AN: A few quick points I would like to go over before we begin. First is that I haven't decided on the official title for the story yet so I am more than willing to take suggestions. Second is that I haven't decided if Harry and his new allies will go back to the Wizarding World to help with their war after they destroy the empire (also open to suggestion). Third is that I looked up the ages of Luke and Leia in the Original movies and, apparently, Luke was twenty one in the first one while Leia was eighteen…impressive for them being twins according to the prequel cannon. Anyway, in this story they're both twins and both twenty one when the story line starts meaning that they are eighteen, just like Harry, in this chapter.

Shadow of the Force (Working Title)

Chapter 2


Light. All he could see was a bright, blinding light as he felt himself fall through the space between spaces, colors of light and life shooting past his eyes as he thought he saw flashes of existence between each stream of color. He had walked through the veil, the billowing ghostly curtain of the arch and its cool, almost water like, texture gliding over his skin as he followed the whispers of the arch, noticing his 'family' running into the room out of the corner of his eye as he finished stepping through.

As he fell he felt himself be drawn to a different part of the tunnel of light he found himself in, the voices from the arch guiding him as he began to saw tears and tunnels in the corridor of light he found himself in as he followed their pull without question, trusting in the power they represented, the same power that had helped him repel the killing curse ten years before. As he had grown older he had found more and more abilities the strange power granted him from a small precognition that enhanced his reflexes, telekinetic powers, and it even enhanced his occlumency and legilimency by an extraordinary factor.

Seeing the tunnel that the voices urged him to take he forced his body down it as he began to scream in pain, his body moving faster and faster as his skin heated up, the light up ahead seeming almost solid as he shot towards it. Moments after he noticed it he slammed into the almost gelatinous light, the burning hot aurora enveloping his skin as he screamed in pain, the energy rushing into his open mouth and filling him from within before, with an explosive bang, he felt himself hurled from the tunnel and across a dessert floor as the sand tore the skin of his back, further enhancing his pain.

His flight across the dunes was brought to a halt as he slammed into a boulder with a yell as he felt his arm break from the impact. Grunting he tried to force himself up to his feet but his legs collapsed as he dropped back against the rock, his vision swimming and fading to black as his body couldn't handle the pain any longer. Just before he fully blacked out he saw a person, clothed in white, rushing over to his prone form.

When he woke up he instantly doubled over in pain, his body protesting the movement even as he felt his magic and the 'other power' rushing through his form to heal him faster than a normal human body could manage. "Hey, you're awake!" a new voice spoke up as he turned to see a teenager, who looked about his age, smiling at him, "You've been unconscious for four days.".

"Four days?" he asked surprised as he forced himself to sit up, taking in his surroundings as he noted that he was in what could best be described as a sand and stone igloo. "I'm guessing you're the one who helped me?".

"Yeah," the guy said with a small grin "my name's Luke and I brought you in here with my Uncle Owen while my Aunt Beru treated your injuries. How'd you get injured like that anyway? Your clothes were torn up when we found you, although we did bring them in, and you had a strange bag with you as well but we couldn't tell how you even got where you were.".

"The name's Hadrian but you can call me Harry," he grunted as he focused on his power to accelerate the passive healing even further "and I don't even know where the hell I am.".

"You're on Tatooine," 'Luke' said with a shrug as if that explained everything "on my family's moisture farm.".

"Tatooine?" he asked in confusion as he forced himself to his feet, his body healing faster and faster as all he had left were a few scrapes and his broken arm.

"Yeah Tatooine…you know…the planet Tatooine?" Luke asked, the teenager clearly confused by his own lack of knowledge.

"It worked." He whispered to himself as he felt elation flood through him at the knowledge that his plan had worked better than he could have ever dreamed of. Before he had simply thought it would take him to another timeline of his own world, maybe a universe where his own world existed without magic, but to be in a world like this was amazing.

"What worked?" Luke asked him warily, the teenager backing up a bit.

"I'm from a planet that never travelled farther than our own moon," he explained "we weren't all that advanced with our technology. On our planet though was an ancient artifact known as the 'veil of death' which, for centuries, people believed killed anyone who walked through it while destroying their body. After my own research into the artifact I developed a theory that it wasn't a portal to death but another world and it looked like I was right.".

"Why would you risk something like that?" Luke asked in wide eyed shock, the teenager collapsing into a chair while he pumped so much healing energy into his hand it began to glow golden much to Luke's shock.

"I was sick of being ignored and pushed to the side," he said with a calm shrug "as you can tell by my glowing hand my species has some unique abilities, this one is a healing gift. My people's leader decided my younger brother would be amazingly skilled while I would be pathetically weak…at age thirteen I managed a feat that most adults of my people can't accomplish but it was ignored in favor of my little brother turning our father's clothes pink accidentally.".

"W-what else can you do…more importantly how are you doing it?" Luke asked in fascination, his fellow teenager entranced by the glowing and dancing golden light.

"My people manipulate the raw energy of the universe but we can only handle so much at a time," he explained "each of us can handle a different amount and I have not only a great deal of power but control as well. But now I have to decide where to go from here.".

"Good point," Luke mused thoughtfully before the brunette paused and looked at him curiously "why are you trusting me with this information anyway?".

"Because I feel that you are trustworthy," he said with a small smile, grimacing slightly as his arm joined back together with a loud snap "one of my gifts is that I can sense if someone is trustworthy or not and every sense I have is telling me that you are a pure soul.".

"Well if you want to leave the planet you'd need a ship," Luke said, his talking companion smiling at the description he had given, "and do get one you'd either need money to buy one, which I doubt you have as you're new to this world…or you'd need to win one in a bet.".

"A bet might work," he mused to himself as his thoughts went to his army duffle which contained an expanded box filled with different potions, one of which being a decent supply of Felix Felicis "but with who.".

"The one with the most money is Jabba the Hutt who controls the planet," Luke explained with a grimace "he's a crime boss who has a lot of smugglers on his payroll.".

"Now that is interesting." He said with a grin before shaking his head "Anyway, I won't be able to do anything for a week or two. Is there anything I can do to help you and your family around your farm to help pay you back for all that you've done for me?".

"I can ask Uncle Owen," Luke said with a shrug "but unless you know how to fix a broken moisture evaporator or know how to farm I can't think of much you can do.".

"If its technology then there's little that I can't do." He said with a grin as he walked over to his clothes which he repaired with a wave of his hand.

After Luke led him upstairs to the Farm he met 'Uncle Owen' and 'Aunt Beru' who were both pleased to see that he was awake but were completely ecstatic when he was able to repair their damaged Moisture Evaporators to the point where the machines ran even better than they had before. He spent two weeks on the Moisture Farm, doing everything he could to help them while he waited for Dobby to come out of the hibernation he had put his little elf in before going through the veil. His companion living within an expanded trunk that was shrunk down and placed within his expanded duffle bag.

Once Dobby had awoken he found out when the next shuttle from the nearest town would go to Mos Eisley so he could make, and win, a bet with Jabba to get a ship, as well as some funding, to leave the planet and begin exploring the galaxy. Before he left he gave Luke a device he made from some spare parts that, if activated, would send him a signal to let him know that Luke needed his help and that he should come back to the Farm as fast as possible. So, after promising the family that he would keep in touch when he could, he climbed into the speeder with Luke, and shot off to begin his new life.

AN: Next chapter Harry enters the bet with Jabba and meets Oola and after that we get into the story line of the movies.