"So now... Make them REAL!"

"Yeah! Like totally hunking gorgeous and—AAAAHHHH!"

The statues glow with an otherworldly light. A single ray shoots upwards, shattering the side of the Ice Mountain. It meets with the sky and seems to penetrate time and space. From the rift of contact, a portal gapes wide and pages- millions of pages with Ice King's writing scribbled all over spill out. They writhe and flutter, cluster and playfully dance like leaves in the air.

They form a path, from which the portal produces the beings who will descend upon. Ice King and Lumpy Space Princess gawk from the Ice Kingdom's tallest tower at the spectacle that envelopes all of Ooo.

Figures form from the pages. Flesh, bone and blood form bodies that are too familiar. Yet they are too far from the surface for mere eyes to glimpse. All the good people of Ooo merely see a parting in the sky. They can glimpse the space beyond their little ball of dirt.

And suddenly, it's gone.

"C'mon, Jake!" Finn laughs, running far ahead of his brother into the woods around their tree house, "You getting old or what?!"

There is no response.


"Ahh! AHHHH!"


Finn runs, backtracking. Jake's voice is coming from the brush. Finn pushes it aside to find Jake and some weird... cat!?

"AHH- Alright, alright! Ya got me!"


"Eh? Oh, hey Finn!" Jake ardently loops over, "Guess who's this I found! Her name's Cake! A cat! Who knew! A beauty, right?"

"JAKE! You're married! What would your kids say?!"

The cat named Cake stares at Finn.

"And who are you??"

"M-Me? I'm Finn the human! And I'm a hero!"


"Hey, come on, you two," Jake quips, "Let's go to the tree house and talk there, a'ight?"

"Nope," Cake turns briskly, "I'm looking for Fiona."

"Huh? A friend? Maybe we can help."

"Nah, it's alright..."

"CAAAAKE?" A girl's voice echoes through the forest, "Where are you? CAAAKE?"

"That's her!" Cake perks and bounds into the bushes. Finn and Jake look at each other, shrug, and chase after Cake.

Next to an old rusty car, they find Fiona. Cake jumps into her arms and they embrace, giggling.

"Aww, I thought you got lost..."

"Me? I thought you was lost!"

"Um..." Finn takes a step closer to the mystery stranger. He couldn't quite see her face buried in cat fur, but he noticed her strange hat.


She looks up and their eyes meet. For a moment, their astral bodies interlocked and touched. Finn could not get enough of her blonde hair and she could not look away from his eyes. They were locked.

"Uh... Hi."


"I'm... guessing you're Fiona?"

"Yeah..." The two were rather tongue-tied. Cake looks at Fiona funny, then to Finn. Jake has his face screwed up, like he'd eaten a lemon.

"I... I'm Finn."

"Are you... human?"

"Aha... Yeah."

"I thought I was the only human in all of Aaa..."

"Aaa? Where's that?" Finn relishes the thought in his mind. She's human.

"This place... is Aaa."

"Uh... I hate to break it to you, but this is Ooo," Jake interrupts, "Dunno where you two came from."

Then he comes up to Finn's ear, "Dude, let's take them to Bubblegum. Maybe something's off their noodle."

"Huh? Wuh?" Finn snaps out of his trance and looks back, uncomprehending.

Jake sighs and begins to lead the group to the Candy Kingdom. As they walk, Jake can see that Fiona an Finn are still enthralled by each other. He sees the similarities, then understands why Cake stared at Finn.

"Wait till PB hears about this..." He mutters under his breath.

Cake stares at the two humans, "Creepy... I swear they're like twins..."