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Chapter 7

Lucy's POV

Natsu took my breath away when he kissed me on the lips. After he pulled away, he gave me his all so famous grin before grabbing my hand and declaring we should head to the guild as everyone would be ecstatic to see me. Along our way, we didn't talk about what was that all about. More like, I didn't ask what that was all about. It was like my brain couldn't function under his grasp.

What was wrong with me? Definitely when Natsu did that, he knew the repercussion of it but he was acting like nothing happened or maybe he was just oblivious to it. If he was, I couldn't avoid the stabbing pain that I was feeling in my heart. Whatever thoughts I was having were interrupted by Natsu when he released his hold on me and announced our arrival to the guild.

All eyes fell on us when Natsu slammed the guild door open revealing our presence. My guild mates were surprised that I was standing there with Natsu because soon, I heard the familiar screams and squeals before I was crowded by the girls, each and every one of them asking my wellbeing.

"Alright I know you're all excited seeing Lucy up and well but let's give her room to breathe people." Erza announced as she pushed her way towards me. I mouthed her a thank you before we all walked towards the bar and sat around.

"Here you go Lucy." Mira said as she slide my favorite strawberry shake over.

"Thanks Mira."

"So Lucy, how are you feeling? We were all worried for you." Cana was the first one to ask though she had a barrel of beer in her hands.

"I'm good. Just feeling aches all over." I turned around and looked for the person I knew that healed me. "Thank you Wendy for saving me."

"It's okay Lucy!" Wendy replied humbly. "I'm just glad you're okay now."

"I am and I wouldn't be for you guys coming to save me."

"Technically, Lu-chan. It's Natsu who actually saved you." Levy poked me in the shoulders before wiggling her eyebrows.

"That's right! Though I wasn't there, I heard Lucy." Mira joined along as she leaned against the bar counter, looking at me with puppy eyes. "Natsu has been at your house for the past three days. I bet you guys have done something right?" I immediately blushed. Natsu has been at my house for the whole three days? But that wasn't my biggest concern now. Feeling how hot my cheeks were, I won't be surprised if my face was super red now.

"Come on Lucy." Cana nudged me in the shoulders. "We're all adults now. Definitely something kinky happened right?" That's was when I remembered the kiss he gave me just now but I shook that thought away.

"N-nothing happened!"

"You're lying." Levy teased. "It's written all over your face Lu-chan." I looked at her pleadingly.

"Levy…" And then boom! A crash in the guild caught our attention. We all turned around and we were not surprised that Gray and Natsu were causing the ruckus. As usual, they were shouting insults at each other as they tried to beat each other up. Slowly, one guild member after next got involved and the small ruckus turned to a big brawl. I looked to the right, wondering why Erza hasn't done anything yet and oh, that's why. She was enjoying her strawberry cake.

I felt a sweat dropped on my forehead at the scene in front of me. I decided to ignore it as I didn't want to get involved so I turned around and rested my face against my arms on the bar counter. The memory of Natsu kissing me earlier flashed back across my mind. Did he just do that out of a friendly gesture? If he did, he wouldn't hold my hand as we walked to the guild together right?

No, no Lucy. Bad Lucy. Don't get your hopes up thinking that Natsu is in love with you. He couldn't be? But then if he wasn't, what was that all about back at my kidnapping? About Gajeel mentioning that Natsu activated his dragon force because he was on protective mode for this mate. I was such in a deep thought that I didn't realized a chair was flying towards my head.

"LUCY!" I heard Natsu yelled for me, causing me to spin around, bewildered that a chair was thrown at me at such force and speed. I closed my eyes, embracing for the impact but it didn't came. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Natsu has burnt the chair into crisp. I couldn't help but to gasp upon the sight in front of me. Natsu? His eyes were slanted and fierce as he threw the burnt chair away.

"WHO THE HELL THREW THE CHAIR AT LUCY?!" He roared. Everyone kept still and quiet at Natsu's outburst. To be honest, I myself was shocked at the way Natsu was behaving.

"Er Nat-"

"What the hell is wrong with you flame brains? Someone accidentally threw the chair at her and that's it." Gray interrupted me as he stood a mere distance from Natsu with his hands folded. I felt the tension rising and I was getting worried.

"Was it you?" He asked, his voice quite deadly but that didn't seem to scare Gray though. It just got him to blink at Natsu confusingly.

"Huh?" Natsu was stomping towards Gray and Gray wasn't even moving an inch. I was about to shout for Gray, for him to get the hell out of there but thank God for Erza stepping in, punching him square in the face and sending him flying back.

"Natsu!" I quickly ran over to where he crashed landed. He slowly got up and rubbed the side of his head.

"Lucy?" He looked at the guild than back at me confusedly. "What happened?"

"Let me out!" Natsu has been shouting continuously for the past ten minutes. "Fred, if you don't release your runes right now, I'm going to burn you to a bloody pulp."

"Fred, ignore him." Erza said it in a monotone voice, clearly not intimidated by Natsu. Hell, Natsu wasn't going to beat her but Fred, of course she wasn't affected. Fred has no choice but to obey as he gulped deeply before turning his gaze back on us. "Alright, we're all gather here right now to discuss about Natsu." Erza announced loud enough that only our group could hear.

"Tch, what is there to discuss? Natsu's primal behavior got switched on for his mate." Gajeel remarked as he placed his hands behind his head.

"Which clearly he doesn't know how to deal with it." Ezra retorted back. I couldn't help but to look past Erza's shoulders at Natsu before looking back at the group.

"Gajeel, does he know?"

"Don't think so. You need to help him on that." Levy smacked him on his shoulders before turning her attention at me.

"Lu-chan, when the two of you were together, has anything happened?"

"There was. Natsu was practically growling at Loke when he woke up this morning and then he took me out on a date, pampering me which he has never done that before." Everyone was looking at me wide eye. I guess they couldn't believe it too. Maybe I should just tell them that. "He did also kissed me and hold my hand when we were on the way here just now." Gasps and squeals were released causing me to blush deeply.

"What flame brains did that? Are you serious Lucy?"

"Yeah, Juvia has no love rival anymore!"

"Finally some action!"

"I'm so happy for you Lu-chan!"

"Alright enough!" Erza bellowed before folding her arms across her chest. "I-I'm h-happy for you Lucy." I could see she was blushing when she congratulate me.

"Thank you- no wait! You all shouldn't be happy for me. You all should be helping me. I'm so confused. What am I to Natsu now? I'm really clueless." I paused for a while before continuing. "Are we like together?"

"Lucy-san, to Natsu, you two are but his primal behavior won't be under control if he doesn't mark you."

"M-mark me?!" My voice raising with anxiety. "W-what do you mean?"

"Gee-hee. You'll find out sooner than later." I just looked at Gajeel before looking back at Natsu.

"Lucy, I think is best you two talk about it. Understand his feelings more before you get two into any further action?" I couldn't help but to blush once again as I blinked rapidly at her. Mira was being Mira. Smiling at me sweetly but her advice are always the best. She was right. I shouldn't stall this any longer. Natsu and I need to talk. I stood up and started to walk away from the group and headed into Natsu's direction.

"Fred, please release the runes." I heard he heaved out a huge sigh before answering me.

"Alright." And within three seconds, we could see the runes surrounding Natsu slowly disappeared away. Natsu was about to run past me, most probably going to attack Fred but I managed to grab him by his scarf, choking him back.

"What the hell was that Luce?!" I gawked at him before poking my index finger at his chest.

"You Mister, are coming with me." He blinked at me confusedly before I grabbed his hand and pulled him after me as we exited the guild. No words were exchange between us as we made our way back to my apartment. Upon reaching, I let go of Natsu's hand and pluck my courage to face him, eye to eye.


"Natsu, what's up with you? Are you going to tell me? And no, please don't take it that I'm looking down on you. I know there is more to it." Guilt spread across Natsu's face before his eyes fell to the ground.

"I don't know Lucy." Natsu's voice came out hoarse. "Whenever I see any harm of danger comes to you or any men close to you, my mind goes blank. All I want to do is protect you and tell people you're mine." He laughed half-heartedly before continuing. "Sounds possessive huh? And before all I wanted was for you to be by my side when I wake up and that's why I always sneak in to your bed at night." This caused me to widen my eyes in surprise. "I never felt such a way towards you before Luce." Natsu paused before he tore his gaze away from the ground and looked up at me. "Why Luce? Tell me why. I'm lost." I couldn't help but to soften my gaze upon seeing Natsu this way.

"Natsu, did Wendy or Gajeel share with you about Dragon Slayers finding their mate?"

"They kind of did but not in details. I vaguely remembered Igneel telling me about it before. I didn't recall much because hell, I thought he will still be around." He half-heartedly laughed again. I could tell that Igneel's sudden disappearance still stings his heart until today. I decided to close the gap between us and placed my hand on his cheek which startled him.

"I will always be around for you Natsu. No matter what." And I smiled, hoping it will cheer him up. His eyes started tearing before he hastily wiped it away. He then raised both of his hands, cupping my cheeks in his palms.

"I love you Lucy." My heart quickens when I finally hear those words that I wanted to hear so much from his mouth. He gave me that oh so famous smile of his before he dipped his head down and claimed my lips. I felt my whole face was getting hot at the contact but soon, I decided to close my eyes and enjoy our kiss.


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