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Shadow of the Force

Chapter 19


"So General, you mentioned that you wished to speak with me?" Harry reclined in his chair, resting on the balcony that overlooked his ship's training room where Galen and Old Ben were putting Luke and Leia through their paces in training. Across from him sat the blind Jedi Master Rahm Kota, the man being one of the few alliance leaders who showed him any degree of trust or respect.

"Yes, it's about the High Command." Kota sighed, swirling his own drink slowly, "They're…rather displeased at the moment."

"Do I even want to know why?" Harry sighed, not needing the force to know whatever the answer was would give him a headache.

"You have to understand that the alliance high command were prevalent figures in the galaxy well before the empire rose to power. They saw the emperor rise, saw the Republic fall, and a fair few were even aware of the family ties of those twins down there." Kota nodded to Luke and Leia who were trying different saber types and forms to see what felt natural "Some like Mon Mothma were quite displeased when they learned that Kenobi told them the truth. She would apparently have preferred that they both stay in the dark of Vader being Skywalker as well their sibling relationship."

"She did give off a bit of a 'control freak' vibe." Harry sighed, draining his glass and refilling it, pushing down his disgust at her trying to hide the twin's blood relation, especially when they both thought their whole families were dead.

"But it's not just that. She's gotten used to authority in the rebellion." Kota explained "The Rebel Alliance was founded by Galen. He and his wife got myself, Leia, her foster-father, Mothma, and a man named Garm Bel Iblis together to found it, but things didn't go as planned. Galen was thought to have been killed shortly thereafter rescuing us from the Emperor. I was already too old and more of a field commander than a true leader, Juno much the same. Princess Leia was kept out of High command as much as possible to hide her connection from the Empire, her voice in the Senate while it existed being to crucial to waste. Now not only is Alderan gone and Bail with it but Iblis and Mothma got into a heated argument after it. things were already tense between Iblis and Mothma, but this was the turning point. Iblis left the Rebel Alliance to fight the empire his own way, a portion of our forces going with him meaning Mothma was the only one left from the original high command."

"But then I showed up with the Rebellion founder, miraculously back from the dead and she feels threatened." Harry figured out easily enough, the blind general nodding.

"Exactly. And the tension between her and your Citadel faction isn't exactly hidden. There are many who want to continue following her command while others feel they should follow Galen who founded the Alliance to begin with, or to be more accurate follow you since Galen is your second in command." As Kota spoke, the man began to rummage in his satchel "I'd be ready for that, either for things to calm down, or for someone in the alliance to press the issue." As he spoke, the man placed a small disk down on the table between them "I'm not too fond of Mothma's decisions, she's far too passive. She's a great diplomat but isn't what we need in leading a rebellion like this. This disk has some of the members of the alliance that are either already supporting the Citadel taking charge or I think would be more open to it."

"You'd trust me just like that?" Harry raised a curious eyebrow as he accepted the disk.

"Galen trusts you, Juno trusts you, Master Kenobi trusts you. Plus, you've shown you know what you're doing if the attack on the Death Star was any indication. Not to mention I have my own secret from Mothma." Here the old man gave a smug little smirk "A secret I've kept from as many as I could to avoid the Empire finding out. A few years ago, I found a stormtrooper who defected from the Empire, one that was cloned from my old Padawan student and has access to the force. He goes by the name of X2 and is still learning but his talent is there. If you're going to be training new students, then I'd say we should have all the students we can."

"Well General Kota, welcome to the Citadel." Harry raised his glass in a toast to the man, already trying to figure out how to deal with this new information.


Pacing through his private chamber, Vader planned contingencies and strategies. In the time since the destruction of the Death Star the names of the group who'd destroyed it had been discovered. This 'Captain Peverell' of the ship the Citadel as well as his old apprentice Star Killer and a new force user, one 'Luke Skywalker'. HK-50 had yet to return or report with an answer to his question so all he could do was speculate and theorize.

"Even if this boy is my clone and not my…not Padme's son, it doesn't matter." Vader decided, well aware of the nature of the Sith Order. Well aware of the tradition of the Apprentice's duty to defeat and overthrow their master. It was a system Sidious had flaunted for years even before Anakin, with him having Dooku having his own apprentice, of having various dark acolytes under his command, of him still having the inquisitors, and what he'd done to Vader himself.

The armor pieces weren't an exact match, many of them snagging and pulling on his body. The incessant raspy breath from his helmet often kept him awake so sleep was rare at best. His synthetic skin suffered from constant itching and the sensation of pins and needles. Then there was the fact that the control panel on his chest would sometimes beep for no reason he'd ever been able to discern. He was positive that Sidious had put those defects and limitations in on purpose to hinder him, to try and prevent Vader from being able to succeed him as the Rule of Two demanded. "Not to mention there's no telling if he had something like a kill switch placed into the suit somewhere." Vader mused aloud before shaking his head.

He had served the emperor as Darth Vader for over twenty years. It was time to remove the old man, to take the rule of the Sith for himself. And if it turned out that the old bastard had lied to him, had murdered the woman he loved and lied about her children? Well then that would just make his death all the sweeter. He'd need to find an apprentice of his own now. Not the boy who might be Padme's son though, she would never forgive the notions of how Sith take the mantle being done within those she cared for.

"For now, I should find more aides." Vader went to his mediation pod, wishing to use the force to guide him to members of the Empire that would be useful to take under his command. While he was at it, other resources would be of use. He knew that many Kaminoans had fled their planet during the Imperial occupation. Finding some cloners might give him forces under his control, or even replacement body parts. A good medical team might even make it so he no longer needed this damn armor.

"Captain." He reached out through the force to one of his officers "Contact the Bounty Hunter Bobba Fett, I have a job for him."