Hello everyone,

First off, sorry to disappoint any readers actually following this abandoned story but this is NOT an update. This is about my four Jaune/harem smut fics you're probably familiar with; 'Knight and his maidens', Hearts of Yandere, Jaune the Conqueror, and Multiverse Paramour. If you've noticed on my bio you'll see that some ultra faggot reported them to get deleted by admins, this happened just last week and though I was outraged I am not at all surprised by this bullshit. Apparently this has been done to other smut authors as well, current smut writers beware that you may be next, ironically they allow lots of other shit here like explicit yaoi/yuri/mpreg, gore, but evidently my stuff has to go because of some bullshit. I knew what I was getting into, but I still held on hope that I would go unnoticed, apparently not. So being sick of this crap I have set up shop at Archive of Our Own(AO3 for short) under the new username AzureGigacyber.

There you can find the stories once again reposted in all their glory, eventually brand new updates will come but not anytime soon seeing as how I'm a bit demolished in motivation/inspiration.

So if you haven't received the documents of the stories, like many have by PMing me all week, then you can just go there to AO3. THe site is a bit of a mess to sort through but they don't have content violation bullshit like site does.

So feel free to go there and Find AzureGigacyber and the four harem smut fics will be there waiting.

I'd like to thank all my followers for their support in reading my stories with delight, also for all the overwhelming support they've given since this crap happened, I'll be back to updating the big four eventually just be patient with me. This happened to me once before under a different username, which by the way I will repost the stories of that one too on AO3. You might by familiar with them; one of them is called 'Ben's Girls', a Ben ten harem fanfiction I did way back. I reposted on AFF but that site is a dead corpse.

Once again thank you all for reading my works and enjoying them, your praise and comments motivated me to be the writer I became, so thank you.

Remember; all it takes to create good fanservice is creativity, will, and a flair for the content you yourself enjoy reading.

Till you see me on the Archive Of Our Own, your pal,