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"It was -" Green coughed violently. Red looked at him with barely concealed concern floating in his crimson orbs.


Taking a deep breath, the brunette began, "Do you remember Giovanni?"

Narrowing his eyes, Red nodded slowly. His heart's pace quickened. Surely the man hadn't... had he? Red shook his head. He was jumping to conclusions.

"I met him in the woods." Swallowing the rising bile in his throat, Green added, "Where you found me." Red watched his boyfriend whimper in agony before continuing quietly, "He told a few of his grunts to 'deal with me'. But then he said 'I think I'll do it myself', and... he..."

"I understand." Red placed a gentle hand on Green's shaking shoulder, "You don't have to continue."

Green never cried. He'd gotten angry or upset, but had never cried. But this time, real tears were flowing down soft cheeks and dripping onto the hospital bed. This time, Green cried. It pained Red to see the brunette so weak; so broken. The raven youth himself rarely showed emotion, but when it came to Green...

His mask came off. And it would stay off as long as Green remained like this.

. . .

"I can't believe you!"

I snapped angrily, glaring at my smirking father. Not a hint of remorse on his face. I wasn't a soft person myself, but in no way was I a disgusting rapist. How could he live with himself?! I can't believe this bastard is my father. He's always been a bastard, sure, but he's never gone this far.

"Honestly, Silver," His voice is sickeningly calm, "why are you surprised? You've never thought of me as a saint, have you?"

"No," I grit my teeth, "but I never thought of you as an atrocious rapist either, you disgusting pig!"

He laughs with an uncaring ring, "Such harsh words, Silver." With a tsk, he adds, "Perhaps I should've done it to your little boyfriend. I know you'd hate that even more."

"If you touch Gold, I swear to God..." My emotions are flaring with anger. He's toying with me, but I don't care. I've changed. He hasn't, however, and probably never will.

"Don't worry." That sickening smile is back, "I won't. As long as I get everything else I want."

I raise an eyebrow apprehensively, "And what else do you want?" I'm hoping it has something to do with me. Though I'd never admit this out loud, I don't want my horrible excuse for a father hurting anyone else.

Everything he does is becoming a burden to me. Like I'm the one who committed the crimes.

"What I've done once..." His grin widens, and a lustful glint appears in his soulless eyes, "...I can do again."

. . .

"The nurse wants you to try going outside," Red announced softly.

Green grunted. "I don't want to," he replied, his voice lacking his usually valor and personality. "Sure it isn't great in here, but... I don't want to go out there, as stupid as it sounds."

"I'll protect you, Green." The crimson-eyed youth offered. His voice was so gentle, and his expression so sincere...

"Alright," The brunette let out a reluctant, pained sigh. "I'll go." He narrowed his summer green eyes that were still sparkling with tears, "But you have to promise me you won't leave me while we're outside, alright?"

Red nodded, "Of course. I promise I won't leave you." He said assuredly.

Green allowed the other boy to take his hand and slowly lead him outside. The sun was shining brightly, and the residents of the small town were walking around happily with large smiles on their faces. Some even greeted the boys briefly. Red greeted a few of them back, but the feeling of Green's hand tightening around his didn't escape him.

"Do you want anything to eat?" Red asked quietly. He was hoping Green would say yes, since he hadn't had much of an appetite since he'd arrived at the hospital.

"I-I guess..." Green answered, silently cursing at how weak and defenseless his voice sounded. "...what did you have in mind?"

"Anything you'd like." The black-haired youth announced with a small smile on his face. A smile was a rare sign of emotion of Red, but he would do everything he could to cheer Green up.

"I feel like I could stomach ice cream..."

Red nodded. "Strawberry, right?" he inquired.

Green nodded. But the moment Red tried to leave his lover, he felt a hand grip his own tightly. Letting out a quiet, knowing sigh, the boy looked over his shoulder and saw Green looking at him with pleading eyes. The brunette didn't want to admit it - but he was scared to be on his own. He needed someone to protect him, to watch over him.

At least, he did now.

. . .

"What's wrong Silv?" Gold asked curiously. The crimson-haired boy's face was twisted into an angry snarl.

"My," Silver spit before continuing, "father raped someone." His words dripped with venom, although disgust rivaled said venom when the boy mentioned the word that he had hoped would never be associated with his lips.

Gold's amber eyes widened in shock. "What?!" He was just as angry as Silver now. "Who?!"

"Green." Silver answered solemnly, anger swirling in his blood-red orbs, "He did it yesterday. In the woods."

The other boy's eyes narrowed. "But why? Green's never done anything to the bastard. Well, kinda, but no one deserves -"

"My father doesn't need a reason to do anything," Silver interrupted Gold. "In his mind he's the ruler of the universe. He could murder someone and doall he could to justify it." The boy's eyes flickered with hesitation. "But I have a feeling he wants to do 'it' to Green again."

"So you're saying we need to warn him?"

Silver nodded.

Don't worry; Giovanni won't touch Green again.

Giovanni: ...How do you know?

Recette: Do it and I'll rip you apart.

Red: *narrows eyes* No. I'll do it.

Giovanni: *runs*

Recette: Yeah! Get outta here ya asshole!

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