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Chapter 1

Lucy's POV

This is so comfortable, I thought and decided to snuggle deeper into the warmth. I continued on my slumber but when I heard soft pace of heart beats, my eyes immediately flew open. A chest? A chiseled chest I have to add. Oh no, it can't be. I gather my courage to look up at the source and it was none other than Natsu. I felt my cheeks heat up and as I wanted to back away so that I could scream and kick him out of the bed, I couldn't. I looked over my shoulders and saw Natsu's arms were wrapped around me. Why? I questioned myself for his action but didn't bother to overthink as I quickly scrambled myself out of his hold to see Natsu plus Happy on my bed. I face palmed myself. What's new?

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING IN MY BED?!" I screamed causing them to wake up.

"Neh Lucy." Happy said as he used his paw to rub his eye. "You don't have to scream you know, we're sleeping."

"Yeah Luce." Natsu adding on as he too rubbed his eye. I couldn't help but to find that sight of Natsu adorable but quickly brushed it off from my head as I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists at my side.

"You damn stupid cat! You're sleeping in my bed." I glared at Happy before switching my gaze to Natsu. "You too!" They didn't seem to be affected by my anger because they got all comfortable on my bed before closing their eyes once again. That's it. I didn't know where I found the strength to lift them up from my bed before kicking them out of my window. I quickly slammed my window shut, locking it in the process.

Geez, that Natsu and his darn cat. I commented in my head out loud as I wiped my hands. I looked over at the clock on my bedside table and realized it was only nine in the morning. Great, and it was all thanks to them. Since I know that I couldn't get back to sleep, I decided to grab my towel and headed into my bathroom. I filled my bathtub and got in. I relaxed myself as I thought about what has happened so far.

It has been weeks since we've returned to Magnolia from Crocus. We were crowned as the number one guild in Fiore, we managed to bring the dragons back into the gate and I also gotten to see my future self. Sadly, she couldn't go back with them as she sacrificed herself for me. I sighed out loud when I know I was going to die very soon in the future but I shook that thought away when I remembered what Natsu said. He was going to protect my future and I believed in him. I felt my cheeks getting hot again when I thought about him.

I mentally slapped myself for it. Why am I getting so flustered for? It's Natsu we're talking about. He would protect anyone from the guild because they're our family so I'm no different. I decided to not think deeper about it again and got out of the bathtub instead. I dried myself before I got dressed for the day.

I left my apartment and started heading towards the guild. Natsu and Happy were nowhere to be seen so my guess was that they are already at the guild. Upon reaching, the guild was like every other day. Certain groups would be seating together either talking or drinking. I went straight to the bar as I took a seat at my regular spot.

"Morning Lucy."

"Morning Mira."

"Strawberry shake?"

"As always." As Mira went to prepare my drink, I looked around and saw Natsu at the corner bickering with Gray. Again I repeat, what's new?

"What seems to be a problem?" Mira asked as she placed my drink in front of me. I heaved out a huge sigh before resting my cheek against my palm as I placed my elbow on the counter.

"I'm tired of Natsu and Happy barging into my room without me knowing. How can I make them stop?" I asked before taking a sip of my drink.

"Well… Don't you think he's doing that because he wants to be with you Lucy?"

"Pfft, un-most likely because Happy would definitely barge into Wendy's room instead."

"And that's why I said he Lucy. I'm talking about Natsu, not Happy." I blinked at her in confusion which caused her to giggle. Natsu wants to be with me? No, no, no. I shrugged off the thought.

"No Mira, please don't get weird thoughts in my head again." I said while crossing my arms in front of me in a X position.

"Aww Lucy. But I think you and Natsu make a great couple." I sipped my drink until there was no more before standing up.

"No Mira, end of discussion. We're not talking about this ever again." I repeated before walking off to the guild board. I decided I needed some time away from all these thoughts and getting a job is the best way I could think of right now. I was scanning through the board, trying to find an easy one that I could do myself.

"Are we going for a job Luce?"

"Kyaa!" I jumped away in surprise when Natsu suddenly appeared beside me. "Don't do that!" I screamed at him but it didn't seem to affect him, like always. I just snatched the job that I was looking at earlier before walking away.

"Yeah, but not with you."

"Why?" Natsu asked as he jogged to catch up with me.

"Because I want to do a job alone." Natsu stopped which caused me to halt my movement. I turned around and I saw Natsu was pouting. Not only that, he was giving me puppy dog eyes! What the hell?! Restrain Lucy, don't let him get to you but the sight in front of me just broke me. Argh, why does he have to be so damn adorable? I face palmed myself before turning away to continue my walk. "Fine, you can come."

"Yeah!" I heard Natsu shouted and most probably he jumped at it with his fist in the air. So much for wanting to go a job alone. I gave the job to Mira and she approved it. I couldn't help but realized the smirk she was giving off but I decided to be completely oblivious to it.

"So Lucy! When are we going?"

"How about we depart tomorrow morning?"

"Cool, if that's the case I can come over-"

"I'm going to stop you right there Natsu." I held my hand out to him in a stop sign which caused him to look at me confusedly. "You can't just keep doing that you know Natsu?" I said while crossing my arms across my chest in the process.

"Do what?" I felt like strangling him. Was he really that dense?

"Coming to my house without my permission together with Happy and sneaking into my bed. We're not a…" I trailed off as I tried to find the words. Honestly I knew what I wanted to say but I was embarrassed with saying it out loud to him but I decided to ignore that part of my brain and just tell him already. "Couple. We're not a couple Natsu. Only couples do that." Natsu blinked at me in confusion. I knew it, he wouldn't get it.

"No point explaining it to him Lucy. He has brains for flames for a reason." Gray popped up beside me with nothing except his boxers.

"Gray, your clothes…." I informed me as I covered my face with my hand.

"Gah! Where are my clothes?!" He shouted as he looked for his clothes around frantically.

"Hahahaha! That's what you get stripper for calling other people names." Natsu was laughing so hard that he had to hold onto his stomach.

"Why you?!" And there they are, on the ground as they beat each other up. I couldn't help but to heave out a huge sigh. I guess he's still going to pop by my house. I was about to walk away when Juvia's sudden appearance surprised me.

"Juvia is so jealous…" Juvia had hearts popping out of her eyes before she turned to look at me, her expression changing immediately. "Love rival!" What? Why doesn't she understand that Gray's not into me and I'm not into him? I decided to leave the situation as it is and as I was about to walk away again, Erza appeared, walking into the guild. An evil thought lurched at the back of my head upon seeing her.

"Oh. Hey Erza!" I shouted for her real loud, making sure that I caught her attention. She immediately looked at my direction and that's when the boys stopped fighting.

"Hey Lucy, what are you doing?" Erza shouted back as she walked towards us.

"Oh nothing, I was about to tell you that Gray and Natsu has been-" I wasn't able to continue my sentence as both boys clamped their hand over my mouth.

"Lucy please! She will kill us." Gray pleaded.

"Don't do this to us Luce. I beg you. I'll do anything. " Natsu added on. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Anything?" I asked, though my voice was a bit muffled.

"Yes anything!"

"Then promise that you'll never step into my house ever again." Natsu didn't answer me straight away though. There was a look in his eyes, as if hesitance.

"What the hell are you waiting for Natsu?! Faster agree because Erza is nearing!" Gray whispered shouted and that's when Natsu nodded back in agreement though I could see that there was some reluctance in it. Why so? The boys immediately released their hold on me as Erza stood in front of us now.

"Hey Lucy, what were you saying about the two of them?"

"Oh nothing. I was just going to tell you that they have been on their best behavior today."

"Oh really? That's great to hear." Erza said before grabbing their heads and slamming both of them down onto her armored chest. I giggled before I started to skip my way out of the guild.

"I'll meet you here tomorrow Natsu!" I yelled out, a bit happier than I expected it to be. Maybe because I know that I'm not going to get anymore surprise visits from him. No more Happy and Natsu sleeping on my bed anymore. No more! I walked back to my house with a cheerful expression planted on my face.

As I was about to make a turn that would lead back to my apartment, I can't help but noticed that I felt someone's watching or following me. I immediately turned, grabbing my Fleuve d'etoiles in the process. I stood there with anxiety as I looked around. Nobody was looking suspicious, just the town people. I decided to place my celestial whip back onto my waist before continuing my walk.

Upon reaching home, I couldn't help but to fall onto my bed. I stared at the ceiling as I spread my arms out. Finally the whole bed to myself but why does it seems so lonely, knowing that Natsu won't be coming around? I decided to ignore my conscious as I fell into a deep sleep.

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