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Burning white

Chapter ONE- Five:Panick in Beacon (Part one)

By Azurewings

When all four elements of Dust are activated simultaneously by Aura

something unique and burning with white energy emerges forth...

what your Semblance no... what your aura represents is that very energy...that only an Arc possesses

Somewhere beyond the depths of the Vale kingdom within the darker parts of another forest where only large numbers of Grimm congregate...

"The Arc male...one of the last Arcs has finally awakened...he is...powerful...yet...premature...still raw...and troublesome yes...very troublesome. In the way of plans..in the way of bringing 'it' all back...need Arc out the way..." A dark voice gurgled in the deepest darkest parts of a distant forest. His scorched wounds were slowly yet gradually healing as it sat hunched on the ground. Around it were various creatures of Grimm such as Beowolves and Ursa, all of whom were cautiously eying him and wearily maintaining their distance from the eldritch monstrosity. Probably out of respect or fear.

"Need...something else to draw off the Arc and those hunters...or rather someone to distract the Arc in case me be my body..heals. Arc and annoying hunters...may be in pursuit..maybe not...but..troublesome they indeed are...I need time...to regain strength first.." It growled to itself placing a clawed finger on the ground slowly drawing a circular glyph which soon included strange symbols in its center. He then chanted strange words in a dark voice that lit up the glowing symbol he drew on the ground, the symbols and the circle enclosing them soon flared up with vile purple energy before expanding wide in diameter.

"A distraction is...needed. Old magic...has been caste."

The glyph's center ring became something of a magic window that presented a view panning across various students attending Beacon in present time. Margauss stroked his goat beard in thought as the window continued panning across the multitude of varied huntsmen/huntresses in training currently attending Beacon.

"Need someone...intimate with the Arc..one that he cannot draw his weapon against...nor his full strength...and deter his will to fight...while I rebuild strength in the meantime...soon I will be able to summon...one of the old ones and...challenge him again." He mused to himself in dark thoughts when the 'window' stopped upon the visual of someone currently chatting animatedly with a raven haired friend over the sleeping form of the Arc himself. He maliciously grinned upon noticing a very hyperactive redheaded girl inspecting his sleeping form trying to stir him awake despite the other two teammates holding her back eventually leaving the room altogether.

"Yes..yes...this will do...this will do nicely...simple spell of possession...drive the girl wild...temporary of course, but be enough to buy time...until me healed. Spell will take a while...from this distance...but be so worth it." Margauss muttered to himself in finality before channeling his dark energy into the expanded glyph displaying one girl in particular...

Nora Valkarie.

Blinking his eyes awake Jaune looked up into the ceiling of his dorm, sighing to himself he placed a hand on his forehead in mild distress. He had just now awoke and for some time now been restless, not that he had much rest since his nighttime sleep schedule had been filled with more bizarre dreams which recently lead to a friendly chat session last night with Blake. He had a small smile on his face when he recalled how open the Faunus girl had been during their idle chat, she's usually very anti-social but seeing her with such a warm and friendly smile inspired him to spend more time with her for her own sake as well as his. especially since talking with her helped him rest a bit better. They had only been amicable acquaintances/friends since their teams first formed long ago, but now he wanted to know more about her intimately and see her with something other than a look of stoic impassiveness or personal pain, specifically he felt that when he saw her with the worried look she donned last night.

'I had that dream again, that makes this the fourth...no fifth time in a row now. That ivory beach with pitch black waters, the woman in the white hood with silver eyes leering at me like she was looking into my soul, and then there's the burning moon. Which makes no sense, especially not the part where its whole. What does it all mean and why am I having them?' he asked himself groggily getting up off his bed and noticing that his teammates had already left to frolic among the school grounds. He figured they wanted to let him sleep in since there were no active classes at the moment. It was like that mostly due to their 'grounded' status after their run-in with the Elder Grimm they had fought before.

He sighed to himself getting up off the bed and readied his body and mind for the day ahead. After about half an hour of cleaning up, tidying himself, and getting dressed in his usual semi-armored getup Jaune approached the door ready to head out until a loud knock from the other side of it stopped him.

"Hm, who is it?" Jaune asked opening the door to the sight of a fully geared up Yang Xiao Long standing before him with her hands on her hips like a star wrestler entering the ring. Her face as usual was one of optimism and readiness, often enough that was a good thing, but sometimes it meant physical pain was coming as well.

"Hell-oooo." She greeted in a sing-song voice surprising Jaune by grabbing the hem of his collar. "Time for early morning practice, Vomit-boy. Let's go." She yanked him away from his dorm room before he could say anything in protest!

The two blondes left nearly at breakneck speed with Yang putting in most of the speed while Jaune struggled to keep up with her. Before long he found himself in the middle of Goodwitch's classroom clearly vacant save for the golden duo themselves.

Jaune steadied himself after the dizzying ride Yang dragged him in and had his sword out accompanied with the sheath/shield readily, Yang cocked her Ember Celica gauntlets also looking eager for their sparring match to begin.

"Before we start, Jaune, I've got some questions for you, this is important to your training...kinda. Each one I ask you can either answer truthfully or do your best to avoid a flaming punch. Got it?" Yang declared readying herself in a battle stance.

"I kinda wish it was Weiss or Ruby's turn to train me right now." Jaune said aloud in mild dread earning a flaming rocket shot aimed at his chest. Luckily he dodged just in time and raised his shield up ready to engage. The holo-board in the classroom lit up displaying both Yang and Jaune's aura gauges in accordance to sparring match regulations.

"What was that last one for?" Jaune complained tightening his grip on his sword and shield and noticed Yang sticking her tongue out at him playfully.

"That was for the crack you just made, it isn't Ruby or Weiss's turn today. I volunteered, but enough about all that. Onto the first question, vomit-boy. Question number one..." Yang began readying her fist gauntlets. "...What is your preference in girls?"

"Wait what?" Jaune cocked an eye slightly perplexed when the sight of another flaming rocket shot came zipping his way. 'What does this have to do with training?!'

Elsewhere among the grounds...

Walking casually among handfuls of students, some of them whispering upon the distinct traits sighted, strolled a red haired Faunus male baring a pair of small horns on his forehead and an unfriendly glare in his eyes. He was donning a school uniform belonging to one of the visiting schools that had come for the Vytal festival. Beside him walked his entourage of a green-haired girl, silver haired boy, and dark haired young woman, all of whom wore uniforms matching his.

"It has been awhile since the last time I went anywhere without my mask. I almost feel exposed." A curt male voice commented walking along side the trio of Emerald, Mercury, and their 'boss' Cinder, all of whom of course held their weapons either in their hands or respective holsters.

"Not fond of being seen as a 'regular' Faunus rather than a demonized one, Taurus?" Mercury commented earning a brief glare from him.

"I much prefer respect out of fear rather than scrutiny for my physical appearance." Adam added narrowing his eyes when scanning the area looking for any others like himself."I've noticed there aren't many of my kind attending this school, that's a pity."

"The White Fang doesn't do them any favors with terrorist attacks after all, most hide their Faunus traits just to avoid being picked on or discriminated against. Besides I doubt you'd make much of a sale getting any of them into our 'secret club' anyway. Only fresh upstarts attend this place." Emerald chimed casually swaying her hips within her skirt.

"All the more reason to do what needs to be done then." Adam finished his thought when their raven haired leader spoke up.

"Keep to appearances, children, we have a very significant role to play today. Soon enough this charade of ours will finally be over after I have what I've came for anyway." Cinder addressed coolly as she clutched her piece of what she called 'SOL' inside her pocket with her fully displayed left eye glowing in a bright orange glare.

"The spell is finished...now Nora Valkarie...wreak as much havoc as you desire..." Margauss growled waving his clawed hand resulting in the glyph lighting up in a strange purple flare.

Nora tensed up and dropped the ice cream cone she was holding as she was feeling her body overcome with a very strange feeling. It can more or less be described like her aura was being twisted inside out. The bubbly redhead keeled over wrapping her arms around herself feeling her world spin around with every color in her sight inverted, Ren noticed immediately that something was wrong and knelt down to check on her. He vaguely noticed a transparent barely visible glyph beneath her when he inspected his friend's wellbeing.

"Nora? What's wrong?!" Ren asked in worry upon the sight of her doubling over in pain. Her face turned up to face and Ren noticed a strange sight indeed; her eye color had changed to bright glowing pink almost as if her aura's energies had been set on 'overdrive'.

"HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA!" She suddenly broke out laughing manically in an uproar and stood up shaking with energy. Even for her usual shenanigans this was far too strange, those thoughts were on Ren's mind for sure, but something was definitely off with Nora Valkarie. Her laughter died down and she looked back to him with a crazed expression before licking her lips tentatively and brandishing out her fully uncompressed hammer.

"Hey Ren! Let's play a game...!" She started and swung her hammer up high ready to strike. "how about...TAG!" She laughed slamming her aura fueled weapon down on the ground creating a small shockwave of force and leaving a smoking crater.

Ren had barely dodged rolling to the side barely avoiding the surprise attack from his longtime friend. He looked back at her with his face contorted with confusion and incredulity that quickly escalated when Nora shifted her weapon back into its grenade launcher form.

"Awwww you're no fun, Ren! No fun at all, you don't play tag by dodging! BOO! I'm going off to find Jaune! He'll be fun to play with! I hope he can take a lot. Hehahaahahaa!" Nora laughed manically loading her launcher and quickly skipped off in the direction of the school with that psychotic look on her face with her pupils aglow in pink.

'Something's very very wrong here! I need to get to her and stop whatever madness this is!' Ren thought panicked and got up to hurry after her.

Among all the onlookers that had just witnessed the scene four of them were especially stupefied at what just happened, except in Cinder's case her mildly shocked look changed to one of deviousness.

"What the hell just happened? We all saw that, right?" Emerald asked her cohorts with a distressed face.

"Cinder?" Adam then asked looking to their leader.

"I think I have a pretty clear idea on what may have caused that student to go crazy and berserk, but that's not what's important right now. We have an opportunity while attention is drawn elsewhere. Let's not waste it." The raven-haired woman stated professionally to her allies as they now hastened their approach into the school.

Dodging back and staying low to the ground Jaune avoided another several shots of fiery aura from his fellow blonde. "Why ask me on my opinions of cookies? I like them just fine! I don't care what flavor they come in, but I admit I am partial to chocolate chi- Whoa!" He just barely dodged another shot and brought up his shield to block the incoming strike from Yang!

Her left fist collided with the brawn of the Arc shield which led to her following up with a series of quick kicks to his front. He hastily dodged/swayed and blocked every shallow strike but Yang was hardly putting in any effort with her strength.

Yang had been gauging Jaune the entire time and noticed he was quick with his reflexes and counter-attacks, why he didn't use his semblance so far bothered her a bit though. This entire training idea was for him to master that very ability, but she was also here to get an admission out of him regarding her sister.

"Why aren't you using your semblance, Jaune? The idea of training with it is to use it after all, if you're worried about hurting me then don't. I can take plenty, but also what's your opinion on brunettes and the color red?" Yang asked boxing him in with quick jabs at his sides.

Each punch was met with the blunt side of his sword and shield, Jaune was being put through the ringer but he was meeting the golden blonde head on with blocking all her attacks.

'Those are some very odd questions.' Jaune thought deadpanned before receiving a fireshot to the gut stumbling him back a bit. He quickly regained his stance and charged forth swaying to evade each of her shots with precision.

He closed in slashed his sword from the right earning a block with one of her gauntlets then charged his shield forth only for her other fist to met it. As soon as the clang sound was made Jaune delivered a side-kick with his left leg up to her side which she blocked with her right leg locking his with hers.

She was indeed an expert at close range combat, Jaune collapsed his shield into its sheath mode and aimed his bare fist at her hoping to knock a bit of wind out of saw right through the attack and ducked her head entering his personal space where she delivered a rapid succession of punches with her right fist to his gut. Jaune's face puffed in winded pain when she finished with a roundhouse kick to his upper body knocking him on his butt. Her beautiful hair was aglow with bright golden aura,Jaune despite feeling very winded stood back up with a look of determination on his face.

'Now we're talking...show me the good stuff, vomitboy.' Yang thought in excitement.

'I guess Blake had a point, I can't be afraid to use it any longer, even if I don't exactly have perfect control of it at the moment.' Jaune thought concentrating hard feeling his body coarse with aura.

His radiant white aura flared up in a similar way to hers, but with the color white instead of yellow. Fiery white energy radiated from his body as though he were set ablaze, his sword's blade became a construct of light energy that appeared larger in size. His semblance also materialized a bit of white fire out from his backside in wing-like projections completing its activation. It was a magnificent sight to behold, even Yang was awestruck by the sight, her vision never left Jaune's frame as his semblance took form despite being unnamed and raw in power.

'Whoa...now that's certainly a special semblance, it's almost similar to mine. I wonder if he may be using too much strength in it though.' She thought noticing that Jaune was currently taxing himself greatly during its activation. It was obvious that he exerted too much power into having it merely active and concluded that he needed to fine tune his control with more balance and finesse in mind. Those were her thoughts when Jaune rushed forward at her with his power ignited.

Yang punched the air ahead of her several times launching more fire rockets at the oncoming foe, he carefully analyzed the trajectories of her projectiles and swiped his enlarged sword at each shot deflecting the blasts harmlessly aside! Jaune closed in with increased speed Crocea Mors's blade of light at her horizontally which she dodged and ducked with her nimble body each time he swiped but just barely. Of course both their aura shields were on as indicated by the holo-board above, if any strike made contact it would reduce until depletion signaling the end of the sparring match.

She retaliated with several flaming punches directed straight at him only for his defensive reflexes to react on instinct and receive the blows to their blunt sides of his shield.

'C'mon now! Don't dodge my attacks and answer my questions about what you like about my sister!' Yang thought in mild frustration and just then noticed how Jaune's face seemed blank as though his body were moving of its own will. Like as if he were in a trance and not completely in control of his actions.

They engaged in a flurry of swipes and jabs that resulted in various embers of white and yellow sparks splashing about in the classroom arena. Yang was feeling her limit hit her along with Jaune's last attack with the sword; a beam of light that blasted her against the sides of the walls depleting her aura and eliciting the end-game buzzer.

Soon enough the white flames around Jaune dissipated leaving a blinking and confused Jaune in its wake, he then saw Yang littered with small bruises and scorch marks and rushed over in worry.

"Yang?! Oh-no I'm sorry I didn't mean t-!" Jaune pleaded in a worried tone when he knelt down to check on her, the buxom blonde merely looked up with a toothy grin indicating that she's alright.

"sheesh you're such a worrier, relax, Vomit-boy. My semblance takes hits and feeds me power...for a short while anyway. No major damage done, I am very durable." She responded wiping her face and getting up to dust herself off. Jaune visibly sighed in relief.

"I guess I kinda got lost in the moment there. Sorry again about that." Jaune apologized scratching the back of his head bashfully. Yang waved it off with a friendly smile and looked to him with an analytical gaze.

"I'd say that was one strange moment indeed, it seemed like you entered a kind of trance state." Yang explained causing his attention to focus solely on her.

"Trance state? Do you think it happens only when I use my semblance? Because that has never happened to me before in my life."

"Heck if I know, but I kinda go through something similar when using mine. Maybe you ju-"


Yang was interrupted from speaking a loud booming noise erupted form the other side of the main entrance doors. They burst open revealing a crazed looking Nora reeling her hammer back from the pounding she just delivered.

"Nora!?" Yang and Jaune both exclaimed taken by surprise by the energetic redhead's actions.

'Her eyes are...pink...?' Jaune thought seeing her differently than she usually is. She looked directly over at Jaune and compressed her hammer into its grenade launcher form.

"Hey there, Jaunie! TAG! YOU'RE IT!" She called out pulling the trigger and firing grenades!

Sitting down at his desk Ozpin had been facing the direction of his windows enjoying the sight of the world beyond, but his face indeed said something else. Something very worrisome that weighed upon the headmaster's mind.

'First the appearance of an Elder Grimm, not seen since so long ago...now the only awakened Arc since the forefather that fought in the war against Grimm lifetimes ago. It is no coincidence at all that the young mister Arc is going to be a very major target of significance...for all the wrong people.' Ozpin mulled in thought swiveling around his seat to turn bring out 'something' from a hidden compartment beneath his desk.

He took it out and looked at the object with a forlorn gaze; the object appeared to be a larger half of what seemed to be a scroll, but not just any kind of scroll rather it was ancient and decorated in regal black/gold design.

'Perhaps...using this aged artifact will be necessary, especially for what I fear is to come.' He dreaded closing his eyes solemnly for a brief moment when he heard a loud thudding sound reverberate throughout the room causing him to look up.

An unconscious Glynda Goodwitch had been tossed to the ground appearing unharmed yet out of commission, standing above her was a 'student' from one of the other visiting kingdoms, clearly responsible for it.

"Glynda?!" Ozpin became alert and scanned over his confidant in alarm then focused his attention on the assailant and narrowing his eyes at her; the dark haired woman with the glowing eyes. "...so it is you."

"Hmm, I'm touched you actually remember me, Ozpin. I didn't think you would really recognize me unless I did something very obvious, but then again it has been a lifetime ago hasn't it." Cinder greeted maliciously smirking.

Ozpin stood up grabbing his 'cane' and casually walked over to face the mystery woman. "Indeed it has,...your majesty." He responded coldly tightening his grip.

Stealthily making his way across inside Beacon Academy, Adam Taurus strode towards his destination with one objective in mind; capture Jaune Arc and bring him to Cinder. As of right now he was the spacious ballroom court about to head in the direction of Arc's dorm room until he saw 'her' standing at the top of the stairway glaring back down at him.

"Blake." Taurus greeted formally readily clutching his weapon.

"Adam." Blake greeted back equally as toneless, her grip firmly on Gambhol Shroud. "Almost didn't recognize you without your mask on, it's weird to see your true face again."

"I said the same thing actually, but hiding in plain sight in a student uniform was needed for what I'm about to do."

"What are you about to do? Don't tell me you're here to start fresh and turn over a new leaf." Blake mocked dryly never letting him out of her crosshairs.

"Hardly, I don't take kindly to frolicking among humans and pretending to be one like you. Just the thought of you getting friendly with them is sickening, but that will soon change." Adam stated acidly as he went into his sword-sheath style stance.

"What do you mean?" She shouted calmly readying herself in a stance as well.

"My dear Blake, you have neither the right to ask or the need to know." Adam finished blurring out of sight with heightened speed and reappeared leaping at Blake with his sword out!

Blake whipped out her sheathed gun/blade with matching speed as the clang of metal sounded through out ht the room initiating their battle!

Ruby and Weiss were running hastily down the hallway heading to the training room where Jaune and Yang were. Earlier Ruby's scroll rung non-stop waking her up, Yang was on the other end asking for some assistance in restraining Nora, who had apparently gone berserk and started attacking them. Neither the two girls could comprehend the randomness of that situation, though speculation between the two led them to believe Nora had gone into a pancake deprived frenzy, but they were on their way to help out.

"So you really believe Nora is attacking Jaune and your sister out of pancake lust?" Weiss asked sarcastically. Ruby sheepishly shrugged.

"Unless you got a better theory, that's all I can come up with." Ruby replied as the two made it to miss Goodwitch's classroom/arena to see a grinning Nora open fire randomly creating much property damage.

Jaune was covering Yang with his shield while they constantly shuffled around the classroom togehter avoiding the explosive power of Aura fueled Grenades Nora sent their way.

Whipping out their weapons Ruby and Weiss rushed in and took the redheaded girl by surprise! Weiss conjured a glyph and sped at her with Myrtenaster pointing out and making a quick and carefully shallow lash that made contact thus reducing her aura barrier down a notch!

"You wanna play with me too!? Fantastic!" Nora giggled hysterically and quickly bounced back up from Weiss's strike with her weapon in hammer form! Both girls knew full well how capable and powerful Nora was with anything hammer shaped, looking back from the food fight at the start of the semester was any indication.

Ruby closed in on her along with Weiss which led to furious clangs of metal deflecting metal! Nora swung her hammer with graceful momentum around herself expertly parrying Weiss's rapier strikes while stopping Ruby's swings in close quarters. Her eyes glowing in pink aura and her face twisted in a manic grin. Nora sidestepped a vertical swipe from Ruby with a twisting evasion which led her build momentum enough to deliver a throttling upward swing hitting Weiss!

"Uuuoooahhhh!" The snow-haired heiress went flying after feeling the brunt of the strike send her sky high into the student rafters.

Jaune and Yang quickly assessed the situation and decided to join in on restraining their friend, that was until Lie Ren came bursting through the door huffing in exhaustion.

"Ren! What's the heck's up with Nora?!" Yang exclaimed not taking her eyes off the fight between Ruby and Nora, who were both exchanging fast-paced strikes and blocks with each other.

Ren quickly caught his breath and looked up to answer them distressed. "No idea, she usually only gets like this when really starved and deprived of pancakes!" Ren answered causing Yang and Jaune to look at each other a little stunned about the lengths the redhead would go through for pancakes, then Ren continued on. "But I do know of a way to restrain her. I'll need Weiss's help."

Both blondes nodded and went over to him to listen to his plan. Meanwhile Ruby was doing her best to hold back against their friend as she rampant swung her hammer in gyrating attack patterns that continued to catch her off-balance, but she was getting tired thus Nora took the attack opportunity to smash her hilt into her torso knocking the red reaper on her butt.

"Now let's play Whack-a-mole!Huhehehehe!" Nora giggled raising her hammer up over her head about to strike Ruby.

Nearby the sounds of a glyph spell could be heard and Nora felt her pose frozen in place as her hammer didn't leave its overhead position.

"Huh?" Nora blinked in confusion unable to move her arms and legs. Behind her was a block of ice entrapping her hands on the hilt and having the hammer 'glued' to the floor with ice. "Hey! Lemme go! Lemme go! I need to keep playing capture the flag or else the Reds will win!" Nora cried out struggling to move her ensnared limbs in futility.

"Wait what?" Ruby asked grabbing Yang's outstretched hand to stand back up. Weiss dusted herself off and came closer as they grouped together wondering what to do.

"So what's your plan on 'subduing' her, Ren?" Jaune asked curiously looking to the side at his teammate.

"Yeah? Are you going feed her like a hundred pancakes until she passes out from a food coma?" Weiss remarked sarcastically.

"Trust me, Nora could eat three hundred and forty three of those and still be jumping around with energy. She actually did eat that amount one time, but I do have something similar in mind." Ren responded walking forward to the still struggling Nora with glowing pink pupils.

'She seriously ate that much? Where does she put it all?' Yang pondered wondering how the redhead kept her figure despite her eating habits.

The green clad boy steadied his hands appearing like he were about to strike her and in a whiz of speed his fingers went to her sides furiously...tickling just beneath her armpits causing her to erupt in playful laughter.

"Hahahehehehaahahaha!" Nora laughed not in her manic way but rather a hysterical 'stop it you're killing me' kind of laugh. Everyone was stunned silent too speechless to say anything regarding this matter. It took only a few more seconds of this and the bubbly redhead was out like a light, the snooze bubble coming out of her nose cemented that fact.

"Well...that was unorthodox, but it worked." Yang commented as the rest of team gathered together to ponder what was happening.

"Guys I can't explain it, but I think we should look for Yang and Pyrrha quickly." Ruby spoke up eliciting looks of question from the others.

"What makes you say that? Do you think they'll go crazy too?" Weiss conjectured.

"No, but call it a hunch. I don't think we're out of the woods yet with all this craziness." Ruby answered. "Let's go find her."

The rest nodded preparing to leave after agreeing that Ren should stay behind to look after Nora. On their way out Jaune noticed what appeared to be a scroll dropped nearby perhaps dropped by one of them during Nora's attack. Picking it up he hustled out sprinting along with RWY to first locate Blake then Pyrrha.

Outside in the courtyard Pyrrha Nikos walked about mulling in thought about how to go about being upfront with Jaune regarding her feelings for him. She was half-afraid that he would tell her he never thought of her way and couldn't bring himself to start, but just as likely he would confess that there was someone else catching his interest. Those thoughts weighed on mind for a long time and it was only recently she decided to be more brave about getting him to notice her. After the forest she was afraid of losing him for good...and she wasn't going to live forever in regret about not telling him and knowing the answer.

"Hm?" Her attention was caught when she noticed the familiar pair of Mercury and Emerald hastily walking past various students in the direction of the main Atlesian flagship which was currently holding Roman Torchwick prisoner. 'Why would those two be heading over there of all places?'

None of the other students paid any mind to this and went about their business, but this struck the redheaded spartan as a little suspicious. She wasn't sure of anything yet, but a gut feeling told her that this was something to watch for. Ruby had a similar sense in regards to the dance ball during that break-in, hesitantly Pyrrha followed the two from a distance in secrecy.

Stationed at a docking port of the Beacon academy was the ship used primarily by General Ironwood and his security detail. Carefully following them without notice Pyrrha continued to quietly stalk the two students that just now made their way towards the ship where a pair of guards were prohibiting them from entrance.

Her green eyes went wide with what happened next; the called Mercury delivered an upward jackknife kick to the guard's face knocking him back outcold. This surprise panicked the other guards that were nearby into alert mode!

Emerald sped forth brandishing out her weapons, dual pistols that doubled as Kusari-gama, and opened fire upon them! With the thudding sounds the remaining nearby guards fell to the floor either knocked out or dead.

Alarmed at what transpired, Pyrrha decided to stay unnoticed until she has more information on what's their goal. Looking on as they went inside the ship she whipped out her scroll about to call for backup or send a message to the headmaster informing him of what was transpiring.

'Perhaps I should deal with them myself, but they may have more in numbers. Who knows how many others there are among the other students.' She thought to herself and input the headmaster's number onto her scroll when she noticed they had come back out with a newly freed...

...Roman Torchwick.

"Ah it's so good to feel and breathe fresh air again. I tell ya, these Atlesian fellas really should invest in more comfortable prison cells. Their bedside manner regarding prisoners is terrible." Roman reminisced in his usual candor.

"So glad to have you back, Torchwick..." Mercury stated very dryly clearly uncaring for his return.

"Now let's go rendezvous with Cinder and Taurus before Ironwood gets wise to us and calls in the entire Atlesian army on us." Emerald pressed urgently.

"Right, sweetheart. First she get's her 'special item' from Ozpin and then either Taurus or ourselves will nab the Arc boy." Roman reminded himself spiking Pyrrha's level of alarm.


To be continued in part two...

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