AN: Just a quick heads up to everyone reading this. My knowledge of Star Wars comes from the six movies (I do intend to see the new one that comes out soon though), playing Star Wars the Force Unleashed a few years ago, and reading one of the books. I will try to incorporate some extended Universe aspects where I can but I don't know all of them. If this bothers you then I request that you simply pass this story by and do not rip into it for focusing on Movie Canon rather than extended Canon.

AN2: Also the actual part of the story that takes place in the Star Wars universe begins next Chapter.

Shadow of the Force (working title)

Chapter 1


Sighing he stared back at the warmly lit windows of the Potter family ancestral home, the sounds of merriment and cheer echoing across the grounds as he walked through the night. Just today he had turned eighteen but that wasn't the cause of celebration, his birthdays never were with his family. No, the cause of celebration was his younger brother getting his first Hogwarts Letter, the oh so famous 'Boy-Who-Lived' had insisted on a celebration being thrown and their parents had been running around frantically all day to make it happen.

He was used to it though, used to being ignored, passed by as if he was nothing. He had dealt with it from his 'family', from his teachers, his classmates, and every other person he had ever met with a few exceptions. The night Voldemort had attacked, Halloween of Nineteen Eighty one, he had been eight years old and looking after his little brother, who was still one, while their parents went to an Order of the Phoenix meeting. None of them had expected Voldemort to attack that night, had expected Wormtail to betray them, but that was exactly what had happened as the Dark Lord blasted open their front door, striding purposefully through the house. Voldemort had tried to order him to stand aside, had even offered him a place within the Dark Lord's ranks if he gave up his brother, but he had refused. Voldemort had told him how his brother, the child born in September, the month of seven, was the one chosen by prophecy to be the only one with the power to defeat the 'immortal Lord Voldemort' and he had decided that if he was to die it wouldn't be as a coward as he mocked the pale snake like figure, calling the man out on being scared of a child.

Voldemort hadn't appreciated it and had fired a killing curse point blank at his forehead as he screamed in pain, the very walls of the house shaking as he saw the rotating orb of emerald light grinding against his skull, trying to pry out his soul as his magic fought against the foul power along with another force he couldn't recognize. In the end, with a scream that shattered every window in the house, he fired the killing curse back at Voldemort in the form of emerald fire as it burned the Dark Lord's stunned body to ashes while a shadowy wraith flew out and he slipped into the realm of unconsciousness.

When he had awoken he learned that his brother, who's had a scar going over his left eye, had been credited with the destruction of Voldemort as the baby's magical core read higher than normal for an infant and his own showed lower than average scores, something he assumed was due to spending so much magic rebounding the curse. When he had been released from St. Mungos he had expected his parents to be happy that he was awake and out of the three day coma he had been in but they had brushed his recovery aside so they could spoil his brother Marcus. They believed Albus Dumbledore when the man said Marcus was the savior of England and refused to listen to anything else so he kept his silence, knowing that telling them the truth would only bring their anger down upon him.

Instead he had tried to simply gain their favor, their love, in any way he could. He did his best to be a good child before Hogwarts, to always do his chores and help out where he could but the most he ever got was a grunt of appreciation. When he got to Hogwarts he had tried to impress them, and his teachers, by performing amazing feats of magic in his courses but they were brushed off. He fully accepted that no matter what he did he would never be truly loved by his parents in his third year when he managed to cast a fully corporeal Patronus and it was pushed to the side for his brother using accidental magic to turn his father's robes pink.

After that he had continued to strive forward and excel but if was for himself, not his family, as he delved into as many magics as he could, learned the rarest and most esoteric arts he could get his hands on, and even worked on developing new magics.

In his fourth year he was exploring the seventh floor of the castle, trying to blow off some steam after being blown off for a date with a Hufflepuff girl he had a crush on, Nymphadora Tonks, when he ended up discovering a magical room that suited to his needs which he later learned was called the Room of Requirements. Inside the room he found many books of magical arts and knowledge as well as things such as gold, jewels, and weapons.

He had gathered up everything that he could, several multi compartment trunks within the room helping a great deal, as he stored up the items and shrunk the trunks down for storage. When he went home for winter break he left to go to Diagon Alley at his first change and sold the jewels, jewelry, and weapons to the goblins in exchange for galleons which he placed in his own private account only he could access as well as for them to get him a House Elf as well as a License to own one.

The goblins had come through with shining colors as within three days he had an incredibly loyal House Elf named Dobby who helped him train with his magic wherever possible, the little guy fanatically loyal to the him as he treated the elf as an actual living being instead of vermin like the elf's previous owners, the Malfoys, had.

During his sixth year he had performed a ritual he had found in one of the tomes he had gotten from the room of requirement, one that would turn him into an elemental mage, an art that had been lost for centuries which made the journal he found the ritual in priceless. The ritual had entailed creating a runic array and filling a golden bowl in the center with whatever element he planned on having as his 'elemental affinity' but instead of casting a lightning spell into the bowl like he had intended his digital watch had slipped off and was accepted by the ritual as he became a technomancer.

The ritual had given him a brain that could process things faster and more accurately as well as allow him to understand any technology he touched as he learned how to build it, he even gained an eidetic memory and the ability to actively manipulate any technology he saw but he was still training with it as it was a new magical art. During his last year at Hogwarts he had passed every one of his NEWTs with flying colors, getting a perfect score in every one he took and graduating top of his class but his parents had brushed it all aside but as he said, he was used to it.

Walking into a barn that he had converted into a workshop the previous summer he set down his army duffle bag with a sigh and stared at his reflection in the mirror, taking in the person he had turned into. His hair went down to his shoulders in a flowing main, part of it hanging down from his temple in a Scottish braid as his emerald eyes stared out of the mirror, uninhibited by glasses as he had gotten muggle laser eye surgery the pervious summer…his parents had never even noticed. His clothes were simple ripped black jeans over the top of black combat boots and on his chest he wore a black t-shirt with emerald green runic arrays of his own design put onto the fabric with a simple black jacket over the top. On his hand he wore black fingerless gloves with metal studs on the knuckles and metal plates on the back of each hand. And, to top it all off, he wore a knife at his hip and had a pistol in a holster that was sown into his jacket.

Shaking his head he grabbed his army duffle and tied it onto the back of his motorcycle before revving the engine and driving off the property, planning on getting the gold from his private vault, which he had been adding to from his trust vault for years, and then leaving Wizarding England forever.

-Lily Potter-

Frowning the matriarch of the Potter family walked through the upper floors of the family manor as she looked for her eldest son Harry as one of the guests, Sirius, had asked where he was. She had been looking for over half an hour as she tried to find her son and when she did she was going to give the boy a piece of her mind about leaving his brother's celebration like he had. Getting to the end of the hall she opened the door to Harry's room and looked in, almost pulling back out before she noticed a letter with something golden atop it on Harry's desk.

Walking over to the desk she saw that it was a letter addressed to 'Lily Potter' in what she thought was her son's handwriting and atop it was the Heir ring of the Potter family which was still with Harry as only a person who was at least eleven years old could be named the heir if there was another holder candidate alive. Frowning she moved the ring to the side and unfolded the letter, her eyes widening with every word as she read:

Lily Potter,

By the time you are likely to read this letter I will no longer be in Wizard Britain, I won't be in Britain or even this world at all for that matter. I have grown tired and weary of being ignored and pushed to the side for Marcus, for always being passed up no matter what I tried to do. I gave up trying to gain your love or attention years ago and now I can leave you to focus on Marcus, not that you had any problem with that before. While you may have been a poor mother to me you were at least loving to Marcus and I pray that should you have another child you will raise them like you did Marcus instead of like you did me. I have taken the gold that was from my own private vault which I created and filled on my own work over the years along with a couple of heirlooms that are my birthright but have left the Heir's ring and banished myself from House Potter, taking the name Peverell, so that Marcus can take the Lordship. Wouldn't want to give the Boy-Who-Lived or the Lord Potter a Headache when Marcus tried to act as the Heir Potter and magic refute it after all. By the time you reach this portion of the letter I will have gone through the Veil in the Department of Mysteries as I believe it to be a portal to another plane of existence rather than simply a means of execution. If I'm right then I have a chance to actually live a life where I can find happiness and not be forced to live my life always being pushed to the side as second best and if I'm wrong…then at least I won't be ignored anymore.


Hadrian Peverell

As soon as she read the letter Lily Potter ran downstairs to get James so they could go to the ministry to stop Harry from going through the veil but, like the letter had said, they were too late. Hadrian Peverell no longer existed in their world.