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Nil's back baby, enjoy your teaser.

Carine sighed in boredom, which was no shock to her really. The Sunday brunches with her sisters, aunts, step mothers, and their beleaguered servants were always boring. As per usual they nattered on about their pitiful little games trying to grasp an iota of her father's power, looking for the best way to stab each other in the back, all while thinking they were ever so clever with their machinations.

Which, honestly, was acceptable, if she were to be completely honest with herself. Seeing them fail at their goals and seethe in impotent rage was always entertaining at the very least. Sighing yet again she perked up when the conversation died down as everyone looked towards the massive oak doors leading out of the room slamming open, then her eyes widened when she saw the figure that prowled into the room.

She had legs for days, her long ebony tresses billowing behind her as her stiletto heels clicked loudly down the hall while her incredibly short black dress swayed about her in a near hypnotic manner.

For all intents and purposes the young woman looked like an incredibly expensive high end prostitute, and Carine approved. Sauntering forward she stopped before Carine, adjusted her glasses, then grinned, "So little sister, ready to find out how to start your own terrorist organization?"

Carine stared into Luluka Vi Britannia's violet eyes in honest confusion and...wait...lust...holy shit her older sister was turning her on? What the fuck that was...


Oh good job Carine, way to play it cool.

Luluka for her part grinned, took her hand, and pulled her out of her seat, "We are going to tart you up, then you, myself, and Kallen are going to infiltrate a local mobsters club. Then, with some off site support from Suzaku and Jerry, we're going to kill all of them, steal their shit, burn the building to the ground, make it look like it was a case of infighting, and then we'll take the cash to the cleaners."

Carine blinked once, then twice, then just nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

Walking away from her mother, step mothers, and half sisters, and aunts she couldn't help thinking a thought she should not be having as she pulled herself to Luluka's side.

'Holy shit am I so turned on right now.'