This is another altered scene of TWATHK. Enjoy.

"METALLIA~! METALLIA~! OH, LIA~!" I repeatedly called as I ventured around the Sealed Lands, looking for Metallia. "METALLIA~! OH, METALLIA~! LIA-OW!" That was when I bumped my face into this strange door. I examined it a bit and figured... Metallia has to be on the other side of that door! But the Mana of this door feels dark.

I looked around and realized... There is some light around the place that could help me lift the Darkness and open this door! "Oh, I get it! I just have to look around this place, search some light I run into and 'Ker-ping'! The door to Metallia is open~"

As I searched around the place for the lights, I noticed some events happening in Medea right now... Because we had messed up the alternate world we jumped into to escape Lucchini and his dad, Totopepe, everyone of our friends are alive again but... Our enemies too! Ugh! Blech! What I wouldn't give for them to rest in bloody gory pieces...! Oh well, they better not at least do or say anything harsh around us... We've changed our world enough as it is! Humph! When this is all over, I'm dealing with them personally... One day.

After I've searched enough lights to open the door, I entered inside and straight ahead I saw my Metallia! Hooray~

I've gotta say, she's actually surprised to see me. "Huh...? Hundred Knight...? Why are you here?"

I was excited to see her after a week! "Metallia! It's been a week! I've been looking everywhere for you!"

Metallia doesn't seem to be to be happy about me coming here but she wasn't angry either... "Why? Why'd you come here...?"

I wanted to explain... "Well, I... Um..." But she cut me off.

"Go away! Our contract has ended. Go wherever you want." That made me say, "Go away to wherever I can be? Are you sure you don't mean cowering in fear of being found by Niike and Aguni just because I'm sort of a 'son' of theirs? I've been fighting my way through everything and everyone to find you! Come on! You...? The new seal of Niike and now Aguni? Was it REALLY the ONLY thing you can come up with?"

Metallia got a TINY bit irritated and said, "Stop trashing this place! I'm keeping it sealed of my own free will." I only responded by coming a little bit closer. This got Lia kinda stressed... "H-Hey! Stop it! Go away!" I looked up at her with an expression that says, 'Stop being such a wet blanket! Just fight them already!'. Now THAT got her attention! "What? Do you... Do you think you can defeat Niike or somthing?" I showed her another expression that says, 'Hmm... Well~... DUH! Maybe~... I think~...'

This gave her a deadpan look as if I was joking but she knew I mean it if it would free her and all. "Ugh, just go away! What do you think one little familiar can do?"

I replied with, "More than what he HAD DONE?! DUH!" Simple as that.

Metallia tried to reason with me, "Hmph, I figured you were dumb but now you're doing on purpose...! *Sigh* But I suppose if you've really gotten smart up to this point, then you should know that this one's not like the other opponents... He's a god..."

"HAH! I EAT GODS FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER!" I shouted out and joked, "Hey! Maybe I won't worry about my Gcals anymore that way~ Heheheh..."

Lia got a little sad as she said, "*Sigh* Blacky, listen! The old hag... Not even Uruka could stop him. As if I could do something that Uruka couldn't..."

... I... Said a big... Fat, "Whut...? Seriously...? Lia...?"

"Tch, acting like you don't understand me..." She said exasperatedly, "Listen. You're free. There's no contract left to force you to serve me." ... I'm... Free? There's... No contract left... "Nothing is binding you. Do what you want." Nothing's... Binding me? I can... Do whatEVER I want...? "So... Go..." She finished rather miserable-sounding.

I stood silent for a moment... Well, I gotta do something... Or rather SAY something... "When I first heard you trying to summon me... I was curious about whether I can trust you... That made me disliked you but then I realized who and what you are and were when you said that Good or Evil meant nothing to Witches... I even met your younger self and boy was I surprised where, how and from whom you got your name and rotten attitude from..."

Metallia noticed me talking. "Blacky...?"

"And as time went on and on and on, I looked up to you... I respected you... You're an amazing Great Swamp Witch~" I continued, "I know you wouldn't admit it, even up to now but... Aren't we partners, Lia?" My eyes were sparkling with small tears. "Aren't I your familiar? Aren't we one together? Aren't we... Friends?"

Metallia was quiet for a few seconds and replied, "... *Sigh* Yeah... I guess I'll admit it for once... But..." She sighed and said, "Thank you for coming to see me... That does make me happy." Aw, she said it... She's happy to see me...! "Now get out of here, Blacky... You're free." ... What. The. F**k*n*. Shit. Of. Hell?

... *Groan*... Oh, well~! A familiar's gotta do what a familiar's wanna do~... I made a big smile and said, "Okay, Lia. If I'm free to go wherever and do whatever I want... Then... Okay~!" I came closer to her and charged up a big punch for her and Niike's new seal!

Boy, I must've made Metallia shocked and angry! "Y-You! What're you doing!?"

I smiled wider with my teeth showing and answered, "Ehehehe...! What does it look like I'm doing~? I'm going where-shittin-ever and doing what-f**k*n-ever I want to~! Ya stupid getting all sappy now Swamp Wench~!"

Metallia seemed to be getting angrier every passing second~ "Are... Are you freaking serious?" she asked what I answered with one cheery, "YUP~"

Metallia has an eye twitching... "You think you can beat him? He's not even in the same dimension as a normal opponent. He's a god, you know! But... You still want to do it?" She tried reason with me and I answered a similar cheerful answer, "UH-HUH~"

This made Lia irately flabbergasted as she asked, "That's what you're doing with your freedom?" I nodded and she asked again, "That's the choice you've made for yourself!?" I was silent for a second and told her, "Heheh... I think you already know my answer in this one~..."

Metallia seems to have given up on reasoning with me as she said, "Alright. I understand, Blacky. If you want to be that big of a fool... Then come at me with all you got." She then gave me a serious confident look as she boasted, "This seal is using every ounce of my magic. Think you can break it?"

"Think YOU can grit your teeth as hard as you can grind them while you're at it?" I countered, grinning all the way. "Because I've always wanted to punch you in the face just once..."

Metallia seems to be getting impatient in a good way as she dared me to... "Go ahead an try!"


"Hundreeeeeeed Kniiiiiiiiight!" Metallia screamed and I followed. "Meeetaaalliiiaaa!" I let out the supercharged punch and hit Lia with her new seal with everything I had in that fist...! And... *CRRAAACKK!* The new seal that Metallia kept was destroyed~...! And speaking of Metallia, she was lying on the ground face-first. Heh. Looks like I've showed her some of my big strength~

Metallia got up weakly and asked me, "But... Blacky... Just what made you wanna come look for me? Are you really THAT attached to me?"

I did nothing but smile and simply answer, "That's easy~ My uncle talked me into finding you~!" This made Metallia sweat drop. Then we heard the sound of Niike roaring and felt a few earthquakes! "Sounds like Niike and Aguni are about to walk into Medea for their revenge."

I put up a determined grin, saying, "Unless they get through us~!" We then clasp hands as a sign of working together!

"Blacky, you and I are gonna end this!" She said, and I said, "And then we can revive Visco~!"

Lia sweat dropped, sheepishly muttering, "Oh, yeah... I almost forgot about that."

Then I thought of something and spoke up, "H-Hey... Metallia? Do you think Niike and Aguni can wait for us, knowing we'd just get in the way, regardless? I mean, we may have gotten this far but I feel like this will be the only time we'll ever be in this place and..."

Metallia didn't seem to mind as she said, "Hmph, if there's something you need for the final battle, just be quick, obtain it, level it up to the max so we can kill Niike's and Aguni's asses then we can end all of the chaos and revive Visco."

I smiled and said, "You know what, Lia?"

"What? I know what?" "You're an awesome Great Witch~!" "... Thanks, Blacky."

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