A True Prologue is 22 Chapters long!

Disclaimer: A Naruto where I wrote it? It don't exist!

Tags: SI, OC Behaviour, Strong, Kitsune, Fem, Naruto, Death, Violence, Language, Humor, Da Fluffyness, Possibility of the Dirty Things, Anything is Possible? Maybe even Time Travel?

Author's Note: The true story is in Part 2 on! ;)
Part 1 has been updated slightly on each chapter

NOT Gaara x Naruna - She CAN resist as well...
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Hopefully it shall clarify any you have with the story.

This story is definitely different than you think, hehe
And yes, she gets the metal band removed soon
Her word is NOT law - It's her opinion sometimes…

One small mention - Chakra does not equate to Ability, Strength, or Power
Primary example in the story itself - Kyuubi was sealed.

This is my first time writing a story.
I placed a link to my characters design in my profile page
- or at least as close as I could find
If someone wants to draw her, there is a description in chapter 11 & 25 :3

I pulled together some small elements I've read around and a bunch of my own ideas and thoughts, and jumbled them together for my own version of a story.

Most of the story revolves around in the MC-First-Person. There are reasons and some details are explained later on in the story, but some of the plot devices are to be inferred upon from other pieces of the story, so you can use your imagination there if needed.

Let's see where this leads to!

I was dead. I had died, and I knew I died. That was my first thought.

However my thinking was immediately refuted the moment I heard their voices. Something happened, but I don't know what. I was alive, no matter what was happening, I knew I was alive. I don't know how, yet I could feel, I had the sense of being able to touch what was around me, of being touched. There was a little bit of pain, but it was dimming. There were people around me, sweet voices. I couldn't move, I couldn't talk, I can't figure out what's going on with my body - I can't move it well. Then I could tell I was in motion. I couldn't move. Why couldn't I move? I couldn't figure it out.

I felt myself moving from place to place. Crying, someone was crying. But this oppressive feeling - kami, what is this, it was terrifying. I could feel something similar inside my own body, but it was weak, weak and couldn't even compare to what I was feeling.

But who are these people, why are they crying, and why am I not terrified of all of this? Maybe it's because of the possibility of actually being alive? Despite the terrifying feeling of what's going on around me? Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. I couldn't control my body, that was terrifying, but I knew, somehow, instinctively, that I would gain control of it in time.

The sounds were dull, my sight was blurry, and I couldn't tell what or who had been carrying me. There was a red blob, a yellow blob, and a giant orange-red blob in the background. People. And they're talking to me. Talking in such gentle tones. Love filled tones, yet regretful and sad. Maybe I am dying again? Or could it be someone else?

The next moment was pain. Just PAIN. Maybe that was why they were sad? They were going to make me experience this, and they didn't want to? I felt the pain in my tummy, spreading throughout my whole body, but concentrated in my tummy.

Then nothing...