They stood staring at eachother for a long time. None of them wanted to disrupt their thoughts. Yes, their thoughts. While Arthur might be thinking that Merlin went too far by accusing his uncle of being a traitor, Merlin on the other hand was angry his words were ignored by his friend – no king. One would think after everything they have been through the Prat would at least take his words seriously. How could he think Gaius was the traitor. At that moment his destiny started to waiver. His thoughts were interrupted by the King. Gods he could not even call him by name again.

'I have already lost a friend, I don't want to loose another.' As Arthur made to leave the council chamber, Merlin stopped him and said.

'I am sorry sire but I fear you have already lost the other friend. Because I quit. Find a new manservant sire.' As he also made to leave Arthur stopped him and asked what he wanted to do now he doesn't have a job.

'Stop Merlin, you can't just quit. I am the king. I decide what goes on in my kingdom. And where do you plan on staying now Gaius is not around. You can't just wander around the Castle.' Though he appeared calm Arthur was angry and scared at the same time. He had gotten so used to merlin that he thought of him as a brother. Though he won't say.

'Incase you have forgotten sire, I only became your manservant after I saved your life. And also I don't think you need me anymore since you have your precious uncle with you, you have forgotten what we went through together. I thought that maybe after the roundtable incident in the castle things will change. I guess I was wrong. And to answer your earlier question, I am going to rescue Gaius he was kidnapped not that you care.' Merlin replied him and left him alone.

Two days later Arthur was informed that Gaius had returned and he is unconscious, when he asked them to inform Merlin he was shocked when he was told that Merlin and sir Gwaine rescued him from the kidnappers. So he went to talk Gaius maybe find out who kidnapped him, but he couldn't get anything useful other than they were working for Morgana. He left him alone to allow him rest. But he noticed Merlins room was open and seems empty. Afraid that maybe merlin had left Camelot for good he decided to ask Gaius the whereabout of his ward.

'Gaius where is Merlin? I noticed his room is empty.'

'He found a room in the middle town. He asked me to help him pick a suitable place for him. He wants to be my full time assistant so he decided to stay there so he can help me with my workload and also bring me herbal plants sire. He will help in the lower town, while I will be incharge here.' Gaius explained.

But to Arthur it sounded like Merlin was avoiding him. And he wasn't far from the truth. But how will he be able to pay for the room. So he decided to find out. 'How will he pay for the room. They are expensive.'

Gaius was prepared for this question so he said, 'He has been saving a lot since he got here. And I also helped him with some of mine.' That wasn't the complete truth. Merlin had found a spell that multiplies objects. So he multiplied a gold coin into hundred pieces. Though he wasn't happy with this arrangement he understands it. With Morgana on the loose and attacking them randomly it would be better he was well prepared with time on his hands to be able to counter her attacks if need be. He was lost in his musing he did not notice Arthur get up and leave his chambers.