Megamind looked back over his shoulder. He was still standing in front of the door. He'd been standing here for a long while. Roxanne was watching him from the car, a smile across her face.

He waved at her awkwardly. She waved back and gestured to the door, nodding encouragingly. It some reason she seemed excited, anticipating. That wasn't helping.

It was Roxanne's idea for Megamind to put himself on the spot like this. Apparently you couldn't just say 'Hey warden, im srry 4 trning evil, promis im good now' over text. So now he actually had to go in and talk to the warden. Face to face. At his house. Megamind was pretty sure he'd never even been to his own father figure's house before.

What was with that thorn bush? Was it supposed to remind him of barbed wire?

He turned back to Roxanne. She looked impatient. He sent her a please-don't-make-me-do-this grimace.

She made that gesture again. With a sigh, Megamind turned back to the door. His hand was working against his will, reaching for the doorbell.

The crunch of gravel sounded behind him, and his head whipped around. Roxanne was pulling out of the driveway.

"W-wait, no!" He turned where he stood and reached out. "Roxanne, don't-!"

She smiled apologetically out the window, and Megamind noticed a different car pull around her in. Crap, the Warden was just getting home! He bit his lip and grabbed the edges of his cape, not sure what to do.

He was spotted immediately, and he and the warden both very awkwardly avoided eye contact as the warden parked his car and made his way to the porch, keys clenched in one hand. Megamind stepped aside to allow him to unlock the door, which he did quickly and without a word.

"Megamind. Can I help you?"

He stepped inside, glancing back at him with half-lidded eyes. He stood to the side of the door, kind of inviting him in, kind of not, Megamind couldn't tell…?

"I was just, uh, well, I wanted to… I mean…"

A familiar raised eyebrow almost made him laugh. Gosh, that would be so inappropriate right now.

"I wanted to apologize, um, for, I guess… everything?"

The warden was unfazed. "Great. Didn't you do that already? I heard every word you said to Minion. It was all very sincere. Good job. Okay, bye now."

He closed the door quickly, brushing Megamind with a puff of air-conditioned air that quickly evaporated in the summer heat.

"Wait! Warden! Come on! I'm sorry!" He crammed his face into the window by the door. "Warden?"

The blinds were closed. Warden's shadow was no longer visible through the glass. "I'm not your warden anymore, kid!" his gruff voice said him.

He wasn't? That… had not actually occurred to him. Megamind pulled back in amazement, trying to understand the implications of this. "Okay… but you're still, like… my dad, right?"

There was silence for a while. The air conditioner of the neighbor's house turned on, buzzing loudly. Megamind stood unsurely.

The door opened again, and the warden sighed. "You're serious about going good?"

"Yes!" Megamind nodded eagerly. "So brilliantly good! For real! You believe me?"

"Yeah, I believe you."


"But I don't forgive you."


He stepped out, closing the door behind him, and poked Megamind hard in the chest. "You have been nothing but trouble since the first time you broke out. You put my prison in danger, put my job in danger, put me in danger.You tazed me!"

"Well, you've tazed me lots of times," defended Megamind.

Warden threw his hands up in the air. "You were a prisoner! Trying to escape! You are lucky I was around, or you probably would have been shot! You've been selfish and stupid and childish and I am fffff-"

Megamind's eyes widened. The warden barely caught himself.

"-fffed up. Very fed up."

"Yeah, okay," Megamind held out his hands placatingly. "I've come to apoligize for that. I've been… unwise and careless, and I'm sorry. I just wanted to make it up to you."

The warden sighed again and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Yeah, okay. Great."

"So, I mean…" Megamind glanced down at his boots. "Will you… are you my dad again?"

The look warden was giving him. "Am I your dad again?! What on earth do you expect?! For me to play ball with you!?"


Warden raised an eyebrow again.

Megamind plowed on almost frantically "Well, I, I mean, I don't have a ball with me. But we could just use something small like a beanbag or… uh… a stressball?"

"How about no."

"Yeah, okay," He fidgeted nervously. "Right. Why would you even have a stressball? Heheh, but I could dehydrate something and we could use the cube…?"

"I don't wanna play ball with you," said the warden. "I have other things to do. Goodbye, Megamind."

The door closed, this time for good.

Megamind felt his lip begin to tremble. He glanced back at Roxanne, who was watching from the car. She rolled down the window.

"How'd it go?" she called out to him.

"I'm not sure…?"

"Okay, well, get back to the car. We can try again some other time. He'll come around."

Biting his lip, Megamind obeyed, running across the weedy yard. Roxanne rolled up her window as he slammed the door behind him.

"You wanna pick the music on the way home?" she offered.

"How about we don't listen to music, and we just brood in silence, hmm?"

"Was it that bad?"

He sighed as they pulled out, rubbing his forehead. "I don't know. He's always kinda… gruff? And he didn't actually say he didn't want me around. I just embarassed myself, and he just, I don't know, blew me off."

"Is that all?"

"Pretty much."

She glanced at him. He was hunched over, looking out the window.

He sighed as they passed the prison, with its tall concrete walls and iron gates. Warden lived close to his work, out of the city borders. It was a dirt road Megamind had been on many times, back and forth from cell to city. He knew that he rolled down the window he'd be able to smell the wild grasses and the cloud of dust the hovered constantly over the ground. As well as the cigarette smoke.

Was this homesickness? He wasn't sure. It was just odd that since he was a hero, he wouldn't be coming here much anymore. He'd be on the other side of the law. If warden wanted nothing to do with him now, what would his uncles say?

"Do you want to stop?" asked Roxanne.

"No," Megamind groaned. "All my old friends will hate me! Ugh! You have no idea."

There were very few other cars on the road. Roxanne turned to Megamind and put a hand on his knee. "I don't think it's as bad as that, Megs," she said. "Have you talked to any of your underground contacts since you switched sides?"

He smiled a little. "Most of the mobs have disbanded. I had almost total control over them before, and now that I'm openly against them, the weaker ones are moving shop. The rest of them still have to meet my expectations. They don't like it, but they're used to it by now, I guess."

"That's great, but… I mean, do you still have friends there?"

He sneered. "Most of my old friends are the ones who left. Didn't trust me to protect them after the switch. Jerks."

"Well, you know, nobody really expected you to turn around like that. The warden's probably upset about, you know, being a villain, but everybody else probably just doesn't know what to think! You haven't been talking to anybody, so how are they supposed to know you don't hate them all of a sudden?"

He moaned and put his head to his knees. Roxanne moved her hand to rub his back. "You know what?" she said. "Let's make some calls and visit some of your old friends. I bet your uncles would love to see you, and it wouldn't hurt to have some of the underground back on your side, right? You always loved having that influence."

"I don't like this!" He suddenly shouted. "My whole life I've been all, 'everybody hates me,' and now that everybody loves me, all I want is my old friends back!"

He moaned dramatically, and Roxanne gave his shoulder a few firm pats. "Life is hard, sweetie. Got your phone with you?"


"Let's call Musicman."


"Come on Megs, talk to the nice hermit. You can do it."

"Metroman and I were destined to be enemies!" he shouted seriously. "That hasn't changed!"

She tried to grab his phone from him, but huffed when he pulled away. "We make our own destinies, remember?" she said. "Also, he goes by Musicman now."

He groaned. "Of all the idiotic- FINE! I'll call him."

He dialed the number. The phone rang twice, and then Met-Music-Metro…? The hermit picked up.

"Hey little buddy!"

"See? Doesn't that sound friendly?"

"No eavesdropping!" hissed Megamind, bringing the phone closer to his ear. Curse this outdated technology and uselessness of its volume settings!

"Ask him if you're still friends,"

"Roxanne! We are men. Men don't talk about friendship."

"Fine. Ask if he's your bro."

He glared at her and adjusted the phone against his ear, turning towards the window. "Musicman, are you my bro?"

"Sure, bro."

"No, ew! Don't call me bro! We can be bros without referring to one another by the term. That's what Minion and I do."

"Um, okay? Wait! Oh my gosh! Are we bros the same way that you and Minion are bros? Are you letting me in on the bro-hood or something?!"

"What?! Nononono! That's a waaaay higher tier of brotherhood, my friend. Like, good luck getting on our level."

Roxanne laughed, slapping his arm. "Megamind!"

"What? Me and Minion are best friends!"

As Megamind and Musicman continued to yell at one another over the phone, Roxanne leaned back in her seat, relaxing both hands on the steering wheel. "You'll be just fine," she chuckled.

A.N. Yep! Longest one so far! Hope you liked it. Because unfortunately, I'm going to be gone all week for summer camp. :( I'll hopefully have a really nice idea to write when I come back, but in the meantime, please let me know what you think and give me an idea of what you would like to see next!