An: Story time! Okay I'll just skip the introductions but i'm Azurewings and this story will be focused on Jaune mainly but also included are my own theories interwoven with the truth about Remnant and its mythos/lore as our blonde Shining knight grows stronger. Everyone else will also be special supporting roles in Jaune's adventure, i would go into detail but that would spoil things plus i suck at summaries. FYI Pairings i decide are Jaune/harem (don't like the idea then don't read, i don't need people complaining about such thing in regards to fictional characters.) I just started and caught up to this series; RWBY and fell in love with it as well as the music. Enjoy!

Burning white

Arc I: Discoveries

By Azurewings

'For it is in passing that we achieve immortality…'

Chapter one: Brand new day

'A warrior is what i am...what i was born to be given my lineage and family name...and maybe it was how i was destined to go down as.' Thought a certain blonde knight breathing raggedly as he struggled to keep his battle stance and himself alert. all around him were dozens of sets of gleaming red eyes belonging to various creatures of Grimm. He was within the dark depths of a mysterious forest, it was nighttime and up above there stood glowing the crimson blood moon cascading red light over the scenery as the creatures prowled closer to him. His armor was greatly battle torn along with his clothes to a certain extent, his face and skin sporting various cuts and bruises with a trickle of blood cascading down his forehead.

Yet despite all this his guard was never dropped, his family sword and shield held at the ready, his aura field was weakening but strength never left his eyes. His thoughts went to the five girls that he never stopped thinking about, never stopped loving, and would never forget. 'Ruby...Weiss...Blake...Yang...and Pyrrha...'

He gave his warrior's battle cry as if it were a lion's roar and reared his sword to strike as the horde of Beowolves and Ursai closed in on him.

'A Warrior is what i'm meant to be...and it will damn well be a Warrior's death i will have...even if i regret the things i didn't get to do...with the girls i love with all my heart...'

Some time Earlier that week...

Clang! The sounds of metal could be heard from the rooftop of a particular part of the school, two warriors of a shared team happened to be the ones making such noise as they crossed blades together without harmful intent.

Jaune arc was on one side of that deadlock and Pyrrha Nikos was on the other, both teammates bearing faces of both distress and determination while grinning. Being this up close to her object of affection Pyrrha would otherwise be flustered if she weren't well trained enough to maintain her warrior composure, instead she smirked and broke off from the lock and performed a flip-kick which Jaune dodged then quickly countered with a shield butt. Another clang resounded when Pyrrha's nimble reflexes enabled her to bring her own shield up in time to clash against Jaune's, the two continued trading fast paced parries, counters, and blows until they ended up knocking their opponent's weapons free of their grips. Twirling in the air and landing blade-tip first into the rooftop padding their swords disarmed, the only remaining weapons in their hands are their shields which soon get discarded to the ground as they both took fighting stances.

Jaune couldn't help but genuinely smile in confidence of his growing prowess with combat, the redheaded spartan beauty before him diligently trained him these past couple of months to the point where he can now stand on level with other seasoned hunters like herself.

"Are you certain you're ready to engage me in close quarters, Jaune? I'll warn you that i will not go easy on you, after all Grimm certainly won't if you are ever without your weapon during battle." She advised receiving a firm nod from Jaune right before dove in with a left hook. She easily swayed to dodge and grabbed it in place before flexing her left leg up to hit him in the face, with a flap Jaune was hit yet didn't flinch and instead used his upper body strength to perform a reversal on her hold thus flipping her over. She would've landed on her rear had she not been experienced and agile enough to land on her feet in a crouching position as to deliver an elbow jab to his abdomen.

"Oooff...! Oh okay're good alright, but i'm not done yet." Jaune commented quickly regaining his composure before dashing forward at a stance holding Pyrrha, just before getting within her strike zone he bucked backwards into a power slide that he quickly turned into a leg sweep which caught her off guard making her stumble backwards. She was about to regain her stance and bounce back but the sight of Jaune holding his longsword down at her with a smirk halted her in her tracks. The leg trip was just to buy him time to grab his weapon and corner her while she was getting back up, that was pure tact perfectly blended with combat prowess.

"Do you yield, Pyrrha?" he asked in an amused tone while still firmly gripping his sword; Crocea Mors. The match wasn't over yet, not until she signaled her surrender.

"My my, you have me at a disadvantage, Sir Arc. I may think that my student is getting close to surpassing me." She responded equally amused yet holding a confident grin rather than a frown of surrender.

Jaune slightly gushed in humility. "Really? Wha- ooaah!" He was cut off when something tripped him backwards this time! Landing on his butt he looked up to see Pyrrha looming over him with her weapon in spear form holding him at victory point. it was evident she mirrored his tactic with her weapon nearby while she had him briefly distracted.

"Not quite yet, I am still the master here." She laughed before holding out her right hand to pull him back up.

"I am actually very impressed, Jaune! You've certainly made great strides with your training, combine that with a bit of confidence and your sense of tactics and you'll be a great huntsman in no time." She concluded as they put away their weapons.

Jaune was humbled and nodded gratefully. "I couldn't have done it with the greatest tutor i know as well as the greatest partner a dork like me could ask for."

Pyrrha lightly blushed at the compliment and shook hands signaling the end of training for the evening. "So ready to head down for dinner? If we don't make it in time Nora might eat our shares before we even get there."

"Sounds good to me, let's go." They quickly made their way to the door leading downstairs from the rooftop, but something halted Jaune before he stepped through. He turned around and looked into starry night abyss of nighttime Vale as if he noticed something. 'That's weird, i thought I...felt someone watching me.' He thought describing the sensation as a strange feeling in his aura.

"Jaune?" Pyrrha called out from down the stairs, he shrugged paying no mind to his apparent feeling of paranoia before heading down through the door.

several seconds later a set of four gleaming red eyes protruded from the veil of night gazing in the direction Jaune left. "...Arc..." A gnarled sinister voice spoke.

Ruby Rose had something unusual weighing on her mind while she sat in a fetal position on her bed, usually she was more upbeat and ready to take on new challenges, yet this one however has her mind boggled. a mind bogged with thoughts about a certain blonde goofball that resided in the room across this one. her eyes drifted to the left where her scroll laid upon the nightstand as her mind went back to when she immediately decided upon calling Jaune for backup during their most recent mission in the south east quadrant of vale.

Things of course got chaotic thanks to torchwick's reckless plan of leading rampant Grimm into the city, what really bothered her about that adventure was that the mastermind behind still hasn't been found out yet. Torchwick could be hardly be considered that mastermind given he was only infamous for thievery, not to mention to mystery woman Ruby fought on the dance night. So the plot thickens, but right now her thoughts were more directed at Jaune arc and how mixed up her feelings were getting for the pure hearted knight. huddling her knees closer to her body she pondered with a glowing blush when she remembered their first meeting, then when they founded their teams together, and lastly that his team was the first to arrive on the scene to help team Rwby fight off the grimm. he in a way had often been on her mind, usually as a kindred spirit and best friend, now those thoughts came with a different sensation; one that could be described as butterflies in the stomach.

picturing his kind face smiling down at her during their first encounter it was then she fully realized her feelings; it was not a mere crush but rather...

she was in love with Jaune arc.

"Hey there, sis, whatcha thinking about?" asked a beaming Yang thus startling ruby as she popped out of suddenly from beside her bed.

"Uwah! You nearly gave me a heart attack, Yang!" Ruby [\peeved as she gathered herself before shoving a pillow into the blonde's face. Yang merely giggled with a grin of mischief.

"Oh I'd say someone in particular is attacking your heart already, I mean huddling your knees together and looking flush with a smile on your face was a dead giveaway. So tell me, sis, who are ya thinking about?" Yang leered with a cat like smile.

Ruby was blushing profusely and quickly shaking her head trying to deny her sister's assumptions. "Uu-hh it's nothing! I mean- no one! Who said i had a crush on Jaune!? I didn't...! Oh..." she stammered embarrassed until she realized what she said at the end of the sentence that had left her frozen in place and her sister with a wide Cheshire smile on her face.

"I didn't mention Jaune."yang grinned until another pillow smacked her in the face. she was on the floor laughing hard barely catching her breath in amusement of her sister's embarrassment. ruby simply retreated into her bedsheets as if hiding in a bunker while Yang stood back up wiping tears from her eyes.

"Hehehe, sorry but i just can't help it when you get all flustered like that. and vomit-boy, eh?" She surmise leaning against the bed as Ruby removed herself from the sheets. Fortunately Weiss and Blake weren't in the room at the time so ruby wouldn't have to feel more eyes on her along with questions.

"Yeah...well i don't know how he feels yet, and i know Pyrrha has in it for him like really badly, but i... just can't ignore what I feel whether or not he sees me that way." Ruby mulled looking off the side. Yang put on a more supportive sisterly face and tone rather than a mocking one.

"So it isn't just a silly schoolgirl crush?" she asked simply helping her gain confidence. Ruby shook her head sternly and looked directly into Yang's eyes when she spoke.

"Of course it isn't. I know what my heart is telling me; that the lovable goofball of a knight, who was my first true friend here who's also similar to me and funny, friendly, and the one person in the world i love with all my heart." Ruby stated in a serious tone despite blushing greatly in doing so.

yang held a look of sincerity and understanding before placing a comforting hand on one of Ruby's shoulders. "Wow...i guess our resident 'white knight' has captured this fair maiden's heart, there goes my schoolgirl crush theory."

Ruby nodded appreciatively with a smile, Yang then made a suspicious cat like smile when she raised her own scroll up to show Ruby that it was on a voice recording app.

She pressed the screen and out came Ruby's full blown confession making the younger sister freeze in place. "What!?"

"Sorry, sis, but i had to get that recorded in case you wouldn't feel up to confessing. If you don't then he may find out this way instead." Yang of course was bluffing, she would never put Ruby in a position like this, but she felt the red hooded reaper could use a boost in courage and motivation. While she was snickering Ruby tackled her to the ground which lead to a comical dust cloud of rough housing.

"Why that?!" Ruby grunted trying put Yang in a headlock, but the blonde brawler was simply sniggering at the feeble attempt to outmatch her in grappling.

"Well I'm certainly not trying to blackmail you or anything, Ruby, on that you can be sure. Think of it as insurance in case you flail during your confession, i mean if you can't speak from your heart at the right moment, why not use a playback function to vocalize it perfectly?" Yang summarized after reversing the hold pulling Ruby into a nelson hold.

Ruby blinked several times in reluctant understanding before tapping Yang's arm to let her go. she stood up and gave Yang a thumbs up accompanied with an expression of determination and gleaming eyes (anime expression). "I will have the courage to do it, trust me. I just need it to be the right time and right place."

Yang shrugged in approval. "Works for me, just don't wait too long or else Pyrrha will snatch him up from you before you know it.

Ruby nodded, checking the time she stretched her arms ready to go to bed. "But first things first; time for bed." She yawned along with Yang who nodded in agreement.

Later on that night in the confines of the school library Blake Belladonna sat by the windowsill looking up at the moonlit sky fretting on just what was happening to the White Fang now that Torchwick is behind bars. She doubted he was the one pulling the strings of their operation, on top of that it wouldn't make much sense that a common thief would go to such lengths in planning simply for...destruction.

'If anything Torchwick was simply just the middle man working under somebody else, somebody that... used the Faunus and played on the White Fang's hate towards humans to get them to be their tools.' She mulled. The thought of it alone angered her, she wanted to go out and find whoever was responsible, but that certainly wouldn't be easy or even happen overnight. She sighed and remembered Yang's advice about slowing down and working together to end this madness alongside her team.

She got up and started to leave the library for her dorm when she clinched her fists in anger at the memory of how many White Fang Faunus were left behind in that underground tunnel with scores of Grimm. "Whoever is responsible will answer for each and every one of them." She muttered to herself steeling herself with golden eyed resolve.

Elsewhere the snow haired heiress of Schnee company stood poised within the training room of 'miss Goodwitch's class where several Atlisian Knight droids opened fire. She opened her eyes and made a spell-casting gesture summoning her glyph beneath her feet making making her flash-step evading the energy blasts.

with several well-placed whirling slashes with her rapier Weiss heavily damaged the droids causing their limbs to short-circuit sparks. they weren't done yet of course, one bot tried melee attacking her but Weiss was all too graceful in agility to hit, the droid was wide open for her to quickly retaliate in a blinding multi-slash.

the sounds of metal hitting the floor shown the droid literally in pieces, the other remaining droids clicked and buzzed as they charged towards the ivory huntress-in-training. Weiss clocked her rapier's revolver activating a wind element crystal,she summoned a glyph again and sped by avoiding a barrage of laser fire before swinging her rapier with the wind element blast knocking their rifles out of their grips. the droids appeared confused when they tried firing only to have nothing in their mechanical hands, Weiss closed in on them with a few well-placed strikes and slashes she slowed to a halt behind the group leaving the droids disassembling into sparking pieces.

'Training complete'

She heard the training room computer as she dusted herself off before leaving the area, venturing into the hallway just outside she briefly thought about how things would go from here. She didn't want to dwell too much on getting her ass handed to her on the train by mere brute force courtesy of the White-Fang brute swinging a chain-sword at her, but she fretted nonetheless.

'He just got in a good shot is all, but could one mere grunt of an enemy organization get the best of me like that?' She thought in annoyance touching around her left eye where little scar was. "I swear its just like that time; a giant with a long blade and no grace can somehow outdo me. I need to improve...big time!" she said to herself as she made it to the door of Team RWBY's dorm.

"Hey Weiss." A friendly voice caught her attention causing her to turn and see Jaune leaning outside his own dorm looking exasperated. It was late at night and everybody should be asleep, but here he was thankfully not in his onesie but rather a simple tank top with shorts looking drained for some reason.

"Arc? Why are you up so late?" Weiss asked in a legitimately concerned tone, ever since the dance she's softened her openion on the blonde goofball after discovering how he tried making her night pleasant with Neptune. She still had a somewhat low opinion of his combat readiness, but really hoped he was improving now. She didn't know why but she hated the thought of him getting hurt or killed on a mission.

Jaune slumped against the wall beside his dorm-room door looking ragged and breathing hard, he tried putting a good poker face on for her. "No reason, ...huff...just enjoying the night air..."

Weiss deadpanned her eyes. "...In the hallway?"

Jaune tensed and gave a sheepish grin. "The...draft blows in from time to time?"

Weiss obviously didn't believe him and walked over to place her right hand on his forehead to check his temperature. "You're a very awful liar, i guess its a good thing you're honest to a fault. Well it doesn't seem like you're ill,...are you in some kinda pain?" She asked clearly concerned after removing her hand and looking upon his pained yet flustered face.

Jaune resigned and sighed. "Yeah...suddenly i just woke up feeling like this. i came outside so i wouldn't wake the others, then i saw you." He summarized grinning optimistically at her. "Heh, your hand kinda does feel chilly, i guess your aura gives off a pleasant frosty feel."

Weiss blinked twice and looked off to the side with a light blush. "Going off topic there, arc, but if anything i think its just your...aura..." She trailed after looking back at him to see a strange sight; Jaune's pure white aura had begun to glow all over his body just like when it first activated. Suddenly he was looking less tired and stood up eying his hands in awe.

"Wow...i don't know what's going on, but i like it. It feels different than the first time it looked like this." Jaune examined when unexpectedly Weiss grabbed both his hands together with her own causing him to blush a little himself.

"I think i know what this is; ...your semblance is going to awaken soon." She surmised looking straight at him with those beautiful pristine eyes of hers.

"Really? That's awesome!" Jaune couldn't hide his excitement at that news, but Weiss continued on.

"For everyone the time till their semblance is discovered is different and each one is unique, but for some reason i feel that yours is even more than that."

"How can you tell?" Jaune was curious, but very interested in the Snow angel's knowledge of things he knew little about.

Weiss smirked arrogantly. "Because I study a lot, Arc, more so than you'd think possible. Plus I had a similar experience when mine awoke, it took some time getting the handle of using glyphs too, but i couldn't use my skills effectively if i didn't have intimate knowledge."

Jaune's eyes were wide in awe, suddenly he felt a bit more inspired to pay more attention in his classes. "I see, i think I'll start putting in a lot more studying now. Serious, you've really motivated me, Weiss."

the Snow angel put her hands back on her hips looking haughty and smug. "Hmm, glad to hear it, but please don't hesitate to call on me for any additional tips on making you less pitiful in combat."

"Hehe, will do. I better head back to bed then, I'm feeling much better now, thanks a lot, Weiss." Jaune stated in appreciation before opening his door back to his room.

The Schnee Heiress found herself smiling for some reason and soon made her way inside her own dorm-room with pleasant thoughts in mind then a pleasant night of sleep. "Heh, I'm glad he's not calling me 'snow angel' or 'Ice Queen' anymore."

The next day...

Both teams RWBY and JNPR stood outside the Emerald Forest on the very same cliff-side before they had formed their teams. Both Professor Ozpin and Glynda Goodwitch stood before them ready to deliver their instructions, here they were back where it all started but for different reason this time.

"If you are all wondering why miss Goodwitch brought you all out here instead of remaining in the classroom then let me clarify the reason; live training." Ozpin declared taking his usual sip from his ever present mug of coffee mug. "Being Hunters of any caliber not only requires attention to education spoken indoors but also in the surroundings outside as well. Though you are all well trained as it is being outside fighting actual unpredictable Grimm in nature's terrain serves to better your experience at times rather than sitting in class. In short; this is simply routine live training to keep your reflexes sharp. Glynda..." Ozpin finished looking to Goodwitch to speak her turn in explaining things to the students.

Now if you would all stand on the launching pads and get ready, one by one we'll send you off and just as last time you'll have to form your own landing strategies. The goal this time is to retrieve one of four elemental Dust crystals scattered in certain locations within the forest which are displayed your scroll's map, but-" She held up a finger emphasizing strict attention to be paid. "-This time you will be paired in analogous order with the other team."

A wave of intrigue and excitement mixed in with a little nervousness went around the two groups as they eyed each other in anticipation.

"Each pair will pick a location on the map and will seek out to retrieve one crystal, once that particular Dust Crystal has been seized it will no longer appear on the map so as to not cause any pair waste their time venturing into a harvested location. Also after i announce your pairs you will each use the same landing pad as your partner in order to land in close proximity. Any questions?" She finished looking expectantly at all of them.

Blake was one to raise her hand. "Yes, not to be rude but what will this teach us? We're already more than ready enough to take on Grimm and we're somewhat familiar with this forest already."

Glynda nodded. "Good question, miss Belladonna; this field test to determine how well you can effectively carry out an extraction of a designated objective or person in need of rescue. Say you'll have to evacuate a nearby village or location with Grimm closing on them, you would need to not only prioritize slaying Grimm but more importantly the safety of the people. If a village gets overrun with those monsters extraction absolutely would take president thus focusing on protecting civilians then carrying them out till a ship arrives for rescue. Not only that but randomly pairing off with a different team's members will determine compatibility and cooperation. Does that answer seem adequate, miss Belladonna?" Goodwitch asked with her usual stern face on, Blake nodded in understanding.

It was as Professor Oobleck told them once; 'Not every mission is about daring and heroism, killing Grimm is just a heightened form of extermination.'

"When i call out each pair please stand aligned to each other on the same launching pad; First..."

"Lie Ren and Yang Xiao Long..."

Yang shrugged in her usual upbeat manner and proceeded to stand near the same platform Ren stood at, he simply nodded and remained as impassively quiet while waiting. "Looks like you and me will be jumping buddies, Ren my friend." Yang beamed at him while he remained like a calm composed statue. "I can already tell you're going to be a laugh riot." She dryly added.

"Blake Belladonna and Pyrrha Nikos..."

Pyrrha proceeded to stand by Blake readily and bade the Faunus girl a friendly 'Hello'. "I look forward to completing our mission together."

"Sure." Blake simply stated in her usual 'social' way.

"Nora Valkyrie and Weiss Schnee..."

The redheaded hammer wielder stood by waiting for Weiss to stand by her launch with her usual bubbly enthusiasm. "Howdy howdy! Ready to leave the others in our dust? No pun intended of course, but gawsh i can't wait til later since i just thought a recipe for pancakes that include Dust enhanced syrup that makes me drool just thinking about it!" Nora rambled causing Weiss to bear a comically forlorn expression as she thought. 'Oh Oum not this again, its like shes part Penny and part Ruby thats crazy about pancakes.'

"And lastly Ruby Rose and Jaune Arc..." Glynda finished looking at the last pair forming.

Ruby blushed up a bit and proceeded to walk over after receiving a friendly elbow jab from a winking Yang. 'This is your chance! Go for it, little sister!' She whispered with a thumbs up making Ruby feel even more awkward now as she stood beside the aforementioned knight.

"H-hey Jaune." She addressed shyly almost avoiding eye contact completely. She never had this problem interacting with him before she realized her own feelings and now they were supposed to practice a mission together? 'Oh Oum help me i didn't want to do this so soon.'

"Ready to go for the gold, Ruby? I know i sure am." Jaune said pumped as he took a ready stance on launch pad, she nodded back in feigned readiness when she caught a good look at his face from the side in gleaming sunlight that made him appear as an angelic knight fantasized right on the spot.

'Oh Oum help me! This is too soon!' She thought bearing a frantic anime expression in distress.

End of chapter one

Next chapter: Heart of the forest

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