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Let Me Go (Avril Lavigne)

She remembered.

She remembered every second they spent together, every word he said to her, every gentlemanly action, from bringing her clean berries in the mornings to get himself eliminated for her, that made her feel like that psycho-crazy mechanic island was her home.

It was love. As much as she tried to deny it, she was in love. And everyone could agree on that, they could take their romance for granted, almost as if it was hung on the wall. It used to mean something.

But now it means nothing. Sky still remembered the pain she endured in July. So many things she wanted to say to Dave, so many things she wanted to explain. But there wasn't one thing left she could say, it was too late.

Since then, Sky has been trapped in a thick mixture of memories, trying to break free and let go. At least she said goodbye to Keith. She looked down at the briefcase that laid next to her bed, still unopened. She had plans for the money, but as much as she wanted to train for the Olympians, she knew it was her greed that ruined everything between her and the boy she was in love with.

So she decided to let him set it on fire, just like he wanted, when she saw him again. But the problem was just that. She didn't know where he lived, she didn't know his number, she had no clue of where he was. She looked everywhere, she even asked that Sierra girl from the Wawanakwa cast, but she was just starting gathering information from the Pahkitew cast.

She even went back to Pahkitew Island only to find Dave was gone. Maybe Chris (oh, how she hated that human being!) did realize he was missing and sent Chef or some interns to pick him up. Now that place was empty, just like the hole that was left in him.

It almost felt like Pahkitew Island never happened, like they never met, like they were nothing at all. But Dave knew that's not what Sky meant to him, he couldn't pretend he never met her. He couldn't get that demon out of his head, that monster that could hypnotize him with just one stare and made him think that they were meant to be.

Therapy did him good, not to mention he could let out all his rage back then. Now he could feel nothing, no rage, ho happiness, no sorrow, no regret, no words to say to her. No way to apologize, because it was too late.

He didn't even felt surprised when, one night and out of nowhere, said demon arrived at his house. He didn't realize until then that he was expecting her, maybe because part of him knew this road was the only one that could lead to a brand new life. As much as he hated her presence at that moment, he knew it was the perfect time. This time, he knew she wasn't going to let him go.

Because, after all, maybe there was one thing left here to say. "Love's never too late," she muttered, most to herself than to him. It was then when Sky lost track of time. All she recalled was getting lost at his mesmerizing (even when lifeless) eyes and then talking to him. Then it was an exchange of painful yet meaningful words that slowly where turning more beautiful by the minute. She remembered taking him to her house at some point. Before she knew it, she was in the middle of nowhere, where no one could see them, kissing Dave next to the fire that was once a huge load of money.

Now she finally broke free from those horrible memories and the nightmares that came with them. She said goodbye to Keith, and now she said goodbye to the million dollars, leading to a new life next to Dave. And this time, she wasn't going to let him go. "Don't let me go…" she moaned, barely parting her lips from his.

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