won't work."

Alvida was shocked in disbelief "What?"

"Cause I'm rubber." He tells Alvida, pulling his arm back, stretching it far as possible across the ship.

"Gum... Gum... PISTOL!" He shouted bringing back his arm, and punching Alvida in the gut, sending her flying off across her ship.

"Let's go, Coby!" Luffy shouted to him, as the duo ran across the hallway. As they ran, they heard footsteps coming down up ahead from another hallway.

"Crap! Marines!" Luffy cussed.

Luffy ordered "Quick! Coby find a place to hide!"

Coby exclaimed "Wait! What do you mean hide?!" He then noticed something behind Luffy, and ran towards it. He knew it as he saw what it was.

"Luffy, I found an escape pod!" Coby shouted.

Luffy stated with glee "Really! What a relief?! Get in, Coby!" as he and Luffy entered, one Marine stated "I think I heard voices coming from this hallway. However, before they could reach where Luffy and Coby were at. The escape pod jettisoned out of Alvida's ship.

(At Enies Lobby)

Darth Lucci, Darth Kaku, and Darth Jabra bow down as a hologram of Darth Sidious appears.

"Why have you, three, contacted me?" Sidious asked so vicious in his tone.

Jabra replied "Forgive us, master, but we, CP9, have a felt a disturbance in the Force."

"The disturbance is nothing to worry about. Besides, shouldn't you be heading for your mission now?" Sidious asked annoyed.

"Yes, Lord Sidious." All three Sith assassins said stimulanously.

(Back with Luffy & Coby)

Coby stared at the void of space, he couldn't believe he was finally free after two years of slavery under Alvida's rule.

"I can't believe we escaped." Coby said, while Luffy cheered "What fun!"

Coby, now turning to Luffy, "So, Luffy? If you're going to search for the legendary treasure One Piece, then that means you're headed for the Grand Galaxy. The guys I've talked about that place call it a Battleships' Graveyard."

"Right, that's why I need an extra strong crew." Luffy stated confidently, looking back at Coby, "You, guys mentioned some pirate hunter. What's he like?"

"Oh, you mean Zoro? Last I heard he was nowhere to be seen, except on Tatooine." Coby replied.

"Oh, so he's a weakling then." Luffy said, without even thinking about it.

"No, you're very wrong!" Coby explained "Some say he was once a Jedi, disguised as demon, so violent and brutal, that he was expelled from the Jedi Order. Even after Order 66 happened, no one knows what happened to him after that."

Coby then blinked, realizing why Luffy was asking such a question. "Hey, wait a minute. Why are you asking about Zoro anyway?"

Luffy grinned as he answered "I figure if he is good enough to join my crew. Not only that he's a freaking Jedi!"

Coby's mouth fell open and froze. "Chasing him down is just plain reckless!" Coby shouted at Luffy.

"You never know he might jump at the chance to join." Luffy said optimistically.

"He was expelled from the Jedi Order. That's makes him a bad guy in my book!" Coby shouted, but like before when they met at Alvida's ship, Luffy punched him, again.

"OW! Why'd you hit me?!" Coby asked, as his eyes were watering.

"Cause I felt like it." Luffy replied bluntly.

The escape pod started to fell like it was about to move a bit faster in the atmosphere of the planet.

"What's going on?" Luffy asked.

"We're coming down onto the planet! Brace yourself, Luffy!" Coby shouted as he prepared to hold onto something.

(With Zoro & Brook)

Zoro and Brook enter the cantina, where it is filled with exotic and weird alien creatures.

Zoro whispered "Look alive, and hide your weapon. We don't want any trouble here."

Brook whispered back "Yohohoho! Yes, of course even though I'm dead! Yohohoho!"

They take two seats at the bar.

Across from them, seating in a booth is the bounty hunters Nami and Robin.

Nami is drinking Corellan Wine, about 5 cups were on the table. Robin was noticing something was off about Nami, so she decided to ask "What is it, Nami?"

Nami turned to her slowly, "What is what?"

"You, silly. Why are you dazing and not drinking?" Robin asked.

She gestured towards the two men, sitting across from them, one had green hair, the other an Afro.

"What? Do you know those men?" Robin asked wondering what was she going on about.

Nami replied "No, I don't know those men. But there is something off about them?"

Robin asked "Well, what makes you say that?"

Nami replied, while taking a sip from her wine, "I don't know, but my guess it isn't something good, nor bad."

Unbeknownst to Nami and Robin, Zoro was also listening to their conversation, using the power of the Observation Force.

Brook, however, interrupted his concentration on the Force, by stating, "Well, Zoro, I need to go to the bathroom, right now."

Zoro growled and asked "How can you go to the bathroom, even though you're a skeleton?"

Brook was about to reply, but was interrupted by a large, multiple-eyed Creature giving Brook a rough shove. The creature asks Brook question, he didn't the Creature's native tongue, so he said "Sorry, I don't speak your language." He knew the Creature is just drunk. So, he tries to ignore him and tries to go head for the bathroom.

However, a friend of the Creature, who happens to be a short Human with an even smaller rodent-like beast joining his friend for a drink, at least that's what Brook thought. The Human states "He doesn't like you." Brook tried to ignore him and just humbly apologized "I'm sorry." The Human, now pestering, Brook with a taunt "I don't like you either." The Creature is now agitated and yells out some unintelligible gibberish at the nervous, skeleton Jedi.

The Human states firmly, "Don't insult us. We're wanted men. I have the death sentence on twelve systems."

Brook humbly stated "I'll be careful then."

The Human abruptly shouted "You'll be dead!"

The two of them were about to do something, until Zoro came up to them from behind and asked "What hell do you two think you're doing to my friend?"

The Human rudely stated to Zoro "You stay out of this! Mind your own business!"

They turn to attack Brook, such as the Creature sends a powerful blow, sending Brook sailing across the room, crashing through tables, and breaking a large jug filled with a foul-looking liquid. The monster draws a laser pistol from his belt and fires it at Zoro. The bartender panics and shouts "No blasters! No blasters!"

With no other choice, Zoro whips out one of his three lightsabers, and cuts the Creature's and Human's arms off in a flash that you couldn't even see him moving.

Everyone in the bar just stares at Zoro for awhile, he knew why they're staring at him, and he even mutters "Uh... oh..." He turns off his lightsaber. Immediately, trying to make it look like nothing happened, he went towards Brook, who rubs his bruised head, approaches Zoro with new sense of respect from his Jedi friend.

"You, ok?" Zoro asked him, Brook replied happily "Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you."

Zoro stated "We better get out of here. The Marines will be coming for us." As Zoro said that, he and Brook ran for it outside the cantina, leaving everyone in the cantina, shocked.

Nami exclaimed "That... they're Jedi!"

Robin was even surprised "I thought they were almost all extinct. I didn't realize they would be here in this part of the galaxy."

I'll end it there.