Guys, I know it's been three months. Forgive me? However, just as a heads up, this is the second to last chapter.


"Take a night out for yourselves. Get a hotel room," Daniel comments one Saturday in late January. Raising his eyebrows, Hawkeye suggests, "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

Daniel laughs and answers, "You and Margaret haven't had a proper night out in a few months. Frankly, I think you need it."

"Need what?" Margaret asks as she comes into the room with the laundry.

"Dad thinks we should go out for Valentine's Day," Hawkeye explains as his wife puts the laundry basket on the table. She begins folding a shirt as she thinks the idea over.

"You know, it's not a bad idea. We could just make a weekend out of it," Margaret begins. She wants a night out after the last few months they have. With Blake being sick, and then Kelley, on top of their usual workload, the mother and nurse is not adverse to spending a night out with her husband. Telling him so, Hawkeye looks over at his dad, "You didn't have any plans?"

"Only to spoil your children while you're away," Daniel teases. Hawkeye laughs before standing up and kissing his wife. He whispers to her that he will plan everything before heading outside to help his son shovel snow.

Margaret sits in the recently vacated seat and continues to fold laundry. Daniel proceeds to help and the pair have a spirited conversation about anything and everything.

"Mommy," Kelley calls as she enters the kitchen, "will you come play in the snow with me?"

Margaret looks at her daughter and then the laundry unsure what to do. Daniel smirks and replies, "She'd love to."

Kelley happily dashes off to get dressed as Margaret stares at her father-in-law, mouth agape.


"Go play outside with her. One day you'll be my age wishing you had. The laundry can wait."

Margaret gives a soft smile before heading upstairs to layer her clothes.

Weeks later, she does the opposite. Smoothing out her new dress, Margaret contemplates how she looks in the mirror. Deciding she is not a fan of her appearance in her newest dress, she begins to unzip it and find a new one.

"You look great, Hot Lips," She hears from behind her. Shaking her head, the woman answers, "Pierce."

"Only call it as I see it Major Baby," Hawkeye replies coming closer, putting his arms around her, and kissing her neck. After a moment he adds, "We should leave soon. I have a reservation that starts in half an hour."

"Do you regularly have to schedule reservations for us?" Margaret teases with a small glint in her eyes. Hawkeye's eyes go wide as he realizes what his wife does. She soon begins explaining her joke as her husband interjects, "Oh, I'm well aware of your word play, I just didn't know you had it in you."

"Well, I should after being around you for over ten years."

"Has it really been that long?" Hawkeye asks as Margaret straightens his tie.

"Since Korea," She remarks. He smirks as they leave their room, don their coats, and soon say their good- byes.

Eating dinner over an hour later at a new hotel and restaurant, Margaret asks, "What else did you have planned?"

"Well, I had a room booked for us tonight upstairs, if you're up for it," Hawkeye remarks. "Shell fire and family not included."

Margaret smiles at the offer.

"After dinner, lead the way."

The next morning, Margaret and Hawkeye wake up, but relish in their freedom to stay in bed.

"I wonder how Dad's doing?" Hawkeye wonders as he lies in bed.

Margaret mumbles a noncommittal response before kissing him again. Not until three that afternoon do they decide to head home. Heading up the porch steps, the parents smile when they hear their children inside the house. As much as they like to be away, they love their children more.

A few months later, Margaret wakes up feeling nauseous and sighs. Escaping the flu seems inevitable this year. However, when her nausea persists, the blonde heads toward the nurse's station one day during work.

"Donna," She begins confidentially, "I need you to get a test run for me."

"Sure," Donna answers cheerfully. Hearing what the test is, the younger woman asks, "You really think so?"

Margaret shrugs answering, "It's either that or the change, and I refuse to believe it's the latter."

"Alright! One test," Donna teases as she holds out the plastic cup for her friend. Knowing the younger woman is relishing in her friend's possible pregnancy, Margaret mumbles, "Don't get your hopes up."

"But I want to be an aunt again! Besides, Ella and Robbie are too wrapped up in their one kid to even think about another. You're my only hope."

"You could just have your own children," Margaret states with a smirk. Shaking her head, Donna answers, "No, thank- you! I like being able to give them back!"

Five minutes later, the nurse hands off her specimen cup, washes her hands, and leans against the locked bathroom door to gather her thoughts. She loves her children and will love any others, but is worried about having another child in her forties. Taking a breath, she leaves the bathroom only to bump into her husband.

"Hey, Margaret," He teases. Slipping back into her army days, she quickly replies, "Captain."

Watching his wife walk away, Hawkeye mumbles to himself, "Captain?"

"You okay? You've seemed fidgety today," Hawkeye comments as they get in the car to head home. The blonde nods slowly wondering how to tell him about her potential pregnancy, especially with their age.

"I'm fine," She replies wishing they took different cars. The pair is quiet for the majority of the ride home. Finally, once Hawkeye is on their street, Margaret asks, "How would you feel if I told you I was pregnant?"

Taking a breath so he will not drive off the road, Hawkeye asks tentatively, "Are you?"

"I had a test run at work today, just in case," Margaret remarks wondering how her husband will take the information. He puts the car in park in their drive way before speaking again.

"Are you sure it's just not the change?" The man asks figuring his wife will want to rule out any other options. Instead, he is surprised when his wife walks away from him and heads toward the door.

"Margaret," Hawkeye tries to call out only for his wife to ignore him and get out of the car. He decides to let Margaret calm down. Helping his son with his homework while Kelley talks nonstop, Hawkeye tries to picture another child to add to the commotion. Not until a few hours later does he dare to make- up to his wife.

Coming into the kitchen, Hawkeye kisses his wife.

"You're making the kids' favorite," He says while also giving her a curious glance. Replying with a weary smile, the blonde tries to form a sentence, but fails. About to respond, Hawkeye is interrupted by his and Margaret's children coming in the kitchen asking for dinner. Exchanging glances at their children's delight when they find out what they are having, Margaret goes back to preparing dinner while Hawkeye makes sure his son and daughter wash their hands first. Leading his kids upstairs to the bathroom, Hawkeye's voice reverberates through the house. Shaking her head, the blonde simply finishes dinner and places filled plates on the kitchen table. Happy not to continually receive worried glances from her husband, Margaret pays close attention to the stories her children tell her until dinner is over.

As he drinks the last of the water in his cup, Hawkeye states, "Thanks for dinner, Hot Lips."

"Thanks, Mom," The children repeat their father's sentiment before he states that he will clean up.

"Who's going to help you?" Margaret questions with a raised eyebrow.

"I could get the two of you," Hawkeye answers causing his children's eyes to grow wide as they wait in apprehension to keep from being roped into the chore. Exhaling dramatically, the father turns to his wife.

"Well then, I may need a certain nurse to come help me," Hawkeye states with a suggestive raise of his eyebrows. Margaret merely rolls her eyes as she holds out her hand for her husband to help her up as their children make disgusted noises as they run away. Drying the dishes, Hawkeye is able to have a good view of his wife. As she absentmindedly washes one of the night's dishes, the man asks, "Margaret, we need to talk about this. You haven't said a word to me since we got home."

"Hawk, people don't just have children at my age." She stammers. Her husband raises an eyebrow as he places the plate he holds back on the counter. Letting the dish she picks up slide back into the soapy water, Margaret defends, "You know what I mean! It's just, we have-"

"Margaret, calm down. It'll be fine." He says hugging her to him. The fact that she gets his shirt wet goes unnoticed as she sobs into his arms. Sniffing, she looks at her husband asking, "Do you think the kids will be okay with this?"

"Okay? Margaret, they'll be thrilled! Remember how Kelley asked for a sibling last Christmas?" Hawkeye questions with joy radiating through his body. She picks up on his mood with a small smile of her own. Nodding, she says, "I just don't want to tell them until we know for sure."

"You want me to go buy a rabbit?" He teases. She rolls her eyes at him before asking him to continue drying the dishes.