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20thDecember 2012, 10:00

Hungary shivered as she practically had to wade through the thick snow. Stupid doomsday, happening in stupid December, when there's all this stupid snow. Stupid Prussia, sending her a text that said not to come to the sleepover, which meant she had to. Stupid Prussia again, for telling her in that very text not to bring Austria. Stupid Austria, for complaining and dragging his feet like a child.

Hungary was not a happy woman.

She finally arrived at the door of America's house, where everyone was having a sleepover because of the eminent doomsday. Hungary knocked on the door, then waited for what seemed like an age before finally America opened the door, and on sight, he went running and yelling into the house, leaving the door open for the two to enter. Shutting the door behind them, the ex-couple took off their thick snow boots, leaving them alongside everyone else's by the door. They walked to the room where the shouting was going on, and Hungary looked around the door, Austria behind her.

There were 14 people in all; a lot less than what Hungary expected, to be honest. They were:


"I'm the hero! Everyone listen to me!"


"So unawesome of you to lie, America!"


"Shut up, you French nitwit!"


"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven, mon Angleterre?"


"Let me hug you, Lovi!"

South Italy.

"No, tomato bastard!"



North Italy.

"Hey, hey, Germany, Germany, hey!"


"Please be quiet."


"Yay, I've got a friend!"


"Let go of me you Russian asshole!"


"I'm a country too, guys!"


"Shut up, Sealand! You're not a country!"

Wait who?

"I-I'm Canada."

Seriously. Who is that?

At some point, America noticed Hungary looking in.

"Yo, Hungary, dudette, where's Austria?" America looked past her to see if he could see the piano-loving nation.

"If you must know, I am here." The Austrian revealed himself, sending the others in the room into either victorious cheers or downtrodden sobs.

"Yes! The hero wins!" America danced around the room, looking proud of himself.

"What is this about, anyway?" Hungary asked.

"Well, dudette, you look cool so I'll explain it to you. These losers." He gestured to the people looking upset. "Bet us that Austria wouldn't turn up." Hungary noticed Prussia was one of those losers.

"So was that what that text was about, Prussia?" The ex-nation looked up, suddenly angry.

"How unawesome, Hungary! You made the awesome me lose and now you're going to pay the price!" Hungary found the look on the Prussian's face close to adorable.

"You've got to pay yours first, dude! Come on, everyone! Pick who you want to give the forfeit to!" Everyone in the room suddenly got up and chose a person. Spain finally managed to hug Romano, Russia stopped China from leaving his embrace, Italy cuddled closer into his German friend, America sat next to Japan and started yelling at him about his heroics, Sealand grabbed WY by the shoulder, and Prussia practically flung himself at the mystery man in the corner.

"Wait, who can I go with?" England looked downtrodden, even though he appeared to have won.

"Avec moi, of course!" France cuddled the British nation, sending the latter into a swearing frenzy.

"What was the forfeit, exactly?" Hungary couldn't help but ask.

"The people who lost have to do whatever the person who chose them says for a whole week!" Someone yelled over the racket. Hungary smiled.

"Now won't this just be hilarious Austria." There was no reply. "Austria?" He was nowhere to be found. "Oh well, doesn't matter."

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