*gasp* What is this? A Puzzleshipping one shot from a Darkshipper? Hehe, yes, indeed it is. Why am I writing it? Well, I told you all I enjoy fluffy Puzzleshipping. This fic is more hurt/comfort though. It will be a two-shot (two chapters, with this being the prelude/introduction).

Summary: "It won't happen again, Yugi. I'll make whoever did this to you pay. I swear it." When Yugi comes home from school with bruises, Yami seeks out the ones who did such a thing to his aibou.

Yugi: Recette doesn't own Yu-Gi-Oh, although she says she wishes she did.

Recette: Thank you, Yugi. You little adorable piece of sugar! *cuddles him* Also, this is kinda AU; there is mentions of dueling and all of that, and Yami does call Yugi 'aibou', but other than that it doesn't really have any connection to the canon universe.

"Hey, Yami..."

Yami turned his head and smiled at his other half, though the facial expression was quickly dispelled when Yugi looked up at him with tears in his eyes.

"What's wrong, aibou?" The duelist asked, clearly concerned over the other boy's well being.

"I-I just need the first aid kit; then I'll be fine." Yugi replied quietly. He was trying so hard to smile for Yami; but it wouldn't happen. Not with his swollen, cracked lips.

"Someone hurt you." Yami's eyes studied a large bruise on the back of Yugi's hand. The younger boy shook his head quickly,

"Not on purpose. We were playing baseball at school and - "

Yugi never got to finish. He was too surprised. Yami had marched right over to him and briskly - but gently - pulled the sleeve of his school uniform up. The younger of the two blinked rapidly, surprised by his yami's actions.

"Are you being bullied again, Koibito?" Yami asked gently.

Without saying a word, Yugi through himself into his other half's arms and allowed the tears he'd held back so well to finally fall. In return, Yami whispered words of consolation as he rubbed his aibou's back gently, swearing in his mind that he'd find whoever had hurt his Yugi in such a way.

"It's alright, aibou. I'm here."

He cradled the boy in his arms until the sounds of sobbing quieted down. Yugi had fallen asleep. Smiling at the now-peaceful face, Yami gently carried his sleeping lover to his bedroom.

As he laid Yugi down, he couldn't help but let out a long frustrated sigh.

He knew Yugi was being bullied. Every time he'd go to school, he was happy and cheerful. But when he came back? That bright look of sunshine was gone, replaced by hurt, torn face with pain filled eyes that almost always held tears.

"It won't happen again, Yugi. I promise." Yami brushed a soft lock of Yugi's hair from the boy's sleeping face as he added, "I'll make whoever did this to you pay. I swear it."

Aibou means "partner" in Japanese, while Koibito means "sweetheart", "lover", etc.

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