This story started out as nothing more than an intellectual exercise while I was job hunting, (i.e. bored out of my skull) since I'd already done a few Harry Potter stories where Harry was a girl (different variants, born as, turned into, so on and so forth) I thought to myself what would happen if a very unhappy Lelouch was skipped a dimension and forced to do everything over again as a female? To top it off what happens when he has no morality pet and is quite simply a dangerous borderline sociopath with family issues? This is the end result, so far it's turned into a quite fun little story, hope you all enjoy and please REVIEW!

Lelouch woke up in pain, which if he were to be perfectly honest with himself wasn't all that different from when he fell asleep, or rather when he was brutally killed by his best friend for all the world to see in a gambit for lasting peace. Sitting up groaning he rubbed his chest were the tacky sword had ended his far too short life for the betterment of mankind while realizing everything about him was too...big. Snapping his eyes open he looked about the hut he found himself in and tried to stop the urge to begin hyperventilating, as he kicked his legs to push himself up against the wall he noticed a small boy enter the room.

Rather then scream about the "Demon King" or the "Great Satan" or whatever the hell he was being called these days the boy's kind jade eyes seemed to melt a bit when he saw the panicking figuring before him.

"Luluka, did you have another nightmare? Try to be quiet you know how Nunnally gets," and with that statement the weight of a thousand worlds fell on the Emperor of Lies mind; he had died, simple as that the greatest evil the world had ever seen had died at its greatest heroes hand. But he wasn't dead, he wasn't anywhere he recognized for sure, and the boy before him had a striking resemblance to Suzaku, but all told he wasn't dead which was just confusing as hell because he remembered dying.

"Su..zaku?" His voice was strained and far far far far too light in tone, Suzaku threw him a worried glance and took a knee, putting a hand on Lelouch's forehead he sighed in near despair.

"Damnit, you've got a fever Luluka, do you think you can keep moving today? We're only twenty miles out from Tokyo, I think we missed my fathers escort so we'll have to do it on our own..." Lelouch let his mind off its usual leash to get some answers, apparently wherever and whenever he was he was currently female going by the name, either that or his family hated him far more than originally anticipated. He was currently residing in the Britannian invasion era Japan and they'd missed the hook up with Suzaku's dad which meant no patricide ending the war early, not good.

"I'm...fine Suzaku...we need to get'll be light soon," the little boy nodded sadly and they both stood to wake the small broken girl in the corner. Lelouch's heart panged when he saw Nunnally's state, and of course it made sense why they'd not made good time, as a pampered prince his body had been conditioned to at least attempt physical activity, as a princess? Well...bollocks...

"Nunu...wake up honey we have to get going," silently cursing the collective unconsciousness for shoving him...wherever the hell he was Lelouch tried to rouse his baby sister again, after a few moments he noticed how cold she was. "No...nononononononono!" Shaking Nunnally repeatedly Lelouch felt tears welling in his eyes as he realized the truth of the matter, his little sister had died in her sleep because he hadn't been strong enough to get her to safety.

Pulling the tiny cold form to himself...or herself as it seemed to be she began sobbing into Nunnally's sweat and blood stained dress, Suzaku sat to the side eyes wide in open horror seeing his friend fall apart. Lelouch sat like that for well over twenty minutes while he held the body of his/her sister close, this gender bender deal was seriously screwing with his head in ways he didn't even want to contemplate at the moment. As his nerves began to settle he turned to Suzaku and asked,

"Are there any tools to dig a grave in this village?" Suzaku nodded solemnly as he began to stand, pausing and looking a bit guilty he turned back to his distraught friend,

"It might be easier if we placed her in a crater from the bombardment and filled it in, I know it sounds callous but we-" Lelouch or rather Luluka it would seem cut him off there.

"No, you're right Suzaku, and it's fitting, really, would...would you help me carry her?" Suzaku nodded sadly as he helped Luluka wrap the small form in a sheet, they struggled a bit carrying her out but they made due, neither was willing to drag the fallen angels mortal shell through the blood soaked streets. While making their way for one of the smaller impact craters left from the Britannian shelling the pair gingerly stepped around the bodies scattered about the ground not deigning it necessary to comment on the carnage, they'd reflect on the loss of so much innocent life later, at the moment they had a duty to perform.

Sliding down the side of their chosen crater without falling turned into a bit of a chore thanks to the early morning drizzle turning the normally sandy soil into slippery mud but they managed after a time. Suzaku let out a sobbing gasp when the sheet tore and Nunnally's limp hand still holding her teddy bear fell out, Luluka wasn't far behind if she were to be honest. Clamoring out of the hole they held each other in the warm misty rain and cried till they ran out of tears, once her gentle sobbing had stopped Luluka let her friend go sniffling a bit as she gave Suzaku a thankful look, he returned it with a kind sad smile; at very least she wasn't alone in her grief.

After the emotionally draining experience the pair began shoveling clods of muddy soil into Nunnally's impromptu grave, it took until late afternoon to finish the job and both children were exhausted afterwords. They knew they had to get moving but neither of them had the strength or willpower at the moment, retreating to their sagging hut Luluka curled into Suzaku for warmth as night fell, neither looked forward to the day ahead.

Suzaku awoke to a scratching noise, registering how cold he was the boy sat up and realized that Luluka was in the center of the room carving on a plank of wood with a determined glint in her violet eyes. Standing he walked towards her and stood over the project, reading what she was carving into the impromptu headstone with a blunt nail he could only nod in appreciation, it was a fitting epitaph for the gentle girl and her not so gentle big sister. When Luluka was finished she mixed some rain water with charcoal to fill in the letters, it wouldn't last forever but it was better then nothing he supposed.

"Here, let me hold it," Suzaku suggested gently as Luluka attempted to hammer the marker in place in the muddy soil with a rock, turning her filth stained face to her friend she nodded lightly in understanding. Holding the wood marker in place Suzaku refrained from wincing as Luluka pounded it into the ground with her impromptu hammer until she was satisfied, throwing a few loose stones over were Nunnally's body lay the pair fell against a near by tree panting in the summer heat after they'd finished.

"We need to get moving," Luluka stated tiredly, Suzaku nodded in return, that they did the Britannian's would be on the move and it was honestly a miracle none had seen them as they did their duty for Nunnally. Standing he offered a muddied hand to the bloodstained princess before him and she took it without question, as she was pulled up she paused and stared at the grave before her then to the dozens of rotting bodies in the village.

"Luluka, we need to-" she cut him off with a cold dead tone to her voice, a tone he'd never heard from the normally vibrant and perky girl,

"I'm going to kill them all Suzu, Britannia will burn, and I will be the one to light the pyre, so I swear on my baby sisters grave," turning to Suzaku he felt his throat tighten as he stared into the hate filled violet orbs burning a hole into his soul. He had no doubt in his mind that his good friend would do just as she said, her homeland would burn for the sins it had committed to his nation and her family, and may Kami have mercy on anyone caught in the crossfire.

"It's over here ma'am, we haven't begun exhuming the grave yet we need your permission first but we thought you should see the marker regardless." Cornelia li Britannia was not in a good mood, when she found out her little sisters hadn't been evac'd like her father had insisted they had she'd flown halfway across the world to save them. It would seem though that she was too late, after a frantic search the First Recon unit had found a marker in a small fishing village that had been written in the Emperor's English, and the wording did not bode well for anyone involved.

"Just show it to me Captain, we have an invasion to finish," she said with a tired aire, would her father never sate his lust for conquest? Sure she enjoyed a good fight but honestly for the life of her she couldn't figure out why they'd invaded Japan, err...Area Eleven, it just wasn't cost effective unless they intended to completely strip mine the isle chain.

"Right ma'am, here it is we found it three days ago, it's caused some dissent with the troops but I'll leave any actions to your discretion Princess," sighing Cornelia took a knee and read the carvings in the plain wood marker

Here Lies Princess Nunnally vi Britannia

Beloved Sister, Innocent Daughter

Betrayed By Her Country, Murdered By Her Father

She Will Be Avenged

Nil Desperandum

Cornelia stood up and rubbed her eyes, exhaustion taking hold, another officer, one of the forensics team stepped forward with a plastic bag in hand holding a rough nail with specks of blood on it.

"Ma'am we did a preliminary sweep of the area, the DNA on the carving tool is confirmed, it was Princess Luluka vi Britannia," turning to the corpse clogged village and then back to the her little sisters grave Cornelia could only sigh.

"Something tells me we're going to be hearing from my sister in the future, and it won't be pleasant for anyone involved." Turning back to Nunnally's grave Cornelia began massaging her temples, Luluka had been her most clever sibling and while the girl was lovely and caring she always had a darkness to her, so much like her mother...and their father. Sighing Cornelia dropped her arms to her sides as she began barking out orders, it was best not to dwell on the future, not now, not while the wounds were still fresh, one thought did roll through her mind though,

"What am I going to tell Euphemia?"

What indeed? Anyway Cornelia won't be seen again for a few chapters but she and Euphie will play a major part in Lulu's life later on, as always please REVIEW!