In a time long gone, when kingdoms flourished around the world, one had truly become a utopia; a place of prosperity, a haven for its people, and a source of good-will to those who venture in and out of its lands. But sadly, not all of its fellow nations had appreciated such things and would strike out against this harmonious nation. Per the King's request, a new weapon would be needed to fend off such threats. The greatest minds of the land collaborated for many a tiring day and sleepless night, seeking to create the perfect countermeasure to ensure their home's safety. As the nation had approached war with its attacking rivals, the team had finished their creation. When invading forces bypassed a warring navy, they soon discovered why this new weapon had been named The Shadow. Not only did the beast wipe out the intruders, it had spawned offspring, who killed off the remaining land forces and drove off the enemy fleets.

In no more than a week, the war was won and their foes went submerged or underground for fear of The Shadow. While the rest of the land celebrated their victory, the scientists were worried: they did not intend for it to breed on its own, and the creatures' buffet of carcasses and flotsam would only last for so long. It would only be a matter of time before the creatures ran out of the pollution the war left behind and turned on their creators. But the King, wise as he was, would not heed their warnings as it would cause nationwide panic; if only he had listened…

Sure enough, it was a matter of weeks before people would become missing, herds of livestock slaughtered, and every city and village cried out for answers and arms. Sure enough, the military was sent out to destroy The Shadows and any eggs they find. With the nation's fighting force all over the land, the people were relieved, thinking the beasts were being exterminated. They were only half right, as the military was getting shredded while managing to kill many Shadows. When the campaign seemed over, the people could only feel their hearts drop as they watched one surviving monster fly off into the night, likely to strike again. It was then that the King ordered his top scientists to create another weapon, one that would be able to counter the threat of The Shadow, and would hear no arguments against it.

It is here that our story starts, and as records show, we know what happened to this civilization and of its remnant creations. Until recently, however, what history did not tell us is that there was another part of this legendary nation's final days. There was a failsafe plan, but this one was neither native nor manmade, and was a desperate last-ditch move from a tired ruler. This is about a fellowship of this dying civilization's best, setting out to find the answer to their prayers that their home will survive.

This is the tale of Atlantis.

Author's Note: SpanishBulldog63 here, and I figured it's time I share the very first story I'd ever written with the folks of . Now, while it is listed as On Hiatus on my profile, I'll be posting the finished chapters here every few weeks to show where it's headed. I've always been a big kaiju fan, particularly Godzilla and Gamera, and have always wondered how to merge the two universes without damaging either of them. This story is an attempt at just that with the Heisei Gamera trilogy's mythos as the starting point.

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