"I'm not saying that I haven't been turned by Harvey, but it's just so patronising when you say that he can handle those things and, Louis, you can only handle this. Jessica, I could have handled Gerald Tate." Louis argues to Jessica who is holding her cup of coffee.

"And I told you I disagree" Jessica replies. "Why?" "Because-" Just as Jessica goes to defend her argument Harvey walks in and chimes at Louis, "Because when you put two bullies in the same room together, things generally don't go so well." He reaches down to Jessica's drink tray to pour himself a coffee. "It's 9:30, nice of you to show up two hours after we open for business. And I see that you're also trying to look like a pimp." Louis barks at Harvey, who responds right away "Louis, just because your wife doesn't know how to dress you, doesn't mean you have to criticise mine." "And that would be funny if you would actually be married, Harvey. Tell me, why aren't you?" Louis bites back. Worry is edged on Jessica's face, she knows Louis just opened a sensitive can of worms. "Not that it's any of your business but it isn't 12-12-12 yet." Harvey replies suddenly sincere.

Jessica looks at Harvey intrigued and fascinated at the same time, "You have a date picked out?! Why didn't you say anything!" Jessica is really surprised, she thought Donna and Harvey would never get engaged it's been 4 years already.

"I have had this date in my head the moment she told me what the number meant to her." Harvey replies quickly. Louis has been silent so far, but he too is quite surprised, though he knows Harvey and Donna are serious about each other, he didn't think marriage was around the corner for them. He has to admit he initially was against the relationship, but he is delighted to hear that Harvey is going to propose. "Do you have a ring?" Louis asks tentatively, both Louis and Jessica can't miss the big grin that forms at Louis' question.

"Yes, I've had it for quite some time now, and it's the most beautiful ring ever." He takes out a black silk box and opens it to show Jessica and Louis what is inside. "Wow, Harvey! That is a gorgeous ring, she'll love it! But why do you have it with you?" Jessica asks confused. Harvey's face twists into half a grimace and half a smirk, "Because Donna snoops around everywhere and just this morning she pulled open the drawer where I hid it, and almost found it. So I had to distract her, hence why I'm late." He throws a cheeky wink at Louis at that last part, Louis frowns at the thought.

"Moving along, Harvey, your interviews are set up for tomorrow." Harvey sits down on the couch in Jessica's office, he does not want to have an associate, he likes to work on his own (Donna included of course). "Can we please skip the recruiting? We work better alone anyway." Harvey tries to beg but Jessica won't budge, "Well, I would, Harvey, except all senior partners get an associate. It's just a rule." The moment Louis hears the sentence leave Jessica's mouth he balks, "I'm sorry, what? Jessica, I deserve that promotion. My billables destroy his. And I'm here night and day doing whatever's needed instead of swanning in and out of here whenever I please."

Although he feels slightly bad for the guy, Harvey can't help but tease Louis once more, standing up he responds.

"I must admit, he does make me sound very swan-like." He replies in a chuckle. Jessica throws a look at Harvey, "Harvey, shut up. Louis, this is how it is. All right? Now, you two make nice." Louis reluctantly sinks back in the couch with a frown on his face.

"Louis, I apologise. That was unnecessary, now if you'll both excuse me, I'm going to tell my future fiancé that I just made senior partner!"

After his promotion Harvey walks out the door and starts walking in the direction of his office, halfway there he sees Donna sitting in her cubicle. "Donna!" He shouts her name to get her attention, Donna being the attentive woman she is instantly looks up in curiosity. She stands up and motions for him to continue his what is apparently going to be a very loud and public announcement. He grins at her and straightens his shoulders, "Guess who just made Senior Partner?!" he announces quite loudly, by now everyone has either come outside of their office or is listening in. He sees Donna's face change from curious to mild shock to the beginning of a shit eating grin and in the next second he sees Donna come out of her cubicle and take off in a sprint towards him. Donna reaches him and throws her arms around him and jumps up, Harvey immediately feels her familiar legs go around his waist as she places her face in his neck. The moment he feels his favourite limps all around his body, he throws his arms around her and hugs her tightly to his body.

He feels all the tension leave his body and rests his face in her hair, pressing his nose in the familiar strawberry smell. After the initial excitement of having Donna in his arms settles, he hears people talking, some people looking disapprovingly, some looking at them with adoration. He lightly taps Donna on her butt to remind her of the current situation, it seems to do the trick as he feels her legs let go of the grip on his waist.

"Oh my god Harvey! Congratulations, you did it!" Donna says proud and full of love.

Harvey immediately shakes his head, "No love, we did it! I'm not me without you, remember?" Harvey whispers the last part and looks at Donna with adoration and excitement. Donna presses her lips against Harvey's in a chaste kiss, putting all her admiration and love into it. Harvey kisses her back before pulling away quickly, "Not here. Do I have an appointment scheduled?" Harvey asks his secretary. "No, not in the next half hour." She answers slightly confused. Harvey smiles mischievously at her and takes her hand in his and intertwines his fingers with hers. He walks with her back to his office and pulls her inside, "Harv? What's on your mind?" Donna asks mildly confused. Harvey looks at her like she's going crazy, "You of course, why do you think I pulled you in here?" He's grinning at her now, he loves this woman in front of him so much, he couldn't possibly put it into words so he just grabs her and pulls her back with him. He feels his himself fall backwards on his office couch and he pulls on Donna's arm, making her fall on his lap.

Donna slightly shifts on his lap so she can sit more comfortably, the movement though causes her to grind against Harvey's manhood making Harvey let out a small hiss. "Come here." Harvey whispers huskily grabbing the back of her head. Donna immediately complies and takes his bottom lip between both of hers, sucking at first then she gives a slight nibble on it.

Harvey runs his hands up and down her back, squeezing the curves of her hips. Although they've just had sex this morning they both can't get enough of the other. Donna lets go of his bottom lip and presses both of her lips against his, after a few minutes of fighting for dominance she feels his tongue rubbing against her mouth trying to gain entrance. Donna opens her mouth and she immediately feels his tongue seek contact with her own, lovingly but passionately their tongues twist around each other. Donna has one hand in Harvey's hair tracing it back and forth over his scalp, the other hand resting on his cheek. Harvey places both of his hands on Donna's butt and squeezes her cheeks hard, this action causes the latter to grind down on him, which makes both of them moan out into the others mouth.

Donna pulls her lips away from Harvey's and turns her head around, checking if the door is closed and nobody's watching. Harvey starts placing wet kisses on her neck and all she can think is how she wants to rip his clothes off of his body and make him forget his own name, unfortunately they really can't do that in his office at this hour. Harvey wants to taste her lips again so he grabs her chin between his fingers and turns her face back to him, "I so want to rip this dress off of you right now and kiss every square inch of your body." Harvey places his forehead against Donna's and breaths his wishes out in a husky voice. Donna knowing she wants the same, can't help herself and grinds down on him fast and hard. She looks up and her eyes connect with Harvey's, time stands still as they get lost in each others eyes. "Don..na.. you… have to… stop… I won't… last…" Harvey can barely get the words out, looking into his partners eyes. Donna luckily gets the message through her Harvey-induced haze and stops grinding on him. When she goes to sit next to him, he quickly holds her back, "Don't get off, I have a major hard-on and everyone will see it." Harvey places his mouth on Donna's neck and starts licking the smooth skin, then he bites softly on the skin and soothing it with a kiss. Suddenly Jessica barges in and looks at the two of them. "Well, at least both of you are wearing clothes this time". Harvey looks up from Donna's neck and gives her a slight mischievous smile "Unfortunately yeah." He grins at her. Donna tries to move off his lap but Harvey won't have it and secures her against his body. "Harvey, let me go. Jessica has already seen you naked, so it doesn't really matter if sees your bulge now." At Donna's argument Harvey relents and let's Donna off his lap.