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Tears, Rewrite

Chap 1, Exposure

Artemis walked through the school gates, expecting to hear the garbled whispers and muffled laughter that came from people when she walked down the hall, however what happened regularly was replaced by cold stares from the students of Gotham Academy. Being the tough, shatterproof girl she was, Artemis shrugged it off and continued to walk down the hall nonchalantly. She walked towards her locker to retrieve her books and stationary (A/N: I don't know about you, but I keep my stuff at school). Turning to the right, she was about to walk off towards her class when a shout was heard.

"Hey Crock! You're the assassin's kid, right?"

Artemis' eyes widened as she slowly turned around to face the source of the yell. Her eyes fell upon the redheaded, 13 year old, Barbara. Also known as the commissioner's daughter. A triumphant smirk was plastered on the girl's features, azure eyes piercing into her dull, gray ones.

"N-no," Artemis stammered in horror, stepping backwards slowly.

Barbara raised her eyebrows.

"Really?" she challenged "because I remember my dad's file stating that you are Artemis Crock. Daughter of Lawrence Crock, aka Sportsmaster."

"It's a lie!" Artemis shouted at Barbara "It is all a goddamn lie!"

Barbara just shook her head and fumbled with her phone until she pulled up the file of Sportsmaster.

"Are you still sure it's a lie?" she challenged.

Artemis' lips quivered, an involuntary whimper escaping her mouth. Realizing her sudden act of weakness and looking at the surrounding people casting her menacing looks, Artemis ran. She ran without looking, not caring where she went, until she stopped by the washroom. Artemis sighed as she pushed the door open and walked in.


Barbara felt pride overwhelm her. Students around her congratulated her and gave her friendly pats on the back. She grinned. The redhead looked around to see Dick, wanting him to stop giving Artemis all his attention. However, when she caught his gaze, he looked the opposite of what she expected. A look of dismay was evident on his face. Disappointment and sorrow was reflected from his eyes. She looked over to also see Bette glaring sternly at her. Barbara felt a mixture of confusion and rage.

She exposed Artemis' secret to keep everyone safe! Especially Dick! But they don't appreciate it!

For now, all she was able to do was cast glances towards her best friend while allowing the surrounding students to congratulate her for exposing Artemis' secret.


Artemis was hyperventilating.

The entire school knew her secret and it was only a matter of time until she was kicked out of the school because of raging parents!

Artemis looked around.

How would the teachers feel? Parents? What will they do after her family ties were uncovered?

Artemis trembled at the thought.

Her mother's utter disappointment when she hears her daughter was kicked out of school.

She needed help, a lot of help. But help was something that Artemis never had. She grew up with a dad that couldn't care less about her, that used her as a tool for his criminal work. A mother that spent 6 years in prison, missing out on half of her daughter's life. A sister that just ran away, abandoning family.

Artemis couldn't bear the pain and sorrow that was eating her inside out. She reached into her bag for her phone, ready to call her mom to get her out of school. When she finally felt the rough texture of the low-class Nokia, she grabbed it and took it out. What she didn't expect was another object dropping out of her bag when she pulled her outdated phone out. Artemis put down her phone to glance at the object. It was a pair of scissors. Suddenly, a thought popped into the blonde's head: when depressed or helpless, she heard that some people cut themselves. She knew that the entire idea was stupid, knowing that she wouldn't be able to hide it for a long time, but would it hurt to just try once?

Artemis picked the scissors up and pressed it's sharp, honed edge onto her arm. It was that instant when she viciously moved it across her skin, diving into the flesh and drawing out crimson blood. The once indestructible girl raised her arm to examine the cut. She had cut deeper than she had expected, blood was pouring out profusely as she reached into her bag for some alcohol wipes and a gauze (A/N: she is part of a team of superheroes, so it should be necessary for her to have these things). After cleaning her wound, she looked back at that… strange feeling. What was that bittersweet sensation that was flowing through her veins? Why did she feel such… happiness? Suddenly, Artemis didn't feel like crying anymore. Instead, she felt a heavy weight being lifted off of her back. She didn't know what it was but it felt amazing.

Artemis smiled as she exited the cubical. Pushing the bathroom door open, and exited. Just then, the bell rang. Artemis walked towards the classroom, feeling happiness and glee. She felt like it wasn't going to be such a bad day after all.

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