Rapunzel Krona and the Chamber of Secrets

Rapunzel sat in her room, it was a few hours after Merida's birthday party – her and Astrid came up with a great birthday present for Merida: put sleeping powder in the newborn triplets bottles so they would sleep during Merida's party, but Merida told them it was a bad idea…so they opted to use the powder on all the boys. Rapunzel laughed, as she thought back to the boys sleeping together on one couch, but she had to stop or else she would mess up her wand. Painting a wand was more difficult than she thought, she decided to make the pink petals gold and a bit wider and longer – extremely strenuous, but she knew she could do it! She finally finished, she smiled at her finished project, and…

"Rapunzel!" Her dad called for her from downstairs.

Rapunzel went to the kitchen and saw a house elf standing on the kitchen counter; he had a fuzzy orange shirt and a thick yellow mustache.

The elf turned to Rapunzel with a wide smile. "Ms. Rapunzel Krona – it is an honor." He bowed to her. "My name is: Lorax." He held out his hand.

Rapunzel smiled, walked to Lorax, and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you as well." She looked at her parents, they seemed worried, and then she quickly looked back at Lorax. "Excuse me, but – why exactly are you here, Mr. Lorax?"

Lorax sniffled and wiped a tear away. "Excuse me." He said. "I've never been shown such kindness from a wizarding family before." He smiled at the family.

Kari put a gentle hand on the elf's shoulder. "We understand."

Lorax nodded and smiled at Kari, he turned to Rapunzel, and cleared his throat. "Lorax was just telling your parents that you and your eight friends CANNOT go back to Hogwarts, all of you are in great danger."

Rapunzel let out a small laugh. "And?" She smiled at the other three. "Uncle North is there to protect us…we'll be fine."

Backen shook his head and stood next to Kari. "No." His thick German accent filled the room. "I do not believe Claus can protect all nine of you. You are staying home for the year."

"WHAT!?" Rapunzel yelled.

Lorax saw the drama coming, he cleared his throat, and: "I am grateful for your hospitality, but it seems Lorax must be leaving now." He snapped his fingers and was gone.

"I am going to Hogwarts." Rapunzel said to her parents.

Kari furrowed her brows. "No you are not." She said sternly.

"What am I going to do all year without my friends!?"

Backen exhaled loudly. "As far as we know, none of your friends – except for Merida – are going to Hogwarts."

"That's so unfair!"

Kari clenched her fists. "That's enough, Rapunzel!"

Rapunzel shook her head and stepped back. "You can't stop me from going to Hogwarts."

"Oh really?" Backen questioned.

Minutes later, Backen used his wand to fasten bars over Rapunzel's window.

Rapunzel stared from her window angrily at her dad; and he stared back at her.

That night Rapunzel heard something hit her window. She stood and looked at her window to see a rock hit her window. She jumped when it happened, but she quickly opened her window and looked past the bars…and there was Flynn standing in her backyard.

"Eugene?" Rapunzel smiled.

Flynn rolled his eyes. "It's Flynn." He said just loud enough for her to hear.

Rapunzel rolled her eyes. "What is it?"

Flynn smiled. "Let down your hair."

Rapunzel did as she was told; and Flynn used her hair to climb up to her.

Rapunzel giggled once Flynn made it to her. "What're you doing?"

He grabbed a hold of the bars and put his feet on the bottom. "I'm just here to help the Calvary." He grinned.


Flynn climbed to the top of the bars and stood on them. "Hurry and pack up for Hogwarts." He told her and then looked out to the night sky.

Rapunzel smiled and quickly packed. Then she held her hair and looked up at Flynn. "What are you looking at?"

Flynn pointed at two lights headed their way.

Rapunzel looked at the lights and noticed that they were car lights. "No way." Her jaw dropped.

"Way." Flynn lightly chuckled.

When the car came up to Rapunzel's window, she saw Jack leaning out the back left side window, holding a chain with a hook at the end, Tuffnut driving and Ruffnut in the passenger seat.

"Here you go." Jack tossed the hook and chain to Flynn. "Hey, Punz."

"Hey!" Rapunzel beamed at her three heroes.

Flynn put the hook on the bars; Jack quickly went to the right back seat; Flynn jumped off the bars, grabbed the top of the car, and swung himself onto the back middle seat! "We're good." He said to Tuff.

Tuffnut drove the car away from the bars, the chain and hook were attached to the bumper, and the car loudly pulled off the bars!

"Ah!" Backen quickly sat up from his slumber – with Kari waking up with him.

The car trunk opened; and Rapunzel unhooked the chain from the car.

"Take Pascal first." She said and Tuff turned the car for Flynn to take Pascal.

"Rapunzel!" Backen yelled, clearly mad; he stormed to Rapunzel's room.

Tuffnut turned the trunk back to the window; Rapunzel threw in her large suitcase, and closed the trunk.

Backen and Kari came into Rapunzel's room and saw her about to go out the window. Backen pulled out his wand and pointed it at Rapunzel.

"Don't use a spell on our daughter!" Kari forced Backen's arm down.

Rapunzel tossed her hair into the car, grabbed Flynn's hands, and jumped in the backseat!

As they drove off, Rapunzel heard her dad yell: "I will lock you away in a tower!"

Kari rolled her eyes and swatted Backen across the back of his head.

Rapunzel let out a sigh of relief.

"Alright." Ruffnut said; she then turned to Jack. "Jack, you take my seat, Flynn, you take his, and I'll take yours." She told them.

"Okay." The two brothers shrugged and did as they were told.

"Hey, Little Flower." Ruffnut sat next to Rapunzel; and Rapunzel giggled. "Let's put that hair into a braid." Ruff pulled out many pink and purple bobby-pins and hairclips from both her pockets.

Rapunzel bounced. "Cool." She smiled widely and turned for Ruffnut to start on her hair.

Once they made it to Ruff and Tuff's home, Rapunzel asked where their parents were…the twins said they were on vacation – and Jack joked by saying he 'couldn't imagine why'.

They made it inside and saw everyone else already eating breakfast.

"You couldn't wait!?" Tuffnut yelled and quickly sat down at the table.

Elsa and Anna smiled when they saw Rapunzel. "Punzie!" They quickly went to her and gave her a hug.

Rapunzel and others sat down for breakfast.

"Where's Merida?" Rapunzel asked.

Astrid swallowed her food. "She's going to either meet us at Diagon Alley or on the train."

Rapunzel nodded; and then they all heard an owl outside.

"Here comes, Errol." Tuffnut said; and then the owl flew straight into the closed window.

Ruff scoffed and stood. "I got it." She said with a full mouth – she opened the window and got the envelopes from the owls beak. "Looks like St. Nicholas knew you all were going to be here." She showed off the envelopes to the eight visitors.

Before he opened his envelope, Jack said with a goofy grin: "I love Uncle North's name."

Hiccup laughed through a mouth full of food.

Kristoff smiled. "St. Nicholas Claus North."

Flynn's eyes widened as he looked at the list of books. "These books aren't going to be cheap."

Hiccup held up a piece of paper, with a smile on his face. "Uncle North said that he's paid for our books in advance. All we gotta do is go and get them at Diagon Alley."

They all whooped, clapped, and thanked St. Nicholas.

Tuffnut and Ruffnut looked down solemnly and both said: "Wish we had free books."