Author's Note: This story was inspired by a request. The requested stated: "Annie or Auggie being stuck somewhere and they have to run home, outwitting the bad guys." This is the FIRST part of that story. The next part will be posted in the next few days and is titled "Stuck in the Mud". I don't own Covert Affairs or its characters, but my passion and devotion to them is as unwavering as ever. Without further ado I give you the story.


Annie and Auggie had had seven long missions in a row that had impacted not only their ability to work, but also their shortness at home. Annie was back and forth to Europe almost spending no time at home, while Auggie was left stateside as her handler. Auggie refused to leave the office until he knew Annie was safe each night, but he also got up whenever she did each day. With the time difference and Auggie's other duties needing attention as well. They were both exhausted all the time.

One June afternoon, after Annie had returned home from Germany, Joan called them both into her office.

"Sit down," she told them, gesturing to the chairs in front of her desk. Annie put Auggie's hand on one of the chairs before taking a seat herself.

"I've noticed you two having some trouble this week. Is there anything I need to know about?" Joan asked, hoping they had not broken up and not told her.

"We're fine Joan," Auggie told her, knowing the assumption she was hoping was hoping wasn't true.

"Yes, Joan, we're fine. Just tired. It's been a long few weeks," Annie told their boss after a sigh.

"Maybe you two need a few days off," she said seriously.

Annie looked at her wide eyed.

"Can we? Both?" she asked cautiously.

"Believe it or not, this office can survive without the likes of Anderson and Walker holding it together. Yes, now go, both of you, before I change my mind. I don't expect to see either of you again for at least week. Go, rest, have fun," she told them, stifling a grin as they stood in front of her to leave.

"Thank you Joan," Auggie said, nodding his head in her direction before leaving with Annie.

They decided to go to Rome. They had both been before, but never together.

The first couple days, were filled with sleep, amazing food, and time simply spent together.

Of course, it would be their luck that their "vacation" would turn into a CIA mission. Every vacation Annie had went on since joining the CIA had always ended up becoming a mission. Now that both she and Auggie were on vacation, it didn't surprise her for a second when Auggie got a phone call from Joan. As always, they were told they could decline, but that simply wasn't their style. Once they were told about a mission, curiosity and a sense of loyalty kicked in and relaxing on vacation was simply not in the cards anymore.

"Are you sure about this Annie?" Auggie asked after getting off the phone with Joan. The three of them had discussed the case and what Joan needed them to do. They were going in undercover as a married couple again. Their handler back home would be in contact with them soon with further details.

An arms dealer had unexpectedly changed his travel plans from Mexico to Rome. Joan had agents in Mexico that had been intended to take the mission, but Annie and Auggie were already in Rome. Joan was grateful that the agency would be able to save some time, money, and effort putting Annie and Auggie on the job instead of the green agent that had been sent. Annie and Auggie's combine expertise wasn't necessarily needed, as it would be a simply information gathering mission, but Joan knew that either way where one was, the other was not far behind-if it was just over the phone.

"Yes. It'll be fun pretending to be a married couple again," Annie told him.

Auggie smiled and winked at her. "Yes, good practice for the future."

Annie's mouth went dry. They had, of course, discussed marriage, having kids, and such, but Annie was very against it right now and Auggie was on the fence about it altogether or he had seemed to be when they talked about.

"What?" Annie asked trying to hide her shock.

"You heard me. This'll be good practice for us to decide more about how we feel about marriage and having a family together. You haven't thought about it?" He asked in almost a teasing tone.

"Well, yes, I have. But I just don't know if I'm the wife and mom type." Annie admitted.

"And I'm not the typical husband or father type either, but, Annie, we define what those words mean for us. We don't have to conform to whatever one else says a wife is or a husband does. Neither of us exactly fits to most labels people put on us. Why should this be any different? I think we should consider it further." He said more seriously.

"Well, when you put it that way," she paused to think for a moment. "Okay, let's do this!" Annie told him rather excited about the experiment.

For the mission, their job was to go to the restaurant that Alexander Dumont was meeting a potential buyer. They had his reservations and knew he had requested a table near the back. They had arranged it to where they would be in the table next to his, celebrating their second wedding anniversary. They would each be wired to pick up information discussed during the meeting, but outside of enjoying their very expensive meal paid for by the CIA, that would be their only involvement. It would be someone else's job to follow up on whatever intel was recorded.

"I guess we'll need to go shopping for formal wear. I don't know about you, but I didn't bring attire for a five star restaurant on our vacation," Auggie said, already feeling a headache come on from the thought of shopping for a tuxedo in Rome.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right. I didn't bring any kind of formal wear. I have my Christian Louboutins, so at least I don't have to buy those on the agency's dime," Annie said smiling.

"Yes, thank goodness you can't leave your apartment without those. The agency would be in trouble if they had to buy you those every random mission they sent you on without warning."

After an afternoon of shopping they were each ready for the mission. Auggie had taken care of getting all of the tech equipment they needed from a contact he had down the street from the store he got his tux from.

They were set to go to the restaurant thirty minutes before Alexander was scheduled to be there. They planned on being well into the first course before he arrived, but knew they needed to take their time with the meal. They planned to tell the server to take his time getting the second and third courses out to them. They were playing the doting couple and they planned to play it out to the fullest.

Auggie was a bit wary about pulling the mission off without any background knowledge of the layout in the restaurant, what food they served, or anything. He usually liked to be more prepared for missions he went on. He knew he could trust Annie to be his eyes any time he needed her to, but he hated having to reply on her so heavily. But, he knew undoubtedly they would use his blindness to their advantage anytime the time arose. He tried not to let it bother him that they used it to their advantage, but sometimes it did. However, it allowed him to be in the field, even if it was only a few times a year-it was worth it.

"Almost ready?" Auggie asked fifteen minutes before they had planned to leave for the restaurant. Everything was set, all of the audio equipment had been tested and was ready. Auggie's microphone was behind his cuff links and the button of his shirt and Annie's was in her handbag, which she would put behind her on the chair and in the necklace that she wore.

"Almost," Annie called from the bathroom.

"Okay, we need to leave soon. The car will be here any minute," Auggie called to her. They'd decided to splurge and rent a car for evening to make the illusion of a married couple seem even more real.

As they both readied themselves for the task ahead, they started out the door, hand in hand.

At the restaurant, they quickly ordered and let the server know that they wanted the courses spaces out over the next few hours. They promised a very large tip if their requests were honored.

As they waited for Alexander to show, they played their role perfectly. They sat next to each other, frequently holding hands, kissing one another, or whispering in each other's ears. Their goal was to look like any other married couple that might be in the restaurant.

As luck would have it, Alexander was earlier than expected. He arrived at 8:15 instead of 8:30. Annie and Auggie quickly adjusted their respective audio devices to insure optimum recording quality.

The rest of the evening went surprising smooth for Annie and Auggie. They barely listening to what was happening around them, letting the audio pick up in the information. It wasn't their job to know what was being said. They didn't even care that their entire conversation was being recorded, if anything was said about it they could always play the "we were just playing the part" card and deny any of it being real, despite them both meaning almost everything they said. As the night continued, the team backing them up let them know that they were getting enough information to take down Alexander.

Alexander left shortly before 10pm. Annie and Auggie had just received their dessert trays. They were satisfied that everything had gone exactly as planned. They now had plenty of information about Alexander's plans and Joan had texted them to let them know that everything had recorded as they needed it to.

After concluding their meal, settling the bill, and thanking their server they prepared to leave, but more importantly, they prepared to return to their vacation.