Hi there. Long time no see. It's currently 12am and I can't sleep. So I'm on my iPod writing this really short one shot. I apologise, I promise you guys that I'll work on something that wasn't made when I was tired. I might post something very soon, but we will see. Can't make any promises. See you later.

"Remind me again why this was such a great idea." Kim says, struggling with the box in her hand while trying to make it to the living room which was currently empty besides from the boxes. "Because, Kim, you and I both know we both want this, do I really have to explain why?" Jack replies, walking into the living room with three boxes in his arms. When Kim sees him, she rolls her eyes, knowing that he's just trying to tease her. They both walk back outside and grab more boxes from the porch. Kim grabbing two, and Jack grabbing three again. "I just think, what if our parents were right? What if it is too early for all of... this?" She says, her hands motioning to the whole house. "Kim, remember what you said yesterday? That you didn't care what your parents said? And besides, I think it's a little too late to be backing out now." Kim nods, going back outside to grab yet another box. "I just get scared, you know? I mean, it took me so long to actually say yes to this-" She gets cut off. "Two weeks." She rolls her eyes at him. "I know, anyway,, it's normal for me to be worried. Like, what if we're making the wrong choice? What if our parents were right? What if we chose the wrong house? What if-" She gets cut off, again. "Hey, hey. Kim, listen to me. We made the right choice, okay? And, if we didn't, we'd work it out together, alright? And our parents were just worried for us. They're our parents, it's natural. We definitely chose the right house. It has everything we could want or need. So you don't have to worry about any of this, okay? So let's finish bringing the boxes in before it's dark, alright?" Kim nods and they walk back outside again, hand in hand.

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