Ryoga Hibiki looked around in disgust. A moment ago he had been in Baltimore Maryland, now it looked as if he was somewhere in Korea - and he had only taken a few steps. He used his usual response to this situation: "where on Earth am I now?" This caught the attention of the woman dressed all in red who was behind him.

It was time for another "Ranma, this is all your fault!" but it brought him little relief. Besides, how could this be Ranma's fault?

The woman in red, who had followed him for the last 20 feet, called out (in English) "can I help you?"

"I don't think anyone can really help me," he replied dispiritedly in the same language. "Where is this?"

She replied, "It looks like a suburb of Seoul, Korea, probably on the eastern side." She studied the handsome bandana-wearing young man for a minute. "Excuse me, are you Ryoga Hibiki?"

That was a surprise. "Why, yes. Do you know me?"

She smiled, "Yes, I am your cousin Carmen Sandiego. I'm looking for Waldo - have you seen him?"