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Burning White

Chapter Two: Heart of the forest

By Azurewings

'Through this we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all...'

Flying through the air a certain blonde readied his shield in front of him to protect himself from the impact of various trees and branches. This time around Jaune wasn't flailing around helplessly without a plan to land, he was better now and certainly determined to prove it. Closing in on the wild green yonder of the forest he braced himself with his shield covering his upper body along with his aura ignited to reduce damage and heal any scrapes he was sure to get.

"Eeghn!" He grunted when feeling the first impact followed quickly by chain of others from the branches, similar to Pyrrha's first landing he shattered through some of the heavier ones with only his hardened body until he saw a large trunk up ahead. Readying his sword he aimed it right as it came up to his left and jab! With a loud sound of wood splintering Jaune had embedded his blade into the trunk and hung off it until he planted his feet against the surface to slowly scale down to complete his landing.

"Heh, nailed it." He grinned in achievement and put his away his weapon when he noticed the ever familiar red/black blur latching a red scythe around the trunk of another large tree in order to scale it in a downward spiral. 'Wow...she definitely knows how to do it with style.' He mused impressed until an unexpectedly thick branch snagged the dull part of her weapon causing her to now fall downward off the tree towards him.

'I...probably spoke too soon, maybe I jinxed it?' He thought a little deflated before shaking up and moving to a spot to safely catch Ruby.

"Hhhheeaddss uuuupppppp...!" She plummeted with her weapon falling along beside her.

Thwack! Jaune didn't catch her with his arms per say, but rather with his torso seeing as he was now on his back with Ruby safely seated. It was pretty much similar to Jaune caught Weiss the first time around, it was even just as painful to the blonde. The red hooded girl blinked in mild surprise before catching her compressed weapon in the air and gratefully beamed at Jaune who was still on his back groaning.

"My hero." She stated cheerfully before getting up and helping him get on his feet.

"My front..." He groaned in mild pain before shaking it off and gave Ruby a friendly smile since he always enjoyed her company. He then brought out his scroll just in time to miss the slight blush forming on her face in result, the digital map expanded to the scroll's screen indicating a blinking spot just a few clicks west of their location.

"I guess we're in luck, this one isn't too far off." He stated pointing to his left before pocketing his scroll and moving on."Come on, let's see if we beat the others to it, Ruby."

"Oh I'm ready, Jaune, but I kinda wanted to race ya there. Do you think Professor Goodwitch will mind if I decide to use my speed semblance to reach our target faster?" She added putting on a competitive face before beginning to move in haste with Jaune at her side.

"Well yeah I think she would, plus not only would that cost us grade points, but you'd also wind up leaving me in the dust here. I think that's just called 'cheating', Ruby." Jaune said back breaking into a sprint while hurdling over various forest obstacles such as outstretched branches and bushes.

"Guilty." Ruby giggled. " Fine I guess no speed then, but I'll still race ya." while she ran with one hand on her sheathed scythe in case they encountered Grimm.

"You're on!" Jaune called out as they ran alongside together.

In the distance Ruby noticed a distinctly different set of ruins in the direction of their mark, nodding to herself she decided to focus on the task at hand rather than being awkward and lovesick around Jaune. 'I'll...tell him when the time is right, right now isn't good and I need to focus on the mission at hand. I just hope Yang doesn't get together with him and play that recording.' She thought with a comically worried anime expression.

Elsewhere the duo of the blonde brawler and stoic martial artist were making similar progress traversing through the forest in haste without interruption,but the lack of friendly banter made the awkward silence rather uncomfortable and that annoyed one of them.

"So...what's your semblance, Ren? I'm just asking out of curiosity and if we run into any Grimm on the way to our goal I'd sure like to see it." Yang asked in her usual upbeat friendly tone.

"..." Ren said nothing and narrowed his eyes scanning the area as he slowed to a halt. raising his right up to signal Yang to stop as well he brandished 'Storm Flower' from his sleeves tensing himself up for combat. "...We're surrounded by about eight or ten Beowolves and several Ursa."

Yang extended and loaded 'Ember Celica' before getting into a fighting pose as well. Looking around she noticed pairs of gleaming red eyes belonging to the typical Grimm monsters that Ren mentioned. "Well so much for our delightfully awkward small talk, I can settle for letting my fists do the talking, eh?"

"..." Ren said nothing, he was too focused on aiming his machine pistols steadily.

"You're worse than Blake." Yang sighed in slight annoyance and cocked a shotgun shell just when a Beowolf dove in to flank her.

With a high impact bang Yang's right fist smashed into the face of that very Beowolf sending it flying into one of the nearby tree! Two more of the same monster closed in on her only for the blonde boxer to knee one in the chest and grab it by the head in order to beat the second one with its carcass. She slammed the unfortunate Beowolf into it's partner twice more in a circular motion before jumping into the air before throwing the now howling creature down like a boulder at the other one below.

"Oh I'm not finished yet, boys!" Yang grinned confidently and readied her left gauntlet with burning red aura energy and dove down like a comet upon the two smashing them into the scorching finish.

Before she could rush the next three Beowolfs shuffling towards her she saw a corpse of another one fly across her view and slam into them courtesy of Ren. He started firing his machine pistols at another pair she was about to engage when a trio of Ursa appeared out of the darkness behind him. Yang sped in a B-line in that direction to engage those two instead, one of them started trying to swipe furiously at a surprised Lie Ren who nimbly kept dodging until Yang interrupted its attack completely by deflecting each strike with her gauntlets.

She blocked each swipe expertly before retaliating with her own string of shotgun/fist attacks burning and bruising the beast until she low-kicked it into the forest depths.

The second one to its side charged forward into Yang almost knocking her off balance, but rather she grinned locking her arms around the bear's head in a choke-hold.

"Heads up!" She declared building her strength and performing a reversal to send the Ursa into the air where it was pelted by barrages of Ren's 'Storm Flower' killing it before it hit the ground.

The third one came at her next about to slash at her while her back was turned before it's face was met with a 'flying dragon kick' by Ren and finished off with a flurry of slashes from 'Storm Flower'. The now dead Ursa collapsed to the ground where behind it there was still a horde of Beowolves ready to attack the two.

Yang merely shrugged with a toothy grin before having her gauntlets cock their barrels and getting into a fighting stance. "I gotta say I am enjoying this little 'chat' we're having so far. How about you?"

Ren had his machine pistols aimed at the Beowolves readily and cocked an eyebrow when looking to the side at Yang questioningly. "But we haven't said much at all this whole time."

"Like I said earlier; we're letting 'fighting' do our talking for us. Duh." Yang answered with a cocky smile and broke into a charge leading her to deliver a bone-crunching uppercut into an unsuspecting Beowolf.

Ren sighed then smiled in agreement. "Yes I suppose we are, and I for one am quite fine with that." He quickly joined the skirmish with a combination of slashes and gunfire making short work of one Grimm creature after another.

"Okay here we go...just north of here. We keep walking and we'll be there in no time, but getting back to the cliff before the others might be another story." Weiss surmised after just checking the mini-map display on her scroll. "What do you think, Nora? Nora?" Weiss didn't hear a response and looked over to the mentioned redhead who appeared to be watching something on her own scroll's screen giggling loudly.

'Why am I not surprised?' Weiss thought in slight annoyance and curiously looked over to her partner's screen to see what the deal was.

(On Nora's scroll)

"Private Griff! You should been shamed of yourself! We've run out of ammo again! That's your responsibility!" A red armored space trooper bellowed to an orange one, who was underneath the foot of a black armored female trooper.

"Heh I guess this is one time my laziness has actually saved my-oof!" The orange one gloated until it was interrupted by the metal boot of the black armored trooper stepping harder down on his codpiece. The said female trooper raised the shotgun up by the butt of it and readied it like a bat as the orange armored one simply raised a safety cone up in a feeble attempt in defense.

"Protect me, cone!" The orange armored cried out weakly before a loud 'thwack' followed that sent him flying.

(Off Nora's scroll)

Nora nearly doubled over laughing her butt off after that part on the screen leaving Weiss to crane her forehead with a hand in irritation. "Will you focus! We may be close to our objective point but we're farther from the starting spot. We should hurry if we're going to be the first ones to make it back, I do NOT wish to be last place."

Nora slowly regained her composure and finished laughing wiping her eyes before putting her scroll away. "Relax, would ya? I'm totally serious, look at my face..." Nora narrowed her eyes in an attempt to look serious but her expression was too comically exaggerated to notice. "...Serious..."

'I don't think I've ever appreciated how lucky I was to partner with Ruby first instead of this girl as much I do now.' Weiss thought and sighed as they kept moving forward in their appointed direction. "Come on. We're close we just need to Keep...moving..." Weiss trailed off when a large bird shaped shadow above caught her attention.

Nora looked up as well to see what a rather large 'Nevermore' circling the very area they were in seemingly without noticing them. "Okay then, we'll just keep quiet and wait for it miss us." She suggested to Weiss who nodded in agreement, but that idea was quickly rendered invalid when they heard it make its bloodcurdling roar and slowed its approach around their zone.

The giant flying Grimm roared again and flapped its wings to send a barrage of 'flail feather' projectiles upon them. "Okay nuts to that! Let's move!" Nora exclaimed as she and Weiss broke into a sprint dodging over-sized feather blades left and right.

while they ran Nora brought out 'Magnhild' in its war-hammer mode and looking over to Weiss. "I say it's time to improvise on speed!" Weiss nodded and readied Myrtenaster while Nora mounted her hammer and triggered its rocket burst to carry her off into the air!

Weiss summoned a glyph beneath her feet and did the same propelling herself nearby Nora as she conjured more glyphs to keep her jump boosts going. Both girls looked behind to see a considerable distance being put between them and the 'Nevermore', but that changed quickly enough since it decided to soar along the sky after them.

"It's still coming at us!" Weiss called out after jumping off another glyph to continue their airborne momentum.

"Yeah hehehe that part was obvious." Nora retorted bounding gleefully in the air on one rocket boost after another.

Weiss bit her bottom lip in slight worry wondering how to escape the Grimm and quick since the temple on the mini-map was getting closer every minute. It was then that she got an idea how to get rid of it, of course she would need Nora's help for the plan to work.

"Nora! I have an idea!" Weiss called out catching the redhead's attention. "Ice Flower!"

"Huh? I don't get it." Nora gave a confused look and Weiss slapped her own forehead with her left palm in frustration. She had to remember this wasn't her own teammates she was working with, but she was sure she can coordinate outlandish combo attacks with anyone given the circumstance.

"You open fire at it and I'll enhance your grenades with my frost spells!" She clarified receiving an understanding nod from Nora as she converted her warhammer back into a grenade launcher and took aim.

"You better have a landing strategy ready, I don't want to fall on my butt from this high up!" Nora called out with a mischievous grin.

Weiss cocked one of Myrtenaster's crystals in place and cast a glyph of her ice magic in front of Magnhild's muzzle.

Nora pulled the trigger and fired several grenades at the Nevermore making direct contact with its head, wings, and a leg which caused bergs of ice to form on each part. The monster roared again slowly descending at crashing speed with most of its limbs enclosed thick ice weighing it down.

With a booming rustle of trees the creature crashed into the forest, it wouldn't be getting back up.

"Woo hoo hoo!" Nora cheered then looked behind her to notice the ground getting closer and closer. "Uh oh!" She then became frantic and quickly converted her weapon back into war-hammer form hoping to rocket boost away safely, but the ground was too close to do that. Her worry evaporated when a glyph appeared below her catching her by the backside and bouncing her away from devastating impact safely to land back on the grassy ground below.

"Oh grass how I've missed you!" Nora cried out nudging her face along the smooth feel of green grass as Weiss landed beside her exhausted from casting that many glyphs in one go.

"That's hardly hygienic." Weiss huffed catching her breath and looked up to see they had indeed arrived at the somewhat small temple shown on the mini-map. Nora stood up and eyed the structure with a grin before rushing inside at high speed and coming back out a few seconds later holding a glowing wind-green Dust crystal the size of a pear.

"Mission accomplished!" Nora declared in a sing-song voice prancing around with the crystal.

Not really amused by her partner's antics Weiss checked her scroll to see that their chosen blinker vanished with their objective met, she also noted two other ones vanished as well leaving only one other in the direction where Ruby and Jaune were launched.

"Well I guess all that's left to do is to head back before the others-" Weiss was interrupted when she heard and saw an explosion of what appeared to be reddish dark energy erupt at the last location. "-make it." She couldn't explain it but the snow-haired heiress felt an eerie chill up her spine whenever she looked at it. Suddenly a sense of worry overcame her, fishing out her scroll she dialed in Ruby's number and called.

While she did Nora looked in the same direction with a similar expression very unlike her, she too felt the foreign sense of dread in her aura. Turning around she heard Weiss stomp her feet in frustration."No answer! The connection is supposed to be good in this place!"

"I'll try calling Jaune." Nora suggested urgently and did a similar practice of calling a teammate only to receive loud erratic static over the other end. The line went dead causing Nora's worried expression to worsen. She and Weiss looked directly at each other both nodding in silent agreement on what to do.

Readying her Myrtenaster to summon glyphs and mounting a war-hammer for rocket boosting the two ladies hurried their way over to Jaune and Ruby's location.

'No known Grimm could be responsible for that kind of energy, they can't even generate energy of any kind so what could cause it? Maybe Ruby sneezed on a vial of dust again? It couldn't possibly be Jaune or Ruby's felt too dark and...twisted.' Weiss thought mind wrought with panic. 'Whatever the source of it is we'd better hurry.'

Where Blake and Pyrrha were at...

Getting up off the ground and dusting themselves off the pair of the ninja and the gladiator looked around them to survey the aftermath of the Grimm attack that happened upon them. Strewn along the ground were a handful of dead Creeps, several Beowolves, and one King Taijitu with both heads cut off.

"Well that was a thing." Blake said mimicking what Yang said one time. She sheathed her weapon and held out their collected artifact; the Ice Dust crystal which was just as big as the one Weiss retrieved.

"Indeed, our foes were certainly keen on attacking us on our way back to the cliff, but have you noticed something...odd?" Pyrrha conjectured putting away her weapons and looking around.

"Nothing out of the ordinary except I think there were more Grimm behind the horde that we just wiped out." Blake added craning her chin in thought.

"Precisely; you'd think those extra Grimm would've followed suit like the ones strewn around us, but instead they..."

"...Ran. That is weird." Blake finished Pyrrha's sentence realizing how off it was. "Well it isn't uncommon for some Grimm to back away from a losing fight in order to learn from it and get stronger. In fact that instance itself is a very rare thing to happen seeing as how they all mindless, but a whole battalion consisting of a few Ursa, five Beowolves, and a Deathstalker doing that? It's unheard of."

"We are a formidable pair sure, but I very much doubt it was us they were afraid of. I feel that whatever is happening we should report back to the cliff and inform Professor Ozpin." Pyrrha suggested taking out her scroll and pointing in the direction of the starting point displayed on the mini-map.

The two began to make haste and during their sprint Blake noted that Pyrrha particularly looked concerned, probably not out of eeriness of the Grimm just now but rather that of her resident leader and love interest. "I'm sure Jaune is fine, Pyrrha. We've seen how he is now and can certainly take care of himself."

The redheaded spartan blinked a couple of times and looked to the side embarrassed how easy she was to read in regards to the knight."It's not that I'm worried for his safety, he is certainly not weak, but I cannot shake the feeling that something dire may happen to him soon. Perhaps it's just paranoia at best."

Blake acknowledged that thought with a small nod before continuing. "You probably don't need to answer this question but; why did you want to become a huntress? I've had sort of an epiphany myself during my last mission about the 'why', but I think I'll better understand if I hear it from someone else."

"My I think that's more words than you say in a week." Pyrrha joked eliciting a sharp glare from Blake. She chuckled then thought back to her question before answering. "I never thought of it as a matter of 'why', I never had an ulterior goal in mind or fantasy to live out. It was just something I knew in my heart that wanted to do since childhood the first time I picked up a sword. I felt it in my soul that being a warrior is what I'm meant to be,growing up I trained everyday as if I were born into it and not long I got to where I was. I knew then this is I wanted because there is nothing else I would rather be and nothing else I wish to do other than help people." She concluded with a confident smile.

Blake slowly nodded in understanding of her words, they were similar to Doctor Oobleck's in a sense; you don't know why you do it, you just know it in your heart that it is what you want to do. "I think I finally get it...thanks, Pyrrha." Blake smiled in appreciation to a nodding Pyrrha. "But answer me this last thing."


"Are you sure there is nothing else you would rather be? Like say the girlfriend of your quirky leader?" Blake had a cruel smile on her face watching a very red faced Pyrrha stutter and stammer incoherently. Even the ninja Faunus girl can have some fun at someone's expense once in a while, right?

As they continued making their way through the forest in carefully paced speed the two noted they had not seen any Grimm for awhile now, not since their battle a few minutes ago.

'Strange...very strange indeed.' Pyrrha thought slowing down to a halt when she felt a dreaded chill in her aura, suddenly the air felt thick and to the surprise of both of them they looked up to see the sky quickly being obscured in dark clouds.

Blake also felt the chilling sensation in her soul while looking at the sky. "We need to get to Professor Ozpin on the double, whatever this's big." She stated urgently to her partner who nodded in agreement.

Just then the ground shake in result to an explosion of dark twisting energy that had erupted several clicks of their location, both girls looked very alarmed now. Pyrrha quickly brought out her scroll to check the mini-map; the blinking beacon indicated the explosion came from the direction of the last artifact to be retrieved.

"Pyrrha...I think that's the direction in which Ruby and Jaune were launched!" Blake stated turning redhead's dire alert.

"We must go there now!" She urged with Blake nodding in agreement as they both broke into a mad sprint towards that particular area. They didn't care how far it was or how tired they might be when they arrive, they just knew they had to be there.

Several minutes earlier...

Jaune hunched over gasping for air exhausted and out of breath while Ruby was busy doing a cocky victory dance beside him. Clearly she won in their race as they both now stood in front of the temple ruins. It happened to be the very same temple ruin from their first time in the emerald forest where they all claimed the chess pieces that formed the teams. Of all the pedestals that now stood empty the one in the center happened to house the Earth Dust crystal.

"No fair, you're naturally fast even without using your semblance." Jaune regained his breath and stood up finally composed.

"No sour grapes, Jaune, if you want a second chance at victory we could always race back, you know." Ruby offered with a smug expression.

"Maybe I'll pass, I don't think my lungs can take competing with your unnatural talent for being speedy." Jaune declined proceeding up to the semi-circle of pedestals.

"Are you sure? I have a lot of fun competing with you, but I admit I felt guilty giggling at all the times those branches smacked your face...and crotch." Ruby snickered walking up beside him.

"Nothing a little Arc aura can't heal within short periods of getting hit." He winked with a friendly grin.

Ruby palced a finger to her chin in thought then had a look of inspiration indicating she had an idea albeit it caused her cheeks to redden at the thought of it. "I'll tell you what; we race again on our way back to the cliff and whether or not you beat me you'll get a 'prize'." She offered fidgeting her two index fingers together.

Jaune perked up at the mention of a prize and looked at her with a renewed sense of competition. "Okay that word alone is incentive enough for me, I'm in. First let's grab what we came for." He gleefully thought about winning hoping the prize would be something along the lines of an official sheriff badge' like Sun and Neptune got.

Before he could reach the crystal they both the wave of something dark thicken the atmosphere feeling almost sinister!

"R-Ruby? Are you feeling that too?" he asked stumbling back feeling disorientated, to him motion sickness couldn't even compare, though at least he didn't feel like vomiting.

"Yeah...! I don't know what this is! Do you think this some sort of trap set up to test us?" She asked shakily wobbling until she collided with Jaune causing them to stumble down together with her on top.

Ruby would be blushing profusely in this moment had it not been for the strange atmosphere they were feeling. "I really doubt it...! Maybe we should just grab the crystal and go!" He suggested to a nodding Ruby, but the disorientating feeling they were both getting made it difficult to even stand straight.

It was then that Jaune had an idea; he quickly wrapped his arms around a blushing Ruby and concentrated his aura outwardly. His body glowed bright white and the warmth enveloped Ruby as well, suddenly the two weren't feeling noxious or enfeebled anymore, his aura's healing properties were helping them both overcome the weakening field together.

They both now stood up without problems with Jaune's aura field now dying down to normal strength, the two then noticed the strange sinister atmosphere was gone and everything around them appeared to be normal.

"Whatever that was I think it's over." Ruby surmised secretly relishing the thought of being in such physical intimacy with him just now,but quickly she shook it off as she had to focus on the matter at hand.

"Yeah..." Jaune simply answered unaware he was even able to perform that feat with his aura alone. It was something only an expert like Pyrrha was able to do when she first unlocked his for him, he didn't know the 'how' and did it on pure instinct.

"A-Aarrccc..." A deep dark voice grated from just above them.


The two looked upwards to the source and what they saw could only be described as 'monster' in every sense of the word; it appeared to be Grimm yet held a form very much demonic in appearance. It's legs were hind goat legs, it's upper body man-shaped with beastly claws and large bat like wings on the back. Its head was an evil looking goat head bearing a Grimm-like white mask adorned with the usual markings and underneath it two sets of gleaming red eyes accompanied with thick long horns on top.

Both leaders visibly paled a bit at the sight of it, but they soon snapped out of it in necessity and instinct. Ruby brandished out 'Crescent Rose' in scythe mode ready for battle. Jaune did the same with 'Crocea Mors' holding the blade ready while the sheathe formed into shield mode.

"If that's a Grimm then its one I don't think anyone on Remnant has ever seen." Jaune stated alert clenching his sword.

"Remnant...? That is what this world is named? Befitting..." It spoke again in its deep sinister voice.

"And it can t-talk?" Ruby stuttered in stupor at this Earth shattering discovery.

"...Silver...eyes..! Eyes...of her...! The wretched ...silver eyed...witch..! Hmmm...Arc..can be troublesome...yet he has not" The creature drawled on under its breath and locked it's gaze upon Ruby before closing in to attack!

Ruby quickly sped out of the way but the monster was fast! It swiped at her with it's extruded claws several times which she barely deflected with her scythe! Jaune appeared at it's side slashing his sword down upon it aiming for the neck but the tip of his blade struck the ground instead as the creature wasn't there anymore!

"He's really fast!" Jaune exclaimed noticing the monster had quickly moved aside slamming his left fist into Jaune's outstretched shield which impacted chest knocking him back against a tree trunk. It flew as if propelled with high speed in an attempt to deliver another crashing fist into Jaune's defense, but Ruby had intercepted his attack by firing multiple shots with her scythe at the creature's head!

She interrupted its attack on Jaune but her shots were doing little to no damage to him, it was as if she were shooting spitballs instead. Her shots were ineffective against the monster but it was distracted enough not to notice Jaune thrusting his sword directly into its head between the horns!

"Gotcha!" Jaune exclaimed thinking he had claimed victory while he held his sword in place, but... he didn't win it yet. Instead he heard a dark chuckling sound from the monster whose head he had impaled, it didn't sound wounded or defeated, it was simply laughing in amusement.

"Hehe...eheh...hahahaha!" It bellowed loudly with dark laughter and grabbed the blade with one of its bare hands before smashing his other fist into Jaune's torso to smack him away. Ruby was immediately at his side helping him up while the monster simply plucked out Jaune's sword like it was a toothpick before tossing it to the side. " weak!"

Ruby held Jaune up at her side and leaned in to speak. "We can't fight this thing by ourselves, let's fallback for now and regroup with the others."

Jaune nodded in agreement. "This thing is in a league of it's own, we need to hurry out of here!I can come back for my weapon."

Before the monster could close in on them Ruby activated her semblance and carried Jaune with her as they blurred out of sight away from the creature who was still laughing darkly. The beast then summoned glyphs of its own containing evil looking imagery and symbols altogether, it was casting a spell and aiming it at the escapees. "...Escape...will not happen...for you...silver eyes...and Arc.."

Jaune and Ruby had made it to a clearing as a stop since Ruby couldn't use her semblance for too long when carrying someone. Both teens were out of breath yet in mild relief.

"Think we lost him..?" Ruby asked gathering herself but before Jaune could even answer a large malevolent looking appeared underneath their feet brimming with bright red energy.

Time seemed to have slowed down, but on instinct the Arc knew what he had to. Pushing himself will his strength while the glyph grew brighter by the second he made his way to Ruby and grabbed her in order to throw her out of range of the magic attack. His aura was on at full strength and glowing white when the glyph below his feet set off, his one last look at Ruby was a heartfelt smile.

The ground shook violently throughout the forest as an explosion of dark energy erupted.

It was not just the explosion that rattled the ears of those converging on that location but also the sound of a heartbroken scream from Ruby Rose.


'Infinite in distance and unbound by death, I will release your soul and by my shoulder protect thee.'

End of chapter Two

Next chapter: Divine shield, Radiant blade

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