AN: An AU based off one of the old prompts on Archive of Evil's tumblr blog. What if Megamind was a college professor? Well I've never been to college before, but at least I tried. Review if you like it, and feel free to leave more prompts if you have any fun ideas!

"Opera class? Is this opera class? I didn't sign up for opera class!"

Metroman rolled his eyes at Roxanne, pulling her hands off of his white polo shirt. "It's theater class, Roxie, geez. He just talks about opera. You'll like the professor, trust me. We do fun projects like writing our own monologues and stuff. You don't have to be in the plays if you don't audition."

Roxanne groaned. Her journalism professor had gotten a little too excited when she told him she wanted to be a TV reporter, and had immediately suggested taking a performance class as an elective. Once she told Metroman, he had begged her to enroll in this particular one, since he was in it too. "You'll love it so much! And it always helps to have a familiar face in the crowd, you know, for when you get, uh, nervous."

They waited outside, sheltered by the shadow of the building, which was apart from the rest of the university. It looked older than the other buildings. The door was locked. A line of students was waiting against the wall, growing impatient and frustrated. "He always does this on the first day," explained Metroman. "He's getting ready."

"Ready for what?"

Someone shouted as smoke began to seep out from under the door. Metroman grinned.

The rumble of electric guitar, growing so subtily that Roxanne hadn't heard it at first, finally began blasting when the drums picked up. She laughed in surprise as the door burst open, releasing a torrent of swirling smoke and beams of red and blue lights.

"WELCOME, ADULT CHILDREN," a rich, theatrical voice thundered, amplified by speakers. The students were impressed into hesitance. "PLEASE STEP INSIDE AND TAKE YOUR SEATS, FOR THE SHOW IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!"

Roxanne shyly stuck her head forward, peering over shoulders into the strange atmosphere of the old theater. Metroman pushed through and pulled Roxanne in by the hand, grinning back at her excitedly. "Come on!"

Laughing nervously, she allowed him to pull her in, stepping through into a rush of cold air. She could see the slender silhouette of someone on the stage, pacing with controlled energy. Metroman was leading her to the very front.

"I see you people trying to hide in the back row! Yes, lets bring it up, please, thank you. First four rows if you don't mind. Yes, that's good."

They sat down and got situated. Noticing the goosebumps on Roxanne's arms, Metroman offered his hoodie, which she accepted by thrusting her arms through the sleeves, wearing it backwards. She glanced around, taking in her surroundings. There was another set of chairs above them, and spotlights in the back. The smoke machines right by the entrance were dying down, allowing the air to clear. It smelled like paint and hot glass.

Metroman, bouncing both his legs excitedly, ginned over at her. "This is sooo my favorite class!"

She leaned against his arm, smiling back. "More than choir?"

"Haha shut up."

On the stage, cast in strange blue light and the last few curls of vanishing smoke, Roxanne observed the professor, who was watching his class settle with amusement. The lights made his skin look blue, and reflected off the shining black material of his waistcoat. Underlights defined the the curvature of his neck, face, and slowly growing grin.

"Oh no," Roxanne whispered. "He's hot!"

Metroman snorted, "Oh my gosh." He covered his face in his hands to hide his embarrassment, laughing. "I'll remind you you said that at the end of the semester. Heheheh! "

"But look at him, he's freaking gorgeous! Is that a turban?"

"Nope, just his giant head."

"There's no need for sarcasm."


"Good Evening, students! My name is Megamind," said the professor, stepping lightly towards the apron of the stage, with a microphone held to his mouth. "You may call me Professor, or you may call me Megamind, but not both please. That's really long and weird."

That was a weird name. And was the microphone really necessary? She was pretty sure there was no one in the seats above them.

"In this class we will be exploring the GENIUS TECHNIQUES of theater! We'll talk about historical importance and all that, blah, blah, but mostly I wanna nail down different methods for different settings and different effects, you know, like how to perform for different audiences, how to use the light to your best advantage, how to be heard outdoors, etcetera, etcetera. I'm pretty good at that stuff myself, in case none of you had noticed."

"Whoo!" Metroman shouted loudly. Roxanne hid her face in her hands.

"Oh no," Megamind turned to look at them, sitting together at the edge of the room, apart from most of the other students. "I have to deal with you again this semester?"

"I brought you popcorn like I said I would!" Metroman exclaimed. He dug in his backpack and lo and behold, he withdrew a bag of popcorn.

"No one likes a suckup, Mr. Scott!"

"Yes you do!" he shouted back, waving the popcorn above his head. "I'm his favorite," he told Roxanne smugly.

"Whatever. Gimme."

Metroman threw the bag of popcorn over several people's heads, and Megamind caught it deftly. He seemed to debate for a moment whether to eat it now or later, but then shrugged and opened the bag. People in the audience to Roxanne's right began giggling. He gestured towards her. "Congrats on the lady friend. Did good with that one."

Roxanne blushed and looked away. To her left, Wyne stuttered, "Oh, we're not, well, uh, not really…"

"Close friends," Roxanne said, gesturing between them.

The giggling increased. Megamind crunched into another handful. "Uh huh," he said disbelievingly. He set the bag down on the stool behind him and ran the back of his hand over his mouth. Then he wandered back center stage and clapped his hands.

"Now then, I wanna do a couple opening exercises to get you all excited! Let's do tongue twisters! Repeat after me…"