Harry James Potter, future saviour of the wizarding world, future vanquisher of the Dark Lord lay sleeping in Lily Potter's arms. She stroked a strand of his unusual silver-grey hair. She and James had been most confused when he was born with silver-grey hair, instead of red or black, but had taken it in their stride. It hadn't taken Lily long to remember the only other person she had met who had the exact same hair colour. Him. Kakashi Hatake.

She had tried very hard to forget her ninja life. Her father had died on a mission, and her mother had been grief-ridden. She had found a way to leave Konoha, and in fact, all of the Elemental Nations, to the Outside World. She had left Lily, known as Yuri back then, alone in Konoha and gone to a place called England, changing her name to Olivia Smith, purposely choosing a common surname. She had left Lily with information on how to join her, if she ever wanted to, and once a year she gave Lily a letter, strangely sent by a beautiful tawny owl. She had married a man called Peter Evans, and had a daughter named Petunia.

Lily would have gone with her earlier, but a silver-grey haired boy had unknowingly made her stay. Kakashi Hatake. She had been fascinated by him. They had grown close, but after his teammates, Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara had died, he became distant, having no time for her. He then became an ANBU and Lily had left, heartbroken. He barely acknowledged her and she couldn't stand it. She had no idea that it was hurting Kakashi as well.

When Lily left Konoha she had been transformed into a young six-year-old. Thoroughly annoyed she quickly found her mother's house, as she had landed on their street. Her mother had been shocked, then laughed at her daughter's fate. She welcomed Lily back to the family, meddling with the family's minds, making it seem like she had been born around the same time as Petunia.

Her chakra had been modified, much like her mother's had been. She said it was a side effect of the jutsu that bought them here. She had hit 11 for the second time and received a Hogwarts acceptance letter and, after about 10 minutes of laughing at the name, she had accepted. There she met many, Severus Snape, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and James Potter.

And after years of denying him dates she finally accepted one.

And she fell for him.

But it didn't go that smoothly afterwards.

They left the magic school and moved in together. But Lily was homesick, and her mind was plagued by certain Silver-grey haired Shinobi. So when she was visiting her mother and her mother admitted to knowing a jutsu that temporarily transported one to the Elemental Nations she had used it.

She had landed in her old house in Konoha. To say Kakashi was shocked was an understatement. He had been grief-ridden after she left. He had lost Rin and Obito and hadn't wanted to lose Yuri either, so had had become distant, hardly seeing her. He had hated it. And then she had gone missing and it had gotten worse.

He had been sitting on her bed when she appeared. It was the anniversary of when they had first met, and every year he came to her house and spoke to her. She was his weakness, though barely anyone knew it. He had been sitting there half-an-hour in silence. Then Yuri had appeared out of nowhere.

Yuri had made him swear to secrecy about her visit. He had half-heartedly agreed. She then explained what had happened, minus the magic and a certain James Potter. She also mentioned she could only stay for a month. He had been sad, but it was better than nothing.

They grew close over the month, and Konoha was surprised to see him in a happier, cheerier mood than usual, Gai had asked him about why he had decided to embrace his 'flames of youth' and the Hokage watched him in silent contemplation.

When Yuri left at the end of the month she was pregnant.

Kakashi grew reclusive and detached again, more than he was before, leaving the village in a state of confusion. But he slowly came back to normal with the help of his friends.

Meanwhile, James was thrilled with the news Lily was pregnant. He had been worried about her when she had mysteriously disappeared a month before, even with Lily's mother giving an excuse. But he forgot all about it when Lily came home bearing a baby.

The baby was born. He was healthy and happy, and made Lily's heart swell with pride. Her only regret was that he was Kakashi's. He had Kakashi's silver hair. The nurses passed it off as a genetic mutation, not bothering to get a DNA test. Lily didn't want James to find out, so she hadn't asked for one, and they didn't feel the need to otherwise.

James wanted to call the baby Harry. Lily did not. But James insisted. Lily had felt anger rise in her stomach, it was not James's baby! He was hers and Kakashi's! So she had pretended to agree, but instead named the baby Haruchiki, keeping the 'Har' at the start of his name in honour of James's choice of name. His full name was Haruchiki James Hatake, taking the last name of his father but also the name of his step-father. That is what was said on the real birth certificate, but Lily had a fake, with the name Harry James Potter written on, which is the one she gave to James.

She decided to keep a box full of all her ninja things, Haru's real birth certificate and her journal amongst other things in a secret room hidden in the attic for when Haru grew old enough for her to explain his heritage.

But it didn't work as well as that.

Her chakra-magic began to react violently one night. She knew it was sensing something evil. Her stomach twisted when she realised it was Voldemort. She had calmed herself and then calmly walked upstairs, putting on a façade for James. She said she was going to the loo, instead rushing to Haru's room. She gazed at her beloved, sleeping baby. He was asleep and peaceful, his silver hair cropping his chubby baby face.

She breathed in a shaky breath. She knew she wouldn't be able preventing Voldemort from coming. She had to protect her baby! Fighting the sinking feeling that had appeared when she realised Peter had betrayed them, she began to quickly move her fingers in the hand signs for a jutsu. With incredible speed she performed the seals and poured her chakra-magic into it, as well as her love.

It was a protection jutsu. Her chakra-magic overpowered it, and her love made it invincible for at least the night. She cried out the name of the jutsu and the air around Haru shimmered green and silver, letting off immense power. Lily fell to the floor, drained. She heaved for breath. When she managed to steady her breathing she gazed down at her beloved son. Her thoughts then went to the trunk.

She quickly packed everything she could and everything that he would need into it, then closed it. She bit her thumb, drawing blood, then made a seal, meaning only Haru could open the trunk. She then began to manipulate her chakra-magic into the trunk, making sure it would not be destroyed and would appear to Haru when the trunk believed it was time.

After she had finished she could only wait in deep sadness and regret, gazing at her beautiful baby boy. She could only hope he would one day find his father. She stroked a strand of silver hair from his eyes and smiled sadly. If only they had chosen Sirius for their secret-keeper. Peter had betrayed them like a filthy rat, just like his animagus form.

A crash sounded downstairs and her heart began to pound. James yelled from the living room. "Lily! It's Voldemort! Get Harry!" Lily's green eyes widened in fear. She could've warned James! He could've escaped, it was Haru he wanted, and Lily was the one protecting him! She loved Kakashi, but that didn't mean she didn't love James, either. James shouldn't die protecting one who wasn't even his child! Lily wasn't worth James's life in her eyes.

"James!" She screamed in a desperate plea. She heard a mad cackle that could only belong to Voldemort, a scream of, "Avada Kedavra!", and a flash of green light. Her heart sank, then rose in fury. James was dead! She screamed in fury. "You monster!"

Voldemort seemed to suddenly appear in Haru's room and seemed smug. "Monster, you say?" Lily snarled in fury, adrenaline, the need to protect her baby and fury at James's killer gave her the energy she had just used up on Haru's protection Jutsu. She took a ninja stance, her years of training kicking in, and spat on Voldemort's face.

He grimaced in disgust, but seemed mildly interested at Lily's stance. He gave a chuckle. "Playing ninja now, are you? It won't help. Step aside so I can kill the boy." Lily's face consorted in fury.

"As if I would let you kill Haruchiki! And I am not playing ninja! I am Yuri Komatsu, Kunoichi of The Hidden Leaf!" Her aura began to glow, radiating power.

Voldemort was taken aback. What was Lily suggesting? That she was a… ninja? And these Japanese names… Haruchiki and Yuri. Wasn't Yuri, 'Lily' in Japanese? And all that power! Only he should be able to own that much power! She didn't know how to wield it. She was using… hand signs. He almost snorted. She would have to die.

Lily rushed through hand sign after hand sign. Her ninja skills were rusty but she was determined to finish this jutsu. The signs came naturally. It wasn't a particularly special one, but it was very dangerous. It was a fire jutsu, fire being her chakra nature. "Katon: Karyū Endan!" (Fire Style; Dragon Flame Bomb!) An incredibly long stream of fire burst from Lily's mouth. It was so hot the majority of the flames were white.

Voldemort's body began to burn. What was this?! He quickly cast a shield charm, not after being scorched so badly every time he moved it hurt. He gritted his teeth in fury. He glared at the now worn out Lily at his feet. He sneered. "Arvada Kedarva!" Lily's eyes widened and then she was dead.

Voldemort was curious at how she had manipulated her magic, but he could research that later. Now to kill the boy! He first cast a healing spell to ease the searing pain. After the pain became bearable he walked over to the now awake and crying little boy in the cot. He had silver hair, which was a surprise to Voldemort. Neither Lily nor James had silver hair, so it was quite strange. Not like it mattered. The tear filled eyes were emerald-green like their mothers, and they seemed far too intelligent for a one-year-old.

Voldemort paid it no attention. He raised his wand, a triumphant grin on his face as he yelled the words that would change the fate of two worlds.

"Avada Kedavra!"

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