Hey, people! This is the Hundred Knight's point of view in The Witch and the Hundred Knight. It's also slightly altered from the game, so... Enjoy~

As I saw the Green Crystal full of Swamp Mana being shattered, I was beyond words! All I could think of was, "Why?! How!? I... Uh... We were so close! Metallia!" Oh... Metallia was gonna be alright! Why does this have to happen?!

Just then, Belda came by and she is NOT happy one bit! She scorned at Visco for freeing me and then saving Metallia. She then rambled about how Visco was supposed to act and stay like a dog... Wait! So it was Belda who turned her into half a dog! She intended for her to fully become a dog... All just so she could have Heintz?! What a selfish idiot! He cares for none of them nor anyone at all!

When Belda gave us the ultimatum wether we should kill her to save Metallia or let her die so Belda can turn Visco completely human again, I was conflicted. "Gh! No! If we kill Belda, we can save Metallia, but that Scum Witch might be the only one who can undo Visco's curse and me and Lia worked so hard to make that antidote for her curse... Ooogh! What shall I do? What will I do? What can I do?!"

But before things would get messy, Visco... Visco slashed Belda with a large cut! I was utterly surprised. "*Gasp* Visco...!" I can't believe it... She just risked her desire of being human again for Metallia... My Master... My Swamp Witch... My Lia... Oh, Visk...

Now, Belda was really mad... So mad, she transformed into a Dark Witch! It looked like a big long bug! But you know... Meh! I'll just smash and slash her to bits and pieces! I'm gonna make her pay with all of her lackeys for getting me, Metallia and Visk into all this... This... This... Uh... Uh... Gh... SHIT!

After a fierce battle, Dark Belda seemed to be down but she quickly got up and tried to spray purple acid at Visco! It would have scorched her if I hadn't got in the way to take the shot using the back of my hands! Psshh, gone the acid on me! "Gggaaahhh!"

Visco was horrified. "Oh my God! Hundred Knight!" She rushed over to me as my forearms were shaking in burning pain.

Of course I heard Belda cackled. "Hehehahahaha...! So... This is the limit of the so-called Hundred Knight? Pathetic! You're just a mere familiar who is imposed as something you aren't by that Swamp Bitch! Ahahahaha...!" Grrr! How DARE SHE mock me and Metallia for our pride and bond! But... If only I'm stronger, have more power... That's where I clenched my fists, hoping for a miracle to happen! "Grgh... Come on..."

Belda was about to lunge at us. "Hmhmhm...! Now, with you, your Swamp Bitch, that Mutt Princess and all your friends gone, I'll rule Madea with Lord Heintz and everything else in the entire world! HAHAHAHA...!" Then she did!

I don't know, but I heard this voice somewhere. "Blacky...! You can't let Belda destroy you and every one of your friends! You need to concentrate EVERY SINGLE DROP of your power to beat her! Just think of all the trouble she's caused! All the pain she's dealt on you and your friends! Think of how much you want to release your entire anger on her! For being true to her title of SCUM Witch! GIVE HER BOTH A PAINFUL AND VERBAL BEATDOWN!" I honestly don't know who he is, but... "Alright, FINE! I'm gonna push beyond my limit! I'M GONNA KILL YOU, SCUM BITCH BELDA!"

Visco tried to protect me, but I knocked her back from me with the back of my head and tried to concentrate with ninety-nine percent of my Tochka powers! "GRRR! COME OOONNN!" With my helmet flaring up a big blue fire, I formed a bowl formation with my still burned hands, they transformed into some big metal pointy weapon with glowing yellow eyes opening and pointed it IN FRONT of Belda! I don't know why, but she became surprised while still lunging at us. "What!? *Gasp* No, it can't be!"

The... Tochka Head opened wide revealing another head, only it was sideways and that opened wide too, letting out a huge purple and yellow beam with a black and red outline engulfing the lunging Belda who screamed with a lot of anguish! "AAAGGGHHH...! NNNOOO! IT CAN'T BE...! IITT CAANN'T... BEEE! NIIKE...!"

After I closed the Tochka Head as it disappeared, I paused for a moment as my hands were just starting to heal. "She said... 'Niike'...? What does HE have to do with all of this?" Then I just realized...! "Oh, no. Visco's canine curse... If Belda... Then I've... Now she can't"

Visco came to me and hugged me tightly, complimenting, "Whoa! Way to go, Hundred Knight~ You got her!" But then she saw my sad look. "What's wrong, Blacky? Why so sad?" I show her my head's direction at Belda's remains, Metallia, then Belda's remains and finally Visco. She seemed to understand what I was trying to show and tell her and frowned. "Oh... My curse..." She closed her eyes as I miserably looked down and then she patted my head, making me look up at her. She was smiling as she said, "Well, hey, it doesn't matter anymore. Don't look so glum. This is what I chose. I ain't scared anymore and... I'm not gonna hide anymore. And right now, we've gotta help Metallia. She's your master, right, Blacks?" Heh... Since when does Visco start calling me nicknames?

Anyway, I carried Metallia on my back and held her arms. I hoped that we could escape, but the guards, Niike's Church, Damuu, Jack, Heintz, Jilden and the King would all be in the way! Then everyone in the Night Train appeared! Arlecchino, Malia, Nezaria and her Cane were all here! But Metallia doesn't have much time...

Suddenly, I heard that strange voice again! "C'mon, Blacks! Don't worry so much! Besides, look at the Scum's body." When I did, I saw a familiar green crystal! "*Gasp* That's...!" It was the same Green Crystal Metallia had brought along with her earlier before coming to Amataya! Belda had took it from her when she had Metallia imprisoned!

I felt so relieved... That Metallia will be alright, especially once we get her back in the swamp... "Metallia's gonna be alright... Visco... everyone... Thank you... And you Old Hag who's been watching her all this time... Wherever you are, I'm not gonna let anyone hurt Lia. I'll do whatever I can to protect my Master... My Swamp Witch... My Lia... My... M-my... Love... So..." I wanted to say it in thought, but as I looked up in the sky with my eyes sparkling, I opened my mouth... and... To everyone's surprise...

"Please... Watch over us... To protect us... Please."