Chapter 1

Sam and Grace Bennett are attending a party at the Crane mansion along with Eve and TC Russell, and the other Cranes, even Alistair. They are drinking, laughing, talking, and having a good time.

Ivy: Sam, I have your drink right here.

Sam: Oh, thank you, Ivy.

Sam enjoys his drink although it has a slightly different taste than usual. Little does he know his drink has been spiked. After a few minutes, the mysterious drug begins to take effect.

Ivy: How's your drink? Mine's great!

Sam: It's pretty good.

Ivy: Why don't we go upstairs and talk.

Sam: I guess that'll be alright.

Sam and Ivy go upstairs. Sam is getting lightheaded. Ivy can tell he is beginning to let his guard down.

Sam's Inner Monologue: Why did I agree to this? I know it's a bad idea. What am I getting myself into? If Grace finds me upstairs with Ivy, I'm going to have some explaining to do!

Ivy: Oh Sam, let's enjoy one romantic night of pure pleasure together. You know you want me.

Sam: I don't think that's a good idea, Ivy. I'm a married man now and you know it!

Ivy ignores Sam's resistance and puts her arms around him. Sam does not push her away. Ivy knows her plan is working perfectly. She slipped Sam one of the pills they gave Charity Standish in hospital and it's made him more receptive to her seduction. Ivy knows she will finally have her way with him. She is so proud of her scheme!

Ivy's Inner Monologue: Oh sweet success! This is what I was hoping for. Oh, Sam! He looks hotter than ever, and he's all mine tonight!

Ivy: Sam, I know you want to make love with me.

Sam: I do? I know you're right and my feelings for you are still there. I have kept them locked deep down inside myself because of my marriage, but I just can't help myself right now.

Ivy knows she's winning this time!

Ivy: Oh, you admit it then! You do love me! Remember though, Grace must never find out and neither must Julian!

Sam: Yes. Just this one time, Ivy. Let's have a one-night stand.

Sam embraces Ivy as she moves her hands up his back and runs her fingers through his hair. Sam kisses Ivy on the lips.

Ivy's Inner Monologue: Wow! This was so easy. I know it's wrong but I don't care. It's about time this happened.

Downstairs at the party nobody has noticed that Sam and Ivy are both missing. Grace and Julian are having a good time with their friends.

Upstairs, Sam and Ivy are lost in a kiss.