Alistair Krei came into North's office!

North and the three preteens looked to the man and Rapunzel noticed Lorax, standing behind Alistair.

"Lorax." Rapunzel said. "So, you serve the Krei's." She glared at Alistair.

Lorax nodded and then looked at Alistair fearfully.

Alistair looked down at his house elf. "I'll deal with you later." He walked to North's desk and Lorax followed. "Out of the way." He told the three standing in front of North's desk. "You've returned." He said to North.

"When the government saw that Mr. DunBroch's daughter was in the Chamber", North started, "they saw it fit to bring me back."

Alistair tightly gripped his staff. "Ludicrous."

"And for some reason", North started up again, "many of their families thought that you would curse them if they did not agree to suspend me."

Alistair furrowed his brows. "The nerve!"

"Excuse me?" North asked.

Alistair stepped closer to North's desk. "My soul concern has always been and will always be about the welfare of this school and its students." He looked at Flynn and Kristoff. "The culprit has been identified, correct?"

"Yes." North nodded.

"And?" Alistair asked. "Who was it?"

North smiled. "Drago."

Alistair nodded.

"And again", North said, "he chose to act through someone else…by means of this." He held up the diary.

Alistair looked away. "I see."

Lorax tugged on Rapunzel's arm and gestured his head at Alistair.

"Luckily, Rapunzel found it." North stated. "Hopefully, no more of Drago's old school-things should find their way back into innocent hands. The consequences for the one responsible would be…severe." He glared at Alistair.

"Well, let's hope that Ms. Krona will always be around to save the day." Alistair looked at Rapunzel.

Rapunzel dug her nails into her palms. "I will be."

North smiled at Rapunzel and then looked back at Alistair.

Alistair nodded. "North."

North nodded back.

"Let us leave, Lorax!" Alistair turned around, facing the exit.

Lorax walked in front of Alistair and was kicked by Alistair down the stairs leading from North's desk! Lorax hit the floor, groaned in pain, but quickly got back up, just to be smacked on the side of his neck by Alistair's staff.

Rapunzel walked to the front of North's desk and pointed at the diary. "Can I have that?"

Once outside the hall, where Alistair and Lorax were leaving, Rapunzel ran up to them calling out for Alistair.

When she reached them, Alistair turned to her, and she said: "I have something of yours." She then handed him the diary.

Alistair scoffed. "This isn't mine."

"Oh, but I think it is." Rapunzel said. "I also think you placed that in Merida's cauldron that day at Diagon Alley."

"You do, hmm?" Alistair narrowed his eyes, handed Lorax the diary, and leaned towards Rapunzel. "How about you prove it." He whispered to her.

Rapunzel just glared at the man; and he smiled at her.

"Now, Lorax." Alistair turned and began walking away.

Before Lorax could leave; Rapunzel told him to open up the diary.

Lorax opened up the diary, saw a black sock, and gasped.

"Lorax?" Alistair stopped walking.

Lorax smiled. "Master, has given me a sock." He turned to Alistair and smiled.

"What!?" Alistair turned to them. "I didn't-" He stopped when he saw the sock in the diary.

"You have given Lorax clothes." Lorax held up the sock. "I am free." He smiled widely.

Alistair looked to Rapunzel and she showed her sockless ankle under her robes.

"You lost me my servant!" Alistair yelled and stormed towards Rapunzel.

Lorax put up his hand. "You will not harm, Rapunzel Krona."

Alistair raised his wand and said: "Avada…"

Lorax blasted a blue ball at Alistair's chest, sending him far away.

Rapunzel smiled at the sight of the fallen Krei.

Alistair stood, glared at Rapunzel, and stormed away.

Once he was gone; Lorax turned to Rapunzel with a wide smile.

"You freed Lorax." Lorax said to Rapunzel. "How can I ever repay you?"

Rapunzel grinned. "Promise me something."

"Anything, ma'am."

"Never try to save our lives again."

Lorax chuckled, but nodded all the same.

Later that night, the remaining seven were in the Great Hall with the rest of Hogwarts, eating dinner.

"Welcome back, Ichabod." A student said to the ghost.

Ichabod nodded to the student. "Thank you!"

"Good evening, Ichabod." Another student said.

Ichabod smiled. "Good evening."

"It's great to see you, Ichabod!" One other student said.

Ichabod nodded to them as well. "Thank you." He floated to the doorway and saw Anna and Elsa. "Anna! Welcome back!"

"Thank you." Anna smiled and then looked to Jack and Rapunzel.

Rapunzel turned to the doorway and gasped when she saw Anna.

Jack looked at the doorway too, grinned when he saw Anna, stood up, and waved at Flynn and Hiccup. He then pointed at Anna and when he did, Flynn, Hiccup, Astrid, Merida, and Kristoff all looked towards Anna.

Anna smiled brightly and ran towards Jack and Rapunzel and tightly hugged Jack! "You need to get your wand fixed."

Jack chuckled. "I know." He let Anna go; and she hugged Rapunzel.

Elsa stepped up, wiping a tear away; Jack smiled at her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

Flynn and Hiccup ran up yelling Anna's name.

Anna hugged Flynn. "I'm so glad you're alive."

Flynn sighed happily. "I am too." He smiled up at nothing; and Anna giggled at him.

Then Anna hugged Hiccup and Astrid separated the two by hugging Anna.

"He's mine." Astrid teasingly whispered in Anna's ear.

Anna smiled brightly and whispered back: "I know."

Anna let go of Astrid and hugged Merida.

When Anna let go of Merida; Kristoff picked up Anna and spun around.

"I'm so glad you're okay!" Kristoff said, still holding Anna up; with her hands on his shoulders.

They finished laughing, looked at each other, realized what was going on, their eyes widened, and Kristoff quickly put Anna down.

Kristoff cleared his throat. "Yeah." He sheepishly smiled at Anna.

Anna giggled and tugged at one of her braids.

Then the doors of the Great Hall opened up and showed Gobber!

"Sorry I'm late." Gobber smiled and everyone looked at him with bated breath, and he started walking down the hall. "The lousy owl that was supposed to send my release papers got lost and confused. Some horrible bird named: Errol."

Jack and Astrid turned and glared Ruff and Tuff, who laughed and bumped fists.

Gobber walked up to the nine. "If it wasn't for you all", he stopped and choked back some tears, "I would still be at Azkaban." He cleared his throat. "So, from the bottom of my heart: thank you." He smiled widely at them and allowed a tear to shed.

Rapunzel stepped up to Gobber. "It's not Hogwarts without you." She quickly hugged him.

Gobber smiled, hugged her back, and the others huddled around him in one group hug; causing him to laugh.

North stood and started to clap; then the professors clapped along.

Gobber nodded to them with a small smile.

Rapunzel smiled, backed away from Gobber, causing the others to back up too – and they all started to clap for Gobber.

Then student by student, they all stood, clapped, and cheered for Gobber!

Gobber looked at all the students and smiled brightly at them.

Then students made their way to Gobber and reached out to shake his hand.

Gobber shook every hand he could get to; Dash started taking pictures, and Violet patted him on the back as he did so.

Gobber wiped away tears while he turned around to look at all the children gathering around him, he put up his fist, and cheered along with them – as he was celebrated by all of Hogwarts.

The End